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  1. Q. Why Narayan likes to work in the rain? A. Because it has not rain for decade where he is. liked your signature.
  2. GF le arkai sang bihe garyo. la aba ketale bhang dhaturo khane bho bhanera mata pitale kt khojera panche baja bajaihalyo. Thaha nai chhaina kasari propose garnu parne ho?
  3. Is there any chemistry sparks flying across the forum? 2day while i was checking the new posts, lucifer jee was posting in every thread where Mathgirl1010 was doing so... I think thats what they do in their spare time.
  4. Not only in US, In every developed country Nepalese students are facing the same kind of problem. I mean students who are there to study, not just holding student visas.
  5. When terrorists hit Delhi or London, all political forces join hands with the Government to fight the terrorism. When terrorists hit Nepal, all political forces join hands with the Terrorists to fight the Government. National leaders of other countries fear a thing like a Tsunami. National leaders of Nepal promise to bring a "Tsunami" after Tihar and intellectuals praise them for it. Democratic forces of other countries demand elections that the ruling government tries to avoid. Democratic forces of Nepal try to avoid an election that the ruling government insists on. National leaders of other countries call upon the people to take part in an election. National leaders of Nepal call upon people NOT to take part in an election. Initially, the main issue was, "This government will not hold elections". Then it became, "This government can not hold elections" Then it became, "Let us boycott the election" And, now the main issue is, "The election is not an issue at all, there are other bigger issues and we will find them soon". It doesn't make sense. http://newsblaze.com/story/20051104232644n...S/Opinions.html
  6. >>>>who the fuk you call youself a patriot ? >>>>damn it. what about the recent ordinance by the King ????? I mean >>>>unconstititutional ordinance !!!! by the number of posts, you seem like one of the senior member of this educational forum and this is what you teach to new member? Swear all the time, everywhere if you can't argue with your logics. Your above reply is not going to make me Swear at you. You are not swearing at me but you are showing how intelligent you are. Your second question is not relevent to this topic. That is our internal matter. Hey man, I know if you post next reply it will be like full of swears so this is the last reply for you.
  7. Hahaha, myan that was simply hilarious, dude you got a great sense of humor. 76654[/snapback] mero ta kam nai grilled garne. Fast Food ko nokori. chhitto po chhu ta. kebab bhando rahechha.
  8. Human nature ?????????? give me a break No one teach or taught anyone to bully others. No teachers, no religions, no countries, you name it. It's not human nature. IT IS AN EVIL NATURE. I read last time also in another thread, few saying the same thing about human nature. It really made me think. How about one day your home, your land, yes yours! will be occupied by someone else. Are you still going to say it's a human nature, leave it? I don't think so. You are not going to think twice to take your next door neighbour to the court because your neighbour put a wall a feet inside your land by mistaken or something. I am just saying you, it doesn't mean I am just trying to say to one individual. Everyone out there, yes everyone. I think I did post a nice article by 15 years old kid from South Korea.
