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  1. QUOTE (manchilds friend @ Jan 25 2004, 03:33 PM) Have you tried the new "BOMBAY BAD BOY" pot noodle ???? ... the sauce that comes with it is really spicy hot ... what's more ... it tastes like titaura too .. mmmmmm . i miss titauras awww..u guyz r makin me miss titaura too.alchi laayer aaune!!..kya titaURa khaanu mann paryo.. hyerna aba next time nepal jaane bela..yesto titaura khaanchu..cherpaate chalne gari khaaidinchu... my fupu sent me lapsi ko achaar frm nepal last week ani it is so mitho..aba sakinnai aatecha..
  2. study college or uni in UK??..for college..its not tht difficult to get in..and itz free..all u need is to get a student visa.. as for uni..itz pretty difficult for international students..and its friggin expensive.. i'm goin to uni this year n i m jus waitin for all tht debt i m gona b..even when i m considered as national student cos i've been livin here fo so long.. iif u wanna kno more..jus zap me..aite girlie..laterz
  3. by the way..i heard it in the BFPS radio lastnite..and they were tlkin abt ghodaghodi taal.. it is quiet famous rahicha..
  4. haha..guess i m loser then.after reading all dat,da loser bit all suits me well..but oh wel..who really cares..i m proud of wht i m..
  5. wow..ghoda ghodi taal bhanne ta saachaiko exist gardo rahicha hai??i didn think it actually exists..n its so intetresting to read wht ppl hv written abt it.. i think tht is great tourist attraction place..the history n mistery of ity makes it sound so kool..btu its a bit freaky.. raati ratai..bhaada kudaaharu karaayeko suncha re?? ..kya darr laagdo..!!..wow..nepal is full of surprises.. aru tyesto type ko kathaaharu chaina??..if any of u know this kinda weird stuff then please post it here??i find it really intresting..
  6. hey pukar..u gotta help me out here.. i m not intrested abt the boxing day one..but wht is this new year's eve one like??.. how long is it gonna b for??..ani dinner re??..khaana ni huncha??.. .. ealing roadma??..is it in tht ealing townhall or where??...well jus hit me bk here hai..lemme kno everything abt it..n dp u kno if ther's any other events like tht anywhere else??..i m sure ther's gona b 1 in aldershot..but anyway..giv ys da full details hai??..aite l8rz
  7. ha-ha..so many ppl i know in the pix.. so any of u goin to da xmas hungama on the 21st??.. me ta definitely not..i got my own plans..hehe.. but i went to tht cruise party in london the nite before last n it was pretty good until my bro's gang started off the fight with some londoner boiz..n da police came n $h*t happened..dats da only reason i hate goin to any neplai concerts or parties..ther's always someone to ruin the fun..
  8. miss nepal wasn tht bad actually..i found her quiet pretty but why is it tht miss nepal is always out in the first round??..i wonder wht she's lacking..its not only this year though.. every year..we see ms.nepal for 5secs most??.. .. so this ms.nepal is on 5'4'??..thought u had to be taller than tht to get in beauty pageant.. .. and she is on 48kg??,..dat's bull$h*t.. unless she is anorexic..there is no way she is only 48kg.. why is it tht ppl lie abt their weight..its not gonna make any differece as long as u dont look heavy.. 48kg ta heightle nai khaaidincha yaar..she wasn even tht fit.. everytime i check out nepali model's syte n their profile..it seems almost as if none weighs more than 50kg.. but anyway..tht preety sitaula girl did alrite..so congrats to her... tyo pani aba future ko actress ta hola??
  9. ooohh..i like this $h*t..its a good $h*t tht u got here dibesh..readin all tht $h*t made me feel like a $h*t head..n so on...
  10. ther's no other place like 'pokhara' in the whole wide world.. i m so proud of my home town..dats where i get my nickname frm.. mero gahr ta jhan phewa taal kai cheuma ho.. i cant wait to go nepal...u r makin me home-sick...
  11. i bet i hvn even seen one outta all those birds in the sTAMP IN REAL LIFE... UK ko chiso hola..yeta ta charaa ureko ni dekhdaina..
  12. i know ..i went to see 'findin nemo' in cinema.it was fab.i got it in DVD as well..one of my mate copied it fo me frm the net somehow.. i love animation..my mum's like..yeti budi bhayera ni cartoon hyercha!! n i m like
  13. wow..so many nepali ppl in cyprus.i heard tht place was really good..i would love to go there.. the dances look interestin.. anyone here frm uk??,...i'm dancin in 'lhosaar' comin january..jus lettin y'all kno..haha
  14. so mr.newapasa...if u r tht good in meaning's than wht's the meaning of rajni??... try livin in uk n listen to how the goras pronounce ur name..n u'll kno.. they end up callin me..rejina..raanji..rainy n $hit like dat..
  15. QUOTE (Mkabita @ Nov 24 2003, 01:53 PM) QUOTE (Pokhareli_naani- @ Nov 24 2003, 09:42 AM) i cant believe i missed it ... why??..only cos i had wrk tht nite.. OH.....kya bore bhayo honta yaar.. nayaa kaam suru gareko bela feri day off linay chance nai thiyena ni... tara weekdaysma pareko thiyo k..feri bholi palta college jaana paryo.. kaam feri beluka matrai garchu ani tyehi bhayera..i still regret it.. ani 1974 a.d ko songs haru ta nepalisong.com ma ni paaucha ta..
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