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  1. Nepalese Women's Team won the final match of ANFA Women’s Invitational Match 2003 played against Singapore at Dasharath Stadium Saturday. Congrat to them!!!
  2. nice place for guys and gals. I too joined all you here.
  3. ke bha yaha? Judge Re, Kin Ke Ka Lagi? no needed Judge, it's an open forum and Electronic machine is here to count the vote. R U(Judges) fooling us? We can count ourselves, men? so, resign from Judge and if u really want to be this contest go ahead, come on the floor you all to and be participitants. otherwise, stop FOOLING!!
  4. Most Talented(Bidwan Raj) : Nitesh Most Cool(Pani Prasad) : OKi Most Humorous(Joke Bahadur) : Jhilke Most Mysterious(Anonymous JI) : Nitesh Best Contributor : OKi Best Entry: Admin Best Gaffadi(Haude Haru) : Allare/OKi/Jhilke Best Copy and Paste ( r ) : __________ Best Thread starter : Allare Best Ambassador : _______ Best (non)motivator : all haude haru Best Fighter : Santosh Best WNSO Sister site : _______ Best WNSO department : ______ Best Thread : _______________ Worst Thread : personal talk Best Section : Muktak/Poem Worst Section : ___________
  5. QUOTE (santos @ Dec 3 2003, 05:18 PM) You are allowed to question on anything you want to in WNSO, except Attariya chautari. It's protected by the supreme authority of WNSO. "bar barsa kukar ko puchchhar dhungro ma rakhyo ajha bangai" bahneko yahi ho saathi ho.
  6. QUOTE (okinawa @ Dec 3 2003, 07:23 AM) Maun and GK, GOOD one. Regarding the followings: Mrs. WNSO == We went for Mr/Ms WNSO handsome/beautiful n talented (let's not go for single or married one separately) WNSO Ambassadors = we went for Best GM Best of the Best = Not clear, pls clarify - wat we can include here?? Mr. Haude = we went for BEST Gafadi Wat does our other friends say??? Mrs lai ms. wnso bhanyo bhane, risaudainan ghar ka budha haru. ambassador bhannale PT, GM ani, member sabai madhya baat, jasle truely wnso lai promote garirakheko chha aa aafu baseko thau ma. Best of the Best : in cricket you see Man of the Match and Man of the Series. This is it.
  7. GK votes for Ms/Mr WNSO Most Beautiful/Handsome : aayesha/avee Ms/Mr WNSO Most Talented : D_M/FM(M_F) Best Humor : OKi Best Contributor : OKi Best Entry : WNSO admin Best Gaffadi : Allare Best Fighter : Santos Best
  8. QUOTE (okinawa @ Dec 2 2003, 02:32 PM) If anybody has any suggestion regarding more categories, pls suggest here. As far as the following are considered as the various categories. Ms/Mr. Cool Mrs. WNSO WNSO Ambassadors Best of the Best Mr. Haude Mr. Mystery
  9. QUOTE (allare @ Dec 1 2003, 04:01 PM) la maile pani aafno photo upload gare.. .. return of the LORD DARI OF WNSO
  10. QUOTE (okinawa @ Dec 1 2003, 03:44 PM) Pls, accept pink rose bouquet for u. Red rose ko hak-daar ta hamro tesro khamba chha. Allare, maile chhitai bihe garechhu jasto laagchha..... WNSO thaha vaako vaye kina garthey ra... sab nepali chwak haru yehi jamma hudo rahechhan. thanx for the nice, nice niiiiiiiiiice compliments, OKi. Avatar ta aafno haina, bhunta-bhanti haru ko rakheko jasto chhani?
  11. ahile ta wnso ma avatar competition chalya chha? ab thaha hunchha mr. wnso ani ms. wnso. malai ta ramro lagyo photo rakheko, aru ke po sochnu hunchha, kunni?
  12. thankQ M_C_F, aru haru lai pani. yasto po discuss.
  13. QUOTE (okinawa @ Dec 1 2003, 12:09 PM) my dear...3rdpole dear, u can be rite. MY DEAR ? mane timlo buddi lai. ja bhaya pani, timi lai CBI, RAW wa FBI, CIA le pakkai le la jasto lagchh. JOB, don't woly.
  14. OKi, tal aajkal ok nabha jasto ke ho. tal uta ko yata yeta ko uta copy ani paste gardai ta hidnu bhayan na ni? log lagya ho ki tim lai pani bibad garne?
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