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  1. myaan..... M so surprised after viewing the clips. What an easy way to make ppl fool. Good Job sai baba.
  2. True man true... I m neither his bhakta nor his non-bhakta but after having a view to this site's video clips of sai baba.. all I gotta say is " thats all fake and nothing more" Magician and an actor.
  3. Q. 5 First establishing himself on the San Francisco music scene during the early 1980s. He became one of the most recognized guitar teachers in the area, inspiring pupils such as Kirk Hammett (later of Metallica), Larry LaLonde (later of Primus) and Steve Vai (now an acclaimed solo guitarist in his own right). Who is he? Q. 6 Position: G Height: 6' 11'' Weight: 245 Born: 12/21/1967, in New Orleans, LA, USA High School: Block, in Jonesville, LA College: New Orleans The popular guitarist in blues style. Who is he?
  4. QUOTE (rs_1915 @ Feb 16 2004, 07:11 PM) now i am tired of ur quiz..some one will answer em. Okay--- bub remember you will be awarded my friend.
  5. QUOTE (rs_1915 @ Feb 16 2004, 07:08 PM) B r i t n e y S p e a r s Thats right. What about the second one? Here is one more Q 4. • Middle Name : Ann • Birth Date : May 28 1968 • Birth Place : Bethlehem Hospital Melbourne Victoria Australia • Sex : F • Height : 5' 1'' • Country : Australian • Occupation : actress model • Relation : Jason Donovan (singer) Michael Hutchence Lenny Kravits (singer) Tim Jeffries Zane O'Donnell (model) Stephane Sednaoui (French photographer) Rupert Penry-Jones (RSC actor) James Gooding Who is She?
  6. • Middle Name : Maria • Birth Date : December 18 1980 • Birth Place : Staten Island New York • Sex : F • Height : 5' 2 1/ • Country : American • Occupation : singer Who is she? Remember .. each winner of this Quiz will be awarded through internet.
  7. Yoo thats Eminem.... • Middle Name :Jean • Birth Date : December 2 1981 • Birth Place : Kentwood Louisiana • Sex : F • Height : 5' 4'' • Country : American • Occupation : singer Who is she?
  8. Yoo you got it gurl.. Next Question:- • Middle Name : Bruce • Birth Date : October 17 1973 • Birth Place : Kansas City Missouri USA • Sex : M • Country : American • Occupation : rapper • Spouse : Kimberly Scott (separated on August 29 2000; reunited again on December 15 2000; filed for divorce on March 1 2001) Who is he?
  9. • Middle Name : Randall • Birth Date : January 31 1981 • Birth Place : Memphis Tennessee • Sex : M • Height : 6' 0'' • Country : American • Occupation : singer School collegue of Christina Alguilera The richest man in his age Who is he??????
  10. QUOTE (distant_memory @ Feb 16 2004, 04:20 PM) QUOTE (Guitarist @ Feb 16 2004, 12:55 PM) QUOTE (distant_memory @ Feb 12 2004, 03:33 PM) QUOTE (rs_1915 @ Feb 12 2004, 02:29 PM) i dont think it is a man's <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=job&v=55">job</a>...it can be done by either ( depending on the relationship)...well, we r in 21th century,,,men && women r equal...so lot of of <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=jobs&v=55">jobs</a> ( previously done by men) should be done by women. But wait a sec,,, women r not physically competent..so what about hard labor <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=jobs&v=55">jobs</a> and/or dangerous <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=jobs&v=55">jobs</a> such as coal mine job etc...so jee,,,men && women r ( really) equal ( even in 21th century)???!!!! i want to write a controversial book on this subject !!! ( and make some $$ )hehe tis true...we do tend to complain alot about equal rights towards <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=jobs&v=55">jobs</a> but due to our physical structure being smaller we really can't do alot of the manual <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=jobs&v=55">jobs</a> such as building and being a heavy load picker, plumbing and good knows whatelse that requires strength. i'm much happier leaving work as such to BIG STRONG men like yourself. But when it comes to brains...you are nothing compared to us !! Dear d_m, This might help you to know where you have stated that "men are less intelligent than women" just the words are different. Please read the end part of this quote. ******* HELL it was a JOKE!!!! rs wasn't offended by it nor was anyone else...why does it always have to be you, are you not man enough to take a joke!!!!! yeah but when did I say I was offended? You are th one who is on temper. M still kidding. I was teasing you too..but you took it the other way. About "Arent you a man enough." My women knows if m a man enough for anything.
  11. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Feb 16 2004, 05:46 PM) GUITARIST: cos it has happened to me for several times even knowing that I have a girl (happened to me =she proposed to go out with her or create a new relationship, few of their pics are also available in wnso as I have posted them all under " Some pics of my .... so la la""")) . Oh really? whooooos dat than ? Well pal didnt you view the link I have mentioned here? First take a look. And about telling you who they are.. sorry pal I dont think its a good thing to flash out someone's name in the forum. Or if you are that much eager to see more pics.. I can send you through email but promise not to flash it out.. its kinda ...... too. I think you got it. Thanks
  12. Ammm.. is that song. Rajamati?
  13. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Feb 16 2004, 05:28 PM) personally , I am not a fan of metal. I would go for country, soul and other pops As I dont see fans of metal in WNSO, m gonna change my rule So now t can be any music like, Rock ,Blues , Country, Boogie , Rap , Hip Hop. Soul, Jazz, Jazz Blues, Rock Blues, Thrash metal, Folk, and so on.... Now you can post your 5 favorite albums Rajunpl.
  14. QUOTE (rajunpl @ Feb 16 2004, 04:40 PM) It's good fun though, how on earth did you manage to think this, give us more... hatteri, I forgot to mention ya webpage , cool dud did you made it from yahoo, geocities? it's cool Haha.. was getting bore and alone. Empty mind is devil's home.. but hey I proved empty mind can be full of humour... Thanks dude, Yeah I made it from yahoo... cool thing to do pal.. interesting and creative. No need of professional knowledge.
  15. QUOTE (rs_1915 @ Feb 16 2004, 02:49 PM) MTV crib!! i like to watch how riches waste their money:) Yeah MTV Crib.. I like this too.. I dont remember the name of that rich dude but it was soo funny while MTV shows his way of living. It goes like..He shows his bedroom, bathroom, lobby, dresses, swiming pool these and thats and so la la..... but he thought that was just a trial and to do the same thing once again from the begining. he was like.. okay MTV lets do it again.. but MTV just leaves and he was yelling like MTVvvvvvvv hey.. come on man lets do it again.....MTVvvvvv ( making his face red and blue) HEyyyy hey mtv.. whats wrong...come on... and so on...
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