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  1. Hello Seniors, Friends and well wishers The site for karnali zone "Karnali online" is trying to come up with some new changes. This site is intended to provide much more information about the karnali zone and it's native districts. Therefore, I kindly request you to suggest us with your valuable suggestions regarding the site so that we could include all the necessary things. Hence all the memebers of WNSO who belong to karnali zone are kindly requested to send the information about the karnali zone and it's districts as far as you have. You can also send the beautiful pictures (if you have). All other members also can send karnali related information if they know any. Eagerly waiting for the response. Bye karnali.org team (Netra Bhandari, Mohan Bikram Hamal, etc.)
  2. Hello Himal Dai Thanks for yours' suggestions. OK, I'll do accordingly and let u know the result. If this time also I'll not be able to recover my data, hope you people will definitely suggest me further more. Thank you once again.
  3. Hello rajunpl Here goes the scenario: * There were 2 Hard Disks in my system. And one of them was loaded with OS (Windows XP) and the other was just used for storing the data. * All my data were in the second hard disk which was not having any OS. And We were listening music from the second hard disk (the one with no OS). Suddenly there was cut-off in the power (electricity) supply and the system rebooted. As soon as the system rebooted, it didn't detect my second hard drive (the one with no OS). There was a sound (cracking sound) during the reboot. But the system loaded as the OS was in the first hard drive. * Then I just tried to detect it in the BIOS but the BIOS also didn't detect it and I tried it individually also but could not. * Hence I thought that my second drive was damage physically. This is the scenario. If possible could you people suggest me some ways so that I could recover my hard drive (if possible) otherwise atleast my data. Thank you.
  4. Hello Friends. How can I confirm whether my hard drive is in good (working) condition or not? Is there any way to retrieve data from a hard drive that is not detected by BIOS? If yes the could you people suggest me the correct way so that I could be able to retrieve my data from a hard drive that is not being detected. I think my hard drive is physically damage as it is not being detected by BIOS and some during booting some sounds come from it. I hope you people will definitely help me.
  5. Hello Prakriti Ji Really, do u think that we (men) go earlier than u (ladies)? But How?
  6. If u kiss her, u are not a gentleman If u don't, u are not a man. If u praise her, she thinks u are lying, If u don't, u are good for nothing. If u agree to all her likes, she is abusing, If u don't, u are not understanding. If u make romance, u are an experienced man, If u don't, u are a half man. If u visit her too often, she thinks its boring, If u don't, she accuses u of double crossing. If u are well dressed, she says u are a playboy, If u don't, u are a dull guy. If u r jealous, she says its bad, If u don't, she thinks u don't love her. If u attempt a romance, she says u didn't respect her, If u don't, she thinks u do not like her. If u are minute late, she complains its hard to wait, If she is late, she says that's gal's way. If u visit another, she accuses u of being heel, If she visited by another, "Oh its natural,we are gals". If u kiss her once in a while, she profess u are cold, If u kiss too many, she yells that u are taking advantage. If u fail to help her in crossing the street, u lack ethics, If u do, she thinks its just one of the man's tactics. If u stare at other, she accuses u of flirting, If she stared by others, she says that they are just admiring. If u talk, she wants u to listen, If u listen, she wants u to talk. Hope you all will enjoy !
  7. How a computer profession reacts with his wife Husband (Returning late from work ) : "Good Evening Dear, I'm now logged in." Wife : Have you brought the grocery ? Husband : Bad command or filename. Wife : But I told you in the morning? Husband : Erroneous syntax. Abort ? Wife : What about my new TV? Husband : Variable not found ... Wife : At least, give me your Credit Card, I want to do some shopping. Husband : Sharing Violation. Access denied ... Wife : Do you love me or do you only love computers or are you just being funny ? Husband : Too many parameters ... Wife : It was a great mistake that I married an idiot like you. Husband : Data type mismatch. Wife : You are a useless nut. Husband : By Default. Wife : What about your Salary ? Husband : File in use ... Try after some time. Wife : Who was in the car this morning ? Husband : System is unstable. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to Reboot. Wife : Are you going to drink some wine ? Husband : File system is full. Wife : What is the relation between u and your Receptionist ? Husband : Only user in my WRITE group. Wife : What is my value in the family ? Husband : Unknown Virus. Hope you all enjoyed!
  8. Wishing a "Happy Friendship Day" to all of the members of this forum.
  9. Yes guys I am also interested in learning flash. So lets begin the game. Lets share the knowledge. Bye
  10. Hello Everyone I have just completed my B.Sc.IT. So now I want to continue my further studies in the same computer and information technology field. I want to do my further studies aboard (USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, etc.) . So I am in need of some guidelines and suggestions from u all. Hope that u people will help me. Actually I want the process from the beginning. And also some recommended universities that provides full scholarships (even partail) for the studies of Master Degree. I am eagerly waiting response from u people. Thanks Bye
  11. Hello guys Thanks for urs help. Yeah now I am albe to access my NTFS after installing that rpm. Anyway could u guys also suggest me what are the basic rmp that we need to install in Redhat Linux 9.0? How can I know what rmps are installed in my system? How could I know what rpm I need for particular purposes? Hope u guys will help me.
  12. Hello Guys! I could not access my NTFS partition from Linux. I have mounted it to access as I did for the FAT partition but also I m not able to access. So could u guys pls help me. Also in Redhat Linux 9.0 I could not play mp3 songs. What may be the problem. So I expect help from u guys. Bye
  13. Hello Shivani Sister It's a great collection. Although the pictures are not so clear, it is great job that u have done.
  14. Hello guys Really it would be a nice place for discussion and sharing ideas n views about the open source technology. It's a good start. I am also here to join hands-in-hand. I am also really interested in Open source technology. Currently I am trying to learn Redhat Linux. So could anyone suggest me how to start with? Where can I get the things that can guide me to go through. Thanks
  15. Hello KU Guys I did my I.Sc. from KU. I am also here to join hands-in-hands. Anyway its nice things to be done. Lets start right from today only.
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