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  1. why are we talkin photography here? ;0 Anyway I'm posting here after years. As a musician myself, I love narayan gopal's songs. I didn't grow up listening to him. I was listening to rock and metal then. But as I grew older, I got mellower I guess, started listening to Nepali stuff. I love it. There isn't a party these days without singing 'kehi mitho baata gara'.One of these days I'll record the song and post it here. I had even recorded songs that our wnso song writers had posted like nakkalee and shivani. I wonder if they still post here or they vanished into thin air like me?
  2. great pics there guys! I also just entered the dslr world. I have a canon 40D with a basic kit lens. I'm loving it. Will have to buy better lens later.
  3. alright somebody please send it to dhyangro dhyangro@hotmail.com
  4. Hey all, dhyangro here!! Finally i have my album completed. It will be released in nepal in a week. It has 10 songs plus 2 music tracks. All the songs vocal, composition, arrangement, written and all guitar works by me. Manufactured and marketed by music.com (p.) ltd. check out some promos of the songs. dhyangro's songs: ->http://www.soundclick.com/bands/0/dhyangro_music.htm
  5. i was rooting for mexico. She was caliente!!
  6. actually it applies to all the immigrants all over the world. Everybody's got to do it. It's an immigrant song....anyone heard the zeppelin tune?
  7. yay!! it is indeed too easy. but are you that easy??
  8. not really dude! transit ta hongkong ma. Got the cheap tickets. adios!
  9. I think it'll be alright. I'm leaving in a couple of days myself too. Hope i get to meet some wnso friends there.
  10. Angel, Sawmer, Khem and Limitation//moon, Thanks for listening to the song. Glad you guys liked it.I will definately post more later. Angel, I do use some softwares to enhance it but i'm all for using real instruments, at least most of time. I'd love to put a violin peice but no one here plays violin. And i hate the sound of fake keyboard violin sound. Or maybe i should give a try.
  11. Raichha ta! malai pani thaa chhaina kahileko ho? Sujita ji, it's time to hear the song I think. Let's wait to dhyangro ji's next entry. 67110[/snapback] Finally, I heard your song Nakkalee ji, it was nice. Nice words by Nakkalee ji and nice composition by dhyangro ji. In our own world chautari, some are lyricists and some are musicians, what a wonderful guys we have! I wish to hear more melodies by you friends, just do continue this work. My best wishes are with you. Thank you! 67403[/snapback] Sujita ji, Thanks for your kind words. It's people like you who give encouragement make us wanna do better. And I couldn't have done without the lyrics from my friends.
  12. Shivani ji, i'm waiting for the song thank you. thank you angel. muchas gracias chica invencible!
  13. Finally got done with the song. Thanks a bunch to Nakkalee for her beautiful lyrics. And thanks to all for supporting my music. nakkalee's song
  14. Hi, I always used to visit this chautari twice in a week (Sunday and Thursday) but I didn't login all the time anymore that's why you didn't recieve my reply. Today, I read you here so I am here. About my song, please, go ahead and post the song here. I have no problem. Let us to hear your hard work. We will be waiting to see your next entry here (with song ) Thank you very much for making this chautari so wonderful place. 67109[/snapback] Phew!! finally nakkalee ji!! At work right now, I'll be posting it tonite from home. I wonder if you even know which song.....
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