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  1. Tyo Din kaile Aula Timra haatko sirani banai Nindko upahaar dina chahnchhu Sapana haru bata alaggai, Tara thaah chhaina Tyo din kaile aula! Timra aakha haruma Dubna chahanchhu Saagar ma Moti jhai, Tara thaah chhaina Tyo din kaile aula! Timro shwaas maa Basna chahnchhu Mutuko vayu jhai, tara thaah chhaina Tyo din kaile aula!
  2. A Ghazal for you all. Satya yo sansaar ho vishwaas nai rahena Mero manaka lagi ramro aba kehi rahena, Tyahi asha tyahi sapanaa tyahi pidaa Ke paiyela naya yaha baki aba kehi chhaina, Naya dharti kunai hos yasto khoji raheki chhu Aakaash yo ramro chhaina zameen maa kehi chhaina, Jivan ko rang-roop, bhesh-bhoosha sabai here Tara aankha aghi ramro dekhine kehi pani chhaina, Thaah chhaina kun kahaan ke chha parinatee Kunai pani aash ko aba aasha gatee chhaina, Badli rahane samayale badali diyo sabai kura Maatr aafnai man baki rahyo aru kehi rahena !!
  3. baini, Sahitya lekhera lekhidaina, tyo ta afai bani dinchha tyasai. Shayad timro pani katai Notebook wa handy book bhitra baneko hola? Just find that. Magera paieedaina sukkha Falera sakidaina dukkha Jivan ka duee char din Chahera pani ke garnu? Bachayera rakhna sakidaina thappa.
  4. God knows ........? God knows how these rains will pass These days are borrowed These nights are borrowed. In extinguished eyes It dwells like smoke, Damp tears are smouldering The rain sets them on fire. Perhaps the heart was full And overflowed in the breast, All complaints began to flow with the tears The heart's concerns are so downcast. God knows how these rains will pass These days are borrowed These nights are borrowed.
  5. I hope, all are fine and already reached at the home. I had long route via Javalpur. Now, I am fine, alright and happy at my place. And what about the DHAMAKA of Bollywood? Hope, everything is going well and guys are enjoying the navratri festival.
  6. Everything comes and gone Those clouds came Increased the heat They brought water too, It's their choice To go again on the road that comes, If they turn around It's their choice, Listen to this tale Give it some thought Yes my friend Everything comes and gone. Stones are being worshipped too On these streets you will meet someone too This thread is delicate, so delicate Yet, relationships will still be tied. The world runs on thoughts, Understand this sign a little Agree that he/she is of the heart Who does it again, Is there someone of you or me here? No my friend Everything comes and gone. In the sea a river has drowned Name and Color are joined there Fragrances come from flowers, Have been in them since when, I don't know It stops at the ground, The sign of someone's footsteps May these signs never fade, And shadows of someone fall on them and gone Yes my friend Everything comes and gone.
  7. WNSO chautari timi Timro prasansha garu kun savda harule, Audainan savda haru futera timro prasansha garna Shaya ajhai anjaan chhu, Tara pani jab timro dwaar ma auchhu Tote boli bhaye pani...kehi na kehi lekhne koshis garchhu. This is one of the best thread but I couldn't find any good words to participant in this topic today. But I promise, I will be prepared for next time.
  8. It touched my heart, may the departed soul rest in peace. Bhanchhan, bagne pani ra mareko manchhe farkera audaina Shayad manav jaati ko bhagya ho yo metayera metidaina, Jo pyaro hunchha jivan ka pal pal haruma Us paschat usko kahani lekhera pani pura hudaina.
  9. That's brilliant manoj ji and I like that what you have mentioned above but my view is; we have to know the past to understand present and I don't think, being a idol or developed human means he/she have no past volume. Past appeals are making success today and makes success tomorrow, I think.
  10. Mera najar haru ani kahaani un kai Mera najar haru ani kahaani un kai Ya yo ho aayeko kunai yug Ya ho yo mero kalpana matrai?
  11. QUOTE (Shima @ Jun 9 2004, 10:10 AM) Do you have an idea, who was the singer of this Gazel ? Kahin to milegi muhabaat ki manzil, yeh dil ka musafir jala jarehen hai....... The singer of the song was Hemant Kumar. Lata Mangeskar also sang the same song. Now I forgot the name of that movie. I remembered only an actor of that movie ....was Sunil Dutt.
  12. Congratulation to both you for being a Papa n Mum once again. All the good things cames as your new baby and the new baby's born appearance very best and wonderful things in your life towards. Once again...CONGRATULATION!! To baby, Welcome to this beautiful world dear. You will be the star of tomorow and make your dream just like your Papa and Mum. My best wishes are with you baby.
  13. Just to say....GREAT ONE, keep on Pranita ji.
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