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  1. Deputy Sub-Inspector of Police is not so easy and u r not interested too. U can go for SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE , which has a good scope in the country where u r residing now. How about POWER ELECTRONICS ????
  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments. Anonymity and real ID, will it make any difference? Most of the users are with nickname...... no one is violating WNSO rules n regulations. If in such case, they will be warned by ADMIN so that the case can be solved promptly. Watever it is, real or nick, DISCUSSION can be done with high spirit and good motivation. No one is fighting here.... all have their own aptitude, capability....... it is smth like there are two provinces in WNSO.......... Anyway, there is not such compulsion... everyone has freedom as one of the participants mentioned over here. I just mounted this topic so that our other respectful members will have a fine contribution in all the forums and make our WNSO envt. more friendly and pleasant. Thanks.
  3. It has been noticed that most of the users who are in "ATTARIYA CHAUTARI" (under Talking Point Forum) are not partcipating in other threads in TALKING POINT (only few of them but rare case only). Wat's wrong with those participants in ATTARIYA CHAUTARI?????????? Are they scared of discussion in other threads or simply they ignore those???? Or feel hesitation to their inputs????? wat's the matter!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really amazing. I have gone thru' the profile of many users in "ATTARIYA CHAUTARI", all are with good academic background... many Medical Students tooo. Even those would be Drs. din't have any inputs in DOCTORs related thread. Why not to put ur views and discuss with others. Many might be wrong in their understanding... u can disucuss and learn something if not u can give lessons to others. This is the chautari..... Talking point is for all the users wherever they are. Why not we have the motto "More the input, more the output and higher the efficiency." Just my two cents. No offense intended.
  4. nick, since u r the product of IOE, you have high chances of getting admission at AIT. U might know IOE comes at the third place in AIT's ranking. Pls visit here. http://www.ait.ac.th/AIT/admissions/norad.html U can download application form from www.ait.ac.th If you are interested in doing MBA, Asian Institute of Management, Manila is another good place. However, u can apply at AIT too. U can apply for ADB scholarship. Application form for ADB scholarship is available at ADB office near KTM Plaza (infront of Royal Academy). In your leisure time, pls try to visit few embassies (consulates) at ktm (if u r in ktm) like Norway, Holland, Germany, Japan, Denmark etc. U can get various information from there regarding scholarship. I am trying to post few other scholarship links...... not available right now....... if i get it, will get done it soon. If anyone of us remember the useful scholarship-links posted by bhandr, pls paste it here. Wish u good luck, nick.
  5. Announcement : NORAD Scholarships for Asian Students at AIT in 2003 to 2005 http://www.ait.ac.th/AIT/admissions/norad.html There are many other fields of study in which interested individual can apply. AIT's MBA is well known too. Many students are getting dual-MBA degree from AIT as there is student-exchange program between France and AIT. for detail: www.ait.ac.th
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