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  1. Dear friends, this is a poem i have written remembering one of building mate (we used to live on the same building in KTM back on '96/ '97) who had secured 70+ percent on his I Sc first year and he had a back paper on second year in Nepal Parichaya. When i have returned back home in 2001 he has joined in maoist army. he had a dream to be a doctor. i don't know what he is thinking right now, i think he must have something feeling like i have. i have included audio of this poem. thanks, please write some feeb back if you want to add or remove the part of it. cheers !! KB Audio Of the poem Stream Download Audio of the poem
  2. QUOTE (rs_1915 @ Feb 9 2004, 07:03 PM) Actually if someone is planning to attend Bellevue, he/she is better off attending Kathmandu univ. ( since Kath univ. is way cheaper). Bellevue has so many nepali students ( each classroom is packed with nepali students) u will feel that u r somewhere in Nepal. ( atleast that is what i heard). Academic standards r also not that superior. MR rs_1915, what is your point saying that kathmandu univ is better then bellevue. hey buddy, there is no comparison between ktm univ and bellevue univ. they both univ have their own reputation. everyone has no luck to attend ktm univ so does bellevue. if you think bellevue has so many nepalease student, how many in ktm univ. there are about 60 nepalese student in bellevue. can u name me what univ do u attend ? how can u say "Academic standards r also not that superior." oh come on. u know what - there are more then 50% of the student are from US airforce. what do u think mr 1915? the school where that many airforce personals attend is not standard? how do you categories? let me ask you one question - what do you do, i mean what did you do attending a reputed school. can u tell me little bit about you. i am eager to hear from you. i have many nepalese students who graduated from bellevue working for IBM, QUEST, bellsouth, west corporation, First-data, union pacific and much more. i can't name them all? wow, anyway, i am proud to be a bellevue graduate. whatever you think. remember, don't attack, it might hurt somebody and you should learn a lesson. ok if you are confuse ask.
  3. i think its 10 not 11 they won. 10 out of 11 awards at oscar night (oscar.org)
  4. hello friends As i have gone through the thread posted here about the national anthem, i am pretty much concern about it. as we know chakra pani chalise was young when i had written the national anthem, i believe. so we all student, are the future so we might have many talent individuals who are expert on writing, some on composing, some on singing. why don't we write something here and post it and compose and release and vote. what do you think about my idea. just courious ni. have a great time.
  5. I agree. "National Anthem" should be change. if you change to "rato ra chandra surya" then we don't have to think whether we should include kind or royal family or not. that songs perfectly matches our situation, history and pride. or we can have a "National Anthem" song competition. please inform each and everybody and lets request all to write a song, or poem. see, chakrapani chalise was i believe under 30 when he wrote that poem (song). why don't we start writing a new generation "National Anthem". hey hey hey . creative indivuduals, what do you think?
  6. looks like party was really kooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  7. QUOTE (Naaz @ Oct 25 2003, 02:42 PM) Yi mera aanshu jaslai koi puchhne haru chhainan yaha.... Yi mera aanshu jaslai koi puchhne haru chhainan yaha, Kunai sahara yin lai milthyo ta Sitara hunthge!! naaz ji, very nice one........ aansu ta jati puchhyo tyati jharchha ............. bina kaaran aanshu nachuhaaunu aanshu ko mulya thulo chha aanshu puchhne sahara nakhoja saathi bhel bani jhan jhan bagdachha.
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