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  1. We are very sorry for delay, we do opology for this. The main reason of our delay is, most of students (juniors) were having papers (some friends are still having their papers) in the past days, that's why we weren't able to start at the right time but no problrm, we will do start after some later when our all friends free from their exams.
  2. Happy New Year 2061 BS to our all brothers, sisters, friends and all WNSO members from all around the world. OUT WITH THE OLD and IN WITH THE NEW ......HAPPY NEW YEAR 2061 BS!
  3. QUOTE (Bobby Rai @ Feb 15 2004, 12:03 PM) Me Bobby Rai. Nanamste Hi Boby, it's attention call to you. Be ready for Rating Competition. See you.
  4. Girls_guysfromindia will start the rating competition by next weekend and our first atm. will be from Ludhiana or Bareli. Thank you.
  5. Sorry for our delay response. And about rules, rules are same like Antakshyeri. All users have to start new song with the last word of the last song and rating competition must be only couple songs not single songs. Others are: 1. Users have to fill the blanks of given song 2. Double voices to double voices 3. Users can use their own words but tuning must be same with the real song. 4. Penalty for adding/writting wrong songs. 5. Users must have to do quote of the songs of the against users. 6. Every groups need a seperate topic for rating competition.
  6. Congratulation to Sangina Baidya. Good luck to her for Athens Olympic 2004.
  7. QUOTE (AKSubba @ Feb 15 2004, 01:44 PM) Where is SUR and TAAL? Khoking matr ta haina katai? what khoking? We are doing survey, takes a long time to find out the members from the Big list of WNSO.
  8. Yes Sir, it takes some more time to us because we are waiting to our mates from all over India. But seniors can do start the competition because the lists are already finalised by Aayesha Didi, Jay Dai and Sujita Didi. members from anywhere can join them. thank you.
  9. Ofcourse, it takes some time to managing all the users who want to participate. Our mates (boys and girls) are still in the list and we are looking to their's entry in the forum. We will pick up the speed when they do enter here. yaha bhayeka seniors le aa-aafno man ma bhayeka members lai select gari rada hunchha.
  10. QUOTE (milan_ire @ Feb 1 2004, 01:35 PM) please don't mind if it comes by context. thanks for your appreciation We don't mind any more because this forum is our own. That is gone, no matter. Thank you very much for your peace words. We always wish to recieve love and lesson from our seniors.
  11. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Feb 1 2004, 01:36 PM) girls guys, If you think so, well here is the good reputation of wnso then. seeing that you have just joined. welcome to the wnso. Yes Sir, we have joined just few weeks back. Thank you very much for your compliment.
  12. Rating Songs Competion means....oppositions have to fill the blanks. And other rules are same like Antaksheri.
  13. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Feb 1 2004, 01:17 PM) That's clever. But remember no sites are remained alone from such kind of behaves. No, this forum is remained so far. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Feb 1 2004, 01:17 PM) Of course some vulger words come due to the language,excuse me my french.It's upon you again. Neither vulgar words comes due to the langauge nor on the way. In fact, vulgar words comes after preplan. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Feb 1 2004, 01:17 PM) sorry Bob, if this harms you. We are here replying, No harms to us so far. Thank you.
  14. QUOTE (KhemGurung @ Jan 30 2004, 03:48 AM) benktesh ji le ekdam satya answer dinu bhayo tar malai chahi tini harule sodheko hisab ma...yo question teda meda jarur chha. Yes ofcourse! the question is tedo medho, you have to push a answer daju Tip to you.....Sun is under the Moon!
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