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  1. No it's not true. A Gurung brother who rulled as king a long ago, his bloods known as Ghale Gurung. Ghale mean Raja ko UPADHI in Nepali. I am Limbu Gurung and Limbu were Pradhan senapati. I have no actual knowledge about this but Gurungs are something like this.
  2. You just come here, you will have no problem. Kesar pokhri is still cold. Is garmi mein dohrayenge hum Lucknow ki sardi
  3. Soltina

    Ralfaa Ralfaa

    I wish to read more n more romance/romantic poems. Waitin to read your next attempt.
  4. Lucknow aunu hunchha ta? Yaha dherai ramailo chha hijo aaj. Come Lucknow, u'll feel fine here. You'll have only profit n profit in Lucknow if u come here. lagi re lagi mujhe solah umar tera dil hua pagal lagi re lagi mujhe solah umar tera dil hua ghayal solah ki annkhen solah ki baaten solah nahi mai hain shola lagi re lagi mujhe solah umar tera dil hua pagal chaska mera chaska chaska mera chaska.........!
  5. Now I'm using another email address. I had got many bluff mails in the last one that's why I changed that and using new one. I'm afraid, If you do not send fake emails to me then I will give you my new email address. Can I trust on you for this? Still hampering, I do not want time pass kuraharu anymore. 68540[/snapback] What do you mean >>Can I trust on you for this?--> Look man, you r kinda impressive for me that is why I am asking you. I am not looking for fake, neither any masti masalas nor a time pass. I need a good relation with you ...... simply the best, nothing anymore. If you do not believe on me then ............ You need my father's name? You need my mother's name? You need my Nepal address? You need my India address? You need my real name? You need my other friends for verify? You need any Nepalese from Lucknow to know how's I am? What ? I will do any......! pheri pani vishwas chhaina bhane mero bhannu kehi chhaina. thanks.
  6. No man!! My heart is deeply fallin on your face. Will you mind to write to me back, please? I didn't recieve your response of my last e-mail. Geet chai ma sanga, baja gaja chai aru sanga? Now, you are making my sangeet totally flop from the floar. Lalupate broda, Kati Patang! Tyatro mehanat garera pani khera gayo, hai? 67304[/snapback] No way, najarko dos ho ki manko kamjori? Lalupate solti jyue, you are still my very good solti!
  7. No man!! My heart is deeply fallin on your face. Will you mind to write to me back, please? I didn't recieve your response of my last e-mail. gandaki chhodi Lucknow ma baseki Koi bhetinchhan ki bhani aash mai baseki ye hoooo Lalupate Solti jyue ke bho yasto Hare RAM Bhetiye Lalupate Solti jyue Chautarima jaam Bhet bhaye ni Lalupate Solti jyue Chautarima jaam........ 11 GR Rifle is located at Lucknow. 66968[/snapback] Yes that is right. And you can join any GRs via Lakhimpur GR camp.
  8. Parvateli hu naam paryo Soltina Ke chha bichar bolekai chhu ni ta Chautarima jaam, Bhet bhayo Lalupate solti jyue, haansi kheli ram Bhet bhayo Lalupate solti jyue..........
  9. True Tales Of Old Lucknow by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones. About the Book: Old Lucknow was a place of pleasure, of beautiful gardens, extraordinary buildings, menageries maintained by the nawabs, music and dancing, exquisite food, fireworks and lavish parties, and a good share of rogues and villains. The wealthy nawabs were only part of the glittering scene that simultaneously enchanted and shocked visitors, not to mention the inhabitants. This book attempts to explore the more curious byways that lead off the main streets, to undiscovered corners of the city's past. Using records not used before and information provided by the descendants of those who lived in Nawabi Lucknow, Rosie Llewellyn-Jones examines Nawabi entertainments, the true story of the notorious 'Babar of Lucknow', the sad history of the European graveyards, and the adventures of Indian men and women in eighteenth - and nineteenth-century England. Containing a number of previously unpublished illustrations, these curious stories of people who inhabited this exotic and vanished world will appeal to readers interested in human stories and history, besides scholars who will find new insights into the life of Nawabi Lucknow. About the Author: ROSIE LLEWELLYN-JONES is Archives and Records Officer at South Bank University, London. A Ph.D. from the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS), London, her specialization is architectural ideas and urban history. She is the author of A Fatal Friendship: The Nawabs, the British and the City of Lucknow (OUP, 1985) and A Very Ingenious Man: Claude Martin in Early Colonial India (OUP, 1992). Contents: List of Illustrations (Introduction) 1. Entertaining the Nawabs 2. A Poorer Class of Person 3. The Barber of Lucknow 4. Indian Visitors to England 5. Before the Storm 6. Bones of Contention ******************* Find the book if you are interested to read an old tales.
  10. Ghumti Nagar basne gari aunu hai Hey Soltee ..ii..ii..i Soltee lai Kosheli sachi rakhaula, Hidne bela taar pathaunu hai Hey Soltee...ii..ii.i Soltee ko bato heri basula Hey Soltee ...ii..ii...i Haatai ma rato fatko Liera kuri rahula. Welcome to Indian LGRs.
  11. For foreign students: Foreign national seeking admissions to the BDS course in our college may send an application in the prescribed online form addressed to the Principal, Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow with academic records for the consideration of eligibility. The certificate of academic eligibility issued to a Foreign National shall be valid for admission only for academic year for which it is issued. The head of Dental College under the jurisdiction of the university proposing to admit the candidate to the said course of study shall intimate the same to the university. The university in turn will consider the issue of permission of admission after checking the quota for foreign students allowed for the college. No foreign national seeking admission in “Saraswati Dental College” shall claim a student visa on the certificate of Academic Eligibility” issued by the university, only after production of the endorsement of the university permitting the student admission, a student will be eligible to claim a student visa. No head of any affiliated college shall issue any certificate of eligibility to any foreign national. Foreign students shall produce a certificate from the competent authority for having adequate knowledge of English or else shall have to pass the English the test conducted by the university before issue of the certificate of Academic Eligibility. No refund of eligibility fee shall be allowed under any circumstances. The head of the institution shall intimate to the university every admission of foreign student made then the there after every year. (In respect of matters not provided for these above ordinances the provisions of the university regulations statutes, ordinances and rules with regard to admission shall apply.) Foreign Students seeking admission must produce:- 1. “No Objection Certificate” from the department of health and family welfare, govt. of India, new-Delhi. 2. Eligibility certificate from the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Oudh University, Faizabad. 3. Permission for stay from police commissioner (I.G./ D.I.G. of police, Lucknow) 4. Appropriate students visa.(I.G./ D.I.G. of police, Lucknow) 5. Appropriate students visa Deadline: May/June (Year around) [Note: Foreign students (including SAARC countries) must need their students visa]. Information of above and other necessary informations are availabe in this site; http://www.sdcindia.org/
  12. I have seen Asambhav. Not any new in that movie. Uhi purano masala haru. But ok to see once.
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