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  1. Sunita Gurung naam bhayeka yaha dherai chhan, kun chahilai khojeko hola kunni? Did you know about her last school or address in Pokhara? Anyway, I will pass you few email addresses tomorrow or the day after tomoroow. See you bro.
  2. wow wow man! this is too much yar! For me, 4 or 5 cigarettes are enough in a day.
  3. suraj bro, Dashainko barema bhannale ke ho? Tyasko history bhaneko ho ki Calender? History nai chahiyeko ho bhane ma kitab nai post garera pathai diula, mero gharma Kitab nai chha ra Calender pani pathai diula, hunchha? Yaspali jadaichhu ghar. Malai mail pathau with your clear postal address, ok?
  4. Naaz didi ho ki kya ho Sushil ji? 75672[/snapback] Mr remember onething, your style never works. 76253[/snapback] HAHAHAHAHAHA afaile POLL kholnu bhayechha. Now I believe, none other that is you. What's wrong with you? What I know is; he is very genltle and kind, as well as responsible. By the way, Pal bro, welcome to your own attariya chautari.
  5. Ans: Yellow, Blue and Red are primary colors. These three colors cannot be produced by mixing any other colors. Quest: Ke Ghar Ke Dera?
  6. Bro, It will be always better if we do respect every lands. Land never being a controversy neither has no any disputes. So, it depends upon rullers or persons. For an example: If any another citizen says, 'I hate Nepalese', then I do not mind anymore because it depends on a person but if he/she says, 'I hate Nepal' then definetly I will do fight with him/her. This is my thought, no offence to anyone.
  7. Ans: You will lose your own history. Quest: Explain the exact meaning of an arm.....?
  8. At age of 17 success is....having a driving license for life And At age of 70 success is...having a driving license for hell.
  9. Ans: Life has many waves. I don't think only happiness is the meaning of life. Quest: What do you feel about your new surname?
  10. Bro, Tyo ja payo tei chhune haatle pani katai gatilo kaam hunchha? Ek patak feri ramro sanga RP download garnuhos.
  11. Kaslai anurodh garne ho naam change garnalai? I also want to change my user name. KalluG
  12. Ans: One river (Tarap) from Dolpo (Dolpa) is flowing to Tibet. Quest: Is life a statement?
  13. (Anthropology...maybe ) Ans: Success Quest: What exactly do language and memory have to do with knowledge?
  14. Khai, ke ho ke ho? Aadha jasto sankhya ghantau samma gayab rahanthe kya re. Naaz didi ho ki kya ho Sushil ji?
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