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  1. Families escaping domestic violence will be prioritised for school places, says education secretary. View the full article
  2. Tackling mental health problems needs 'urgent attention', says the prime minister. View the full article
  3. Students who sat the Edexcel A-level maths paper claim 'widespread' leak occurred hours before exam. View the full article
  4. Part of an Edexcel maths paper was shared on social media ahead of the exam on Friday. View the full article
  5. Numerous outstanding schools are downgraded by Ofsted after concerns are raised. View the full article
  6. A lack of flexibility is contributing to secondary teachers leaving the profession, a report warns. View the full article
  7. The music 'school of rock' is giving young carers a break from their daily routines. View the full article
  8. Pupils have been concerned about protests against LGBT lessons in Birmingham, school staff and governors say. View the full article
  9. American universities enrol hundreds of thousands of Chinese students each year. View the full article
  10. Sixteen-year-old Peter is a stateless citizen, which means he won't be able to finish his schooling. View the full article
  11. Arts students are protesting their school's academic requirements. Should they have to take maths? View the full article
  12. A group of teenagers learns about handling their finances. View the full article
  13. Having a laugh in the classroom - meet the pupils who came up with the funniest joke, say Beano readers. View the full article
  14. How invigilators distract students taking exams - picking their feet, eating too loudly and staring. View the full article
  15. Ethnic minority, mature and working-class students must be more confident in asking for help, says study. View the full article
  16. There are nepali students in glasgow but no idea if they are here.
  17. Confused, I am confused.
  18. do you have special discount for member of WNSO organisation?
  19. that is nice one mr Thapa? You didn't give your view.
  20. Found this poem full of tear, it looks like it was written long time ago, but do match with our current political envirinment. Source: http://www.literature.wnso.org/Om_shree_Rakesh.htm
  21. don't know much, what I know is, it is cheap to live there compare to in Europe or USA. Very big country, small population, beautiful scene, excellent social benefit. Canada is dream to many in the world. However, all these do come with some sting attach, that is, finding job in Canada is hard. Many who migrate to Canada do cross border to USA and work there illegally. Good side is: you can get 6 months visitor VISA to USA on the border, if you have canadian residency. So entering USA is almost like we enter India. Good Luck.
  22. Just read news about Greater Nepal protest. Here is a Link: http://www.nayapatrika.com/newsportal/desh/demand_for_greater_nepal.html We all know India want to create poppet government in Nepal and rule Nepal from Delhi. We all know India wants to take all our natural resources. And we all know, to secure all these interest, India have to make sure that Nepal have corrupt poppet government and Nepal must remain very unstable country. Remember, Dhamilo panima machha marna sajilo hunchha. We all know, we cannot fight with India. I agreed with some of the comments here that we are not even defending our current border, how can we have greater Nepal? This is like impossible dream. Nothing is impossible, most powerful thing in the world is will if people. So we have to attack India not by gun but by brain. The best defense is attack. Only if we attack India, we can force India to compromise and respect Nepal's sovereignty and dignity. Scotland never won against England in war. England was too powerful and Scotland has full of natural resources but did not have military power. In fact, England always attacked Scotland and created poppet government there. But William Wallace, then brave patriot of Scotland, decided to attack England. He believed that; that is the only way to protect Scotland from further attack from England. Many disagreed with him, but he managed to get support from many nationalist and one day he attacked England and surprised many in the world. In this war England won again, however, England was badly damaged by this Scottish attack and was forced to re-consider strategy about Scotland, then England never attack Scotland again, respected Scottish border until today. Have a look movie called Brave Heart. Movie has story about William Wallace, the only Scottish who dare to attack England and taught lession to English. We have to attack India. We have nothing to lose even if we lose war with India because, we are under Indian control anyway, but it will be India who will lose every minute even if they win. So, let’s support Greater Nepal campaign and protect our sovereignty.
  23. This college should be OK, in my view, this college will be ok for students.
  24. Best way to avoid being ripped by these college and avoid being sucidal: 1. Like Chamatkari Baba said, come here in Chautari and do through discuss, don't rush. Remember, hurry make bad curry 2. Try to join University or college that are run directly by university 3. do not plan to come and study in the UK if you are not planning to bring tution fee. 4. Only come to UK for Master degree, because bachelor degree will clost alot which many won't afford. 5. Before you join any college, come here in chautari and ask for more detail about that college. Remember, A grade college mean nothing. Every college, from very good to very bad and dodgy all have A Grade, it is because, nobody can run college with B Grade. B Grade is given to college at initial stage if they are not qualified to be A grade, and within 3 months or so, they have to amend or improve things that recommended by authority, and they become a Grade. there are many way to trick Authority, for example, many colleges pay some money to good college and show their libruary as shared libuary between two college, or partnership between college etc. Best option is, do Bachelor from nepal, and come UK, you will some point will complete master but if you come to UK after +2, you finishng Bachelor from UK is very unlikely, you can only do if you bring money from Nepal, else it will take almost decade to pass bachelor.
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