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  1. Hello People, My brother will be going to London to continue his ACCA course. Any ideas, suggestions before he ventures into this new life. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks, daa
  2. Did you Know? In large cities, Americans are photographed on the average of 20 times a day. Everything you charge is in a database that police, among others, can look at. Supermarkets track what you purchase and sell the information to direct-mail marketing firms. Your employer is allowed to read your E-Mail, and if you use your company's health insurance to purchase drugs, your employer has access to that information. Government computers scan your E-Mail for subversive language. Your cell phone calls can be intercepted, and your access numbers can be cribbed by eavesdroppers with police scanners. You register your whereabouts every time you use an ATM, credit card, or use EZ PASS at a toll booth. You are often being watched when you visit web sites. Servers know what you're looking at, what you download, and how long you stay on a page. A political candidate found his career destroyed by a newspaper that published a list of all the videos he had ever rented. Most "baby monitors" can be intercepted 100 feet outside the home. Intelligence agencies now have "micro-bots" -- tiny, remote control, electronic "bugs" that literally can fly into your home and look around without your noticing. Anyone with $100 can tap your phone. a new technology called TEMPEST can intercept what you are typing on your keypad (from 100 feet away through a cement wall.) the National Security Agency has a submarine that can intercept and decipher digital communications from the RF emissions of underwater phone cables. Be aware buddies... daa source:
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