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  1. Thank you. I think it's good for the general public to know about the process of screening that takes in Nepal and that certain protocols are adhered to.
  2. i am a little disappointed with not being able to claim the discount though...since it's going to be quite an expensive trip, i have to be tight fisted. i found a train from baroda to ahmedabad which is 2.5 hrs and then an over night train to udaipur...i'm still on the look out for a train from udaipur to jodhpur...i think there is a change at Marwar. and i am able to purchase the tickets online, unfortunately i need a delivery address in india...anyway i'll sort something out. thank you for help.
  3. I think a lot of schools offer O levels. Shuvatara, Rato Bangalal, Malpi...
  4. I know Nepal is quite short of blood and blood donation camps are a fantastic way of getting that resource. However, I am a bit concerned as to whether you do any tests to see whether the donor is safe or not. Like the donor could have many diseases such as Hep B, C, HIV... How do you guys go about screening people in a proper ethical manner? And also here, in the UK, only people of certain weight are allowed to donate to prevent anysort of problems to themselves,...do they do that in Nepal or you guys just glad of the free blood coming your way.
  5. oh ok...I'm planning to go to India for two weeks, I dont have a nagarikpatra but a Nepali passport, guess that would be suffice. I dont have anything to state I'm a nepali student other than my profession in my passport. Also I plan on ordering all the rail tickets online, so that I dont have the hassle of it there, so how do I get my student discount? And does anyone know how to get from Baroda to Udaipur and Udaipur to Jodhpur...there doesnt seem to be a train service. thanks.
  6. As a nepalese, do we need visa to go to india by any chance? cheers.
  7. i don't mean to have a negative approach but there are literally a handful of nepali medical students here in the UK...infact it's probably less than 5... Similarly, i dont think UK is taking any more foreign nursing due to lack of jobs and increased number of nurses the schools here are generating. How are you going to make your information relevant for those who want to come here when it's virtually impossible? UK itself is generating more students than there are jobs...i'm worried i wont get a job! I don't think giving information about going to med school in the UK and working in UK will be of much use to be honest. For those who want to do medicine here, it's pretty much streamlined. I think you should have appropriate informations for (i) those who want to persue a medical degree in Nepal or elsewhere (ii) those who want to do their PG else where, like the states, or australia, canada...
  8. well i did half my schooling in nepal and the other half here in the UK. And I have to say i dont' agree with the teaching methods of nepal. Do the teachers even have a teaching degree? I believe most of the teachers who teach English are people who can speak english because they went to an english borading school, they probably dont even have a degree in english. I also dont agree with the parrot fashion learning, is it really of any use. the science course definitely needs revision. the course here is always fresh consisting of new information as the world moves forward, nepal's course seems to be stuck in it's ways...having to learn about the different classes and genu and species of animals...why is that any use to anyone unless they want to take zoology. And maths too, why is trigonomentry any use for thsoe who dont want to take that as a further study....there should be more vocational subjects in nepal.
  9. i guess you are aware of the current situation regarding the immigration process and the prohibition of foreign doctors entering the UK. So you might have to amend what information you provide is likely to be useful and what isnt. The doctors who want to work here starting from the foundation programme, can find work here, but it's very last minute and should not have had completed their internship. But then starting ST1 training becomes a problem because hospitals aren't provinding work permit unless they really need the doctor. i think nepali doctors should head towards other english speaking countries and not the UK, giving the PLAB exam is a waste of time. I'm suprised the PLAB centers haven't closed, another money making scam!
  10. yes i do...and why not! not because it appears cool or hip, i dont want to disclose my name.
  11. i agree. immunosuppressants in nepal must be so expensive and also the added costs of going to india to actually to do the transplantation. Having living donor kidney transplantations has found to have better outcome compared to deceased donor transplantation, and there is a higher chance of HLA match from living related donors however there is still a risk of rejection. however, to avoid complete rejection of the organ, it's best if the organ is from an identical twin, however that's not possible in most cases. stem cell growth of the organ would be ideal or "cloning of an organ". however, from the growth of dolly the sheep, there were numerous complications found - dolly died a premature death (sheep of her breed live upto 12 years, dolly died after 6 years of lung diease and arthritis), is the world prepared to put humans in such risk?
  12. also there isn't any option for different fonts/ colours/ emoticons....a bit dull init?!
  13. Health would probably be better. But then again, if people come with health related issues, who's going to be the one to give the appropriate response. I guess medical studies implies various research work/ courses that is being carried out, and isn't applicable to the general public.
  14. The problem that arises with cloning is the genetic engineering, chosing the best possible genes. Have you seen GATTICA? It's about only best genetic people becoming successful. Also another problem with cloning is the loss of lives as in embryos, why should people play god and choose which embryo lives and dies. It's good if stem cells are used for growth of organs because that will definitely aid in shortening the demand in organ supply.
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