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  1. Hi frens! I wanted to know how to install windows xp from network. Is there any possibility to install it from one computer to another computer. I have xpcd image or xpcd content on one computer and want to install it to another computer which has no operating system. How we can install windows XP more than one computer at once. It can be done easily in linux through ftp, http or nfs method. thank you for your help! Sailadai
  2. hello guys. sailadai is currently preparing for RHCE exam. my question is how the question is asked on rhce exam. Are the questions printed on paper ? I have heard the troubleshooting question is kept on the /root directiory of the candidate with the name of rh302.txt. is it tru in second part also.? second part of the rhce exam is installation and configuration section. in this section you have to install a redhat linux on the box. If so then where the instruction regarding the partition size and partition requirements lies as you will have to format the linux box to install na. please help
  3. मलाइ यो लेखिरहनु पर्दा अत्यन्त दुख लागिरहेको छ कि हाम्रो देशका राजाको दिमागी हालत ठीक छैन । म राजा ज्ञानेन्द्र पूरै बहुलाएका छन् भनेर त भन्दिन तर उनको दिमागको आधा हिस्सा भने निश्चितरुपमा काम नलाग्ने भएको हुनुपर्छ । नत्र भने १६ दिन लामो आमहड्ताल र लाखौंको संख्यामा जनप्रदर्शन र ११ जना निहत्था जनताको हत्यापछि राष्ट्रका नाममा सम्बोधन गर्दा प्रधानमन्त्री खान निवेदन पेश गर भनि भन्ने थिएनन् होला यीनले। काशी जाने कुत्तीको बाटो भनेझैं जनता संविधान सभाद्वारा माओवादीलाइ समेत मुलधारमा ल्याएर एकमुष्ठ शान्तिको माग गरिरहेका बेला उनि प्रधानमन्त्रीको कुर्सी देखाएर लोभ्याउने कोशिश गर्दैछन् । अझ महत्वपूर्ण कुरा त के भने एक दर्जन नेपालीको असामयिक निधनप्रति समवेदना दिनु त कता हो कता शाही सेना र सुरक्षाकर्मीको बहादुरीको तारिफको पुल बाँध्ने काम गरे यिनले । मेरो कुरालाइ थप पुष्टि गर्न म संग अर्को महत्वपूर्ण विषय पनि छ । त्यो के भने राजा ज्ञानेन्द्र यो वा त्यो निहुमा विना वित्थामा आधुनिक युगको महत्वपूर्ण संचारमाध्यम मोवाइल फोन लाइन काटिरहन्छन् । गएको १५ दिनमा दुइपटक मोवाइलको लाइन काटिएको छ । यो नाथे मोवाइलसंग राजा जस्तो मान्छे भएर के रिसइवी साँधेको होला । अर्को कुरा के भने शुक्रवारसंग यीनलाइ ओधी मोह छ । हरेक झिना मसिना कुराका लागि पनि यिनि शुक्रवार कुर्दछन् । यसपालीको शाही सम्बोधन पनि शुक्रवारै आएको छ । यो हदसम्मको अन्धविश्वास राजामा हुनुले पनि एक हिसावले मेरो कुरालाइ पुष्टी गर्दैन त ?
  4. Hi! I have just completed my exam and kinda free nowadays. So I've decided to learn something about UNIX operating System. For this very good purpose I searched the whole kathmandu for this operating system but could not find it. I don't really know what is it and why it is not avilable. I have a dialup modem and can't download the huge 680 mb data from the internet. So how can i get this? What is actually UNIX? and It works in PC or we have to have MAC computer? Every help in this regard is highly appreciable. Thank You Sailadai
  5. Hello you all outthere. I have a question for the helpful guys outhere. I have duel boot system with 98 and xp. I wanna desable bootkeys like F5 F6 F8 so that no one play with these keys. how can i do that? I have changed the bootkeys=1 to bootkeys=0 in msdos.sys but it didn't work. Why it happened? It is because of xp or what as i have learned this can work on those computer having only 98. Please help me. Thanks in advance for the helpful guys. Sailadai
  6. I really don't believe this news because as none of media has published such type of news only janadharana. And I would like to request you not to go behind the crow but check your ear first. As the king has taken the power and trying to be popular himself why he wouldn't publisied it through TV channel and Fm radios with the true picture and interviews of the police officer? So, before making any comment do try to figure out whether it can be true or false. Thanks
  7. Thank you very much for your suggestions. I'm using sport shoes and cotton socks. I have some pair of shoes and use them alternatly but no difference. It is all the same when ever I have to put off the shoes.........
  8. Sabai lai namaste! I came back after a long time here with a problem, i hope you guys help me to solve this. The problem is my socks now-a-days stinks alot. it really sameful that whenever i have to put off the shoes the only solution i have is to floh away from there. But this is not the case always. There are some places where I must put off it and other had to fleh away. I have 4 pair of socks and change everyday. I had to leave my house at 9 am and return home at 6 pm. that means I wear a pair of sock for 9 hours. I even used powder(jonson & jonson) and perfume also but none of them work. I'm much worried about this and seeking help from you guys. Some of you may got the same problem and some may have solution. So I'm seeking your help Sailadai all the way from Kathmandu
  9. Sailadai

    The Liar!

    Dear emajor, It is written in SARDULA BIKRIDITA chhanda. Like "ICHCHHA" from Balkrishna Sam. sailadai
  10. Sailadai

    The Liar!

    I found the poem in janadesh saptahik and i thought it will be nice to share with u guys. sailadai ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Sailadai

    Aakhir Esto kina ?

    Kamal sir, Very nice poem you shared with us. Hey! I like that font very much. would u like to share that one with me. sailadai
  12. Hi sathi haru, do u have any idea how much we have to pay for visa aplication in nepal? sailadai
  13. Hi friends, I have listened that one can make money online by typing ads or something like that. Could you guys recommend me some reliable site to make money from home. Sailadai
  14. मैले खालि नेपाली अक्षर जांचेको मात्र हो । ---------------------------------------------------- प्यारो साथीहरु , मीठो सम्झना ! साथि भाईहरुलाई आफ्नै भाषामा ईमेल पठाउन पाउँदा अत्यन्तै खुशी लागेको छ । नयाँ नौलो कुरा केही पनि छैन। तिमीले कहिले पनि ईमेल लेख्दैनौ किन होला ? ईमेल पठाउँदै गर्नु है । तिम्रो साथी, साइला दाई
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