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  1. Of course yes Bro..... I agree with you, 100 % Its a Kind of Nepalese Flavor or kind of cluture. Thank you. Jyoti
  2. Jojo

    Me and My Frens

    Hey you Guys, Whats up? This pic is very nice but every one is seem to be missing in their own dreams. Hey biys wake up mate go and grap your dream. many luck on that. Bye Jyoti
  3. Yes pasa, this topic suppossed to be posted in News section, BBC in Strick yaar, thats why...! Never mind....! Thank you Jyoti.
  4. Newah English Body parts patin--- fingers saon--- hair jaon--- waist gaupau--- neck lushi--- nails mikha--- fushi eye lashes nyatah--- cheeks Clothes jani--- waist belt rumal--- towel sachika--braid gangi--- vest Close relations kijabata---youngerbrother in law maaju-- mother in law darabata ---older brother in law paju--- maternal uncle maiju--- auntie In house bagaicha--- garden pakhaa--- wall kaashee--- veranda baithak--- living room bhutoo--- kitchen Nature salah--- horse kishi---elephant vau---cat dwon--- ox chakhuncha--- bird Food Items mari--- bread la--- meat puka--- la fried meat aloo--- choen potato/bamboo shoots shen la--- liver meat kachi la--- uncooked meat chwe la--- barbequed meat jaki mari--- rice bread General khipow--- rope lasa--- bed funga--- pillow dwolaeen--- duvet chabi--- toilet Pronounce all words ending with 'n' with nasal sound (pasa pucha guthi web site) I hope this will gonna be helpfull for your guys. Cheers, Jyoti Ratna Tamrakar
  5. Jwajalapa Ladies & Gentlemen. This is just a general information for all our newah and non newah mates. Hope you will take it as a useful information. Tribhuvan University Nepal has recently honored Mr. Milan Ratna Shakya with PhD for his dissertation on “The Concept, Artform and Aestheticity of Ganesh in Kathmandu Valley during Malla Period circa. 1200 to 1768 AD”. Also a noted name in the field of fine arts and now a resident of Balaju, Kathmandu, 45 year old Mr. Shakya is currently a lecturer at TU Department of Nepalese History, Culture and Archeology. He is also a member of the Academic Council of Royal Nepal Academy. Mr. Shakya has made significant contributions in exposing, highlighting and publicizing Newar culture to the world and has added a valuable jewel to the pride of Newars with his doctoral degree. I will expect the same information from you all guys, Thanking you Jyoti Ratna Tamrakar (UK)
  6. Jwajalapa Newa pasa pucha Pie, Mha Phu la Unas bro, Go thau khane la kha ne madhu yaar, gana Bepatta le yaar, Meju pasa pi na mala ka yaar? tare maam JYOTI
  7. yogesh : thanx a load for replying on the research study topic. What I think is every one is enjoying Nepal Bhanda these days in NEPAL. Look at those Publiced potos, ppl are enjoying ppl are just smiling on those activities. Student are enjoying even the small kids are invloved and just enjoying. so thats why I have wishes you. Don't think other wise.
  8. Namaste All: 1. Yogesh: - First of all I would like to re wish you a happy Nepal Bhanda and chakha Jham. This is what going on at the moment in our country, NEPAL. So why did you returned my best wishes last time. No No Brother you have to accept the reality mate. 2. chamatkaribaba : Hello chamatkaribaba sarba Prathma namaste hai…! Mai le actually desh ma jai le hune yo bhanda ra julus ko karan bhadai de ko yesma chamatkar maan nu par ne ku nai karan nai chaina baba ji. Nepal bhanda hu dai gar cha Bhadhai de dai gar ne ni hu dai na ra? 3. Sirupate : As you have mention in your previos attempt that :- Nepal bandh ma badhai, kasto chalan ayo feri yasto ?. Yo ta bhadai po de ko, Nepal ma ta jhan den den nai Nepal bhanda hun cha yo po ho ta kas to chanal. Mai le ta Nepal bhanda ko badai matra de ko yaar? Yede mero bhadai maan napare ferta dinus hai..! 4. thirdpole: Hey brother what’s up mate? Yes Of course it is not beneficial. How Nepal Bhanda and other ****** stricks would be beneficial for the people but look, what’s going on now. I must thank Mr. Sirupate, who has just posted some very stunning poto in this subject; I must thank him for his remarkable work. 5. Sirupate: To be continue …
  9. Ham ro deah ma din ka din nepal bhanda hune chalan le gar da nepal bhanda ko badai de ko ni...! kina nepal bhanda ko badai le ka sai lai ta ka sai lai par cha nai 1. Nepal bhanda le kathmandu ko batabaran safa par cha. 2. Nepal bhanda le garib le airport ma ram ro kamai gar cha 3. Nepal bhanda le sadak sa bai khulla par cha 4. school college bhanda Nepal ko chinara Nepal Bhanda so nepal bhanda hu dai cha ne feri te sai le sa bai lai nepal bhan da ko ba dai hospital ma k k hun cha tyo ta neta ko kaam ho..
  10. sa bai lai nepal bhanda ko badai cha.
  11. jyoti huda huda k ko sun ni aba? jyoti
  12. sathi haru. actually yo forum ma indian vasa practise vako jhai, newari vasa pani yeso practise garau ki bha ne ra yeso try gare ko matra ho. ham ro sathi Pallavi Khanal ji le ramro ra sahi aanumaan gar nu vo, dhanayabaad. jyoti
  13. newa pasa pi kha, jojolappa ji newa language na practise ya mala ka, chu kha le bichar? Jyoti
  14. kas to mitho mitho khanako parikaar, mukha ma pani aayo mero ta . tara ma lai ta banau nai aau dia na kha na, any way,thankx load sa bai lai. jyoti
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