  9. 45,000 bighas of Nepali land was found encroached by India. "About 200 Indian SSB personnel had forced Nepalis to flee their homes and Indian landless squatters backed by the SSB personnel occupied the land," said Chetendra Jung Himali, leader of the committee. About 2,0661 bighas Nepali land is on the brink of sliding towards India. http://www.kantipuronline.com/kolnews.php?&nid=54275 Indian Expansionism: Harmful for Peace in South Asia The encroachment of Nepalese land in Susta VDC, Nawalparasi clearly demonstrates how India is trying to take advantage of current political mess in Nepal by encroaching Nepalese territory. While Indian embassy's staffers in Kathmandu keep themselves busy trying to paint India's friendly attitude by providing funds to build bridges and inaugurating school buildings in terai, their government in New Delhi makes Nepalese pay for the financial aid provided to Nepal by ripping off their national identity. However, what could be the better time than this to encroach a smaller state's territory? Political parties are wrestling with King to grab the power and king is flexing his muscle to maintain status quo. New Delhi does understand that neither political parties that are busy protesting in the street nor King residing in the Narayanhiti trying to garner India's support can afford to displease India by voicing their concern over Susta. As both the warring parties are trying their best to remain in good books of India, poor in Susta are forcibly getting converted into Indian citizens without much opposition from the government and political parties that are meant to fight for the citizens right. Citizens of Susta are the recent victims of bullish and oppressive policies of the Indian expansionists. http://www.nepalnews.com.np/contents/englishweekly/telegraph/2005/oct/oct05/opinion.php
  10. Nepalis, have you ever cried for your country? I heard that many of Nepali youth do not love their Nepal. I also heard that they want to leave Nepal because they don't like caste system, or because they want to escape the severe poverty. However, they should be the first ones to voluntarily work for Nepal's development, not the first ones to complain and speak against their country. I have a dream that someday I would be able to free the souls from suffering from the underdeveloped countries, anachronistic customs and the desperate hunger. My belief has become stronger than ever after seeing the reality in Nepal. A child with a fatal disease who doesn't have enough money to buy a pill; a child living in what seems like a pre-historic dwelling and not having the opportunity to receive education; and a student who cannot succeed, no matter how hard he studies, just because of the class he comes from. A society, in which wives not only take care of children but also work in the fields, while their husbands waste their time doing nothing; a society in which a five-year-old must labor in a brick factory to feed herself. Looking at the reality of Nepal, I was despaired, yet this sense of despair strengthened my belief. I already know that many of the Nepalis are devout Hindus. However, nothing happens if you just pray to hundreds of thousands of gods while doing nothing. It is the action that you and Nepal need for the better future. For Nepal and yourselves, you have to show your love to your neighbors and country just as you do to Gods. You know that your Gods will be pleased when you work for the development of your country and improvement of your lives. Therefore, please, love your neighbors and country. Teach your children to love their country. And love the working itself. Who do you think will cry for your Nepal? Who do you think will be able to respect the spirit of Himalayas and to keep the lonely flag representing it? You are the ones responsible for leading this beautiful country to a much brighter future. This responsibility lies on you. The writer is a 15 year-old student of Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, South Korea.
  11. "Ever cried for your country?" By BAN WHI MIN ------------------------------- Nepalis complain about the caste system and corrupt officers. They Openly vent their anger against the government. But have they ever thought About Nepal's real problems? I believe that they have not. I want to say that Nepal's real problems are lack of patriotism among the people and lack Of love for one another. This is the conclusion I have reached during my stay. This summer, I did voluntary work from July 5 to July 30 at FHI Ever Vision School, Matatirtha, Kathmandu. Let me first tell you about my country, Korea. This might help you understand my point. Just after the Korean War, which claimed lives of more than 5 million Koreans, Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. Without natural resources, Korea had no choice but to desperately struggle for its survival by all means. Under this gloomy situation, Koreans envied other Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Nepal. Korean government officials were horribly corrupt. With the dual classes of Yangban (nobles) and Sangnom(peasants), Korean society was sickening day by day. However, Koreans, having determination to become rich, overcame the unfair social structure and put the country onto the track of development. When the former president Park Jung Hee took over the government, there were few factories in Korea. Korea could not attract loans or expect foreign investments. Under these circumstances, President Park 'exported' miners and nurses to then West Germany. The salaries that they earned were used to building factories and promoting industrialization of Korea. In 1964, when President Park visited then West Germany, the miners and nurses asked the president when the Koreans would become rich. The president replied, crying with the miners and nurses, that someday the Koreans would become rich. Many of Korean scientists and engineers, who could just enjoy comfortable lives in the United States, returned to Korea with only one thing in their mind: the determination to make Korea the most powerful and prosperous country in the world. They did their best even though their salaries were much less than what they would have received in other countries. The Koreans believed that they have the ability to change their desperate situation and that they must make the country better, not only for themselves but also for the future generations yet to come. My parents' generation sacrificed themselves for their families and the country. They worked 14 hours a day, and risked their lives working under inhumane conditions. The mothers, who went to work in factories, fed their babies while operating machines in dangerous environments. They always tried to teach their children the true value of 'hard work'. Finally, all of these hard works and sacrifices made the prosperous Korea that you see now.
  12. My fav is Kadar Khan, any new movies?
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