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  1. Hey, I am in Stockholm, Sweden and I saw the message in **http://sweden.wnso.org/** about making the website of the students in Sweden. I want to make some contribution in this effort. But How? Admin/Moderators can help me??? Thanks, Roshan...
  2. Hi! WNSO was a site which I visit frequently but recently due to some "lack of control of management" I am receiving spam mails a lot. THere are some spammers who just join this forum and start sending PM like "I am from Uganda, I have x milion dollar, I want to make you partner". Is this the problem only for me or other members too. There must be control and revision of the spammers who are joining this forum and only involved in only these kind of things to prevent the basic purpose of WNSO, otherwise in few months it will be full of spamming people only. Technically, I don't know how to stop these kind of things, so, I am asking the administrator/moderators to work actively to stop spammers. Thanks
  3. Hi Nabin, You don't have to worry and search a bit more. There are a lot of Nepali people around here in Stockholm, and I, myself, also arrived here a month ago. Now, I am studying in KTH. In KTH itself, I found around 6 people from Nepal so far. And I heard that there are around 200-300 Nepalis living here. Good Luck Roshan...
  4. Can anybody have any good idea about cheap accomodation in como or milano, how to search for the accomodation over there?
  5. Thanks! Gracias! Vielen Danke! Dhanyabad!
  6. Thank You b-mal. Please proceed. By the way, can you just mail him and tell about my enquiry. Thanx
  7. Are there any wnso members studying in spain or in madrid? I am now in Madrid and without any nepali colleagues, it's so boring so if anybody knows any of their friends or relatives living or studying in spain or to be precise, in madrid, please inform me so that i will be able to contact them and have a good time together. Hoping for the fastest reply from anyone of wnso members. Bye Roshan
  8. I'm interested in Deutschland (GERMANY) Coz, Osten oder Westen, Norden oder Suden, Deutschland ist Besten, I have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and want my further study in Mechatronics or Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, or Renewable energy. Could anyone suggest these subjects for an english medium university in deutschland? I would be greatful .
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