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  1. Dear Friends, I have one problem with MSN messenger. When I sign in it just sign out automatically within 1 minute and I have to sign in again . Whats the problem?
  2. well third pole ji, radical thoughts have been powerfull at the current situation, it's hard to say what happens next.
  3. soulfly ji, sorry for late reply. as you are interested to study in infinity business college in ireland and here i am in ireland, i want to give you some information refering to your questions and related college. it's too early to talk about reputation of Infinity business college (IBC) as it is just established. Dr. Gopal Poudel is the director of this college. i have personnally met him few months before while he was on the process to opening college here. he says that he is the director of boston college london too and he has boston college in nepal. i have heard that he is in nepal looking for students come over to ireland. so if you have any friends in boston college london or anywhere in england, you can take help of theirs firstly to know about boston college london. as infinity business college won't be that different from boston college london. if you really want my personal view on this college, you won't get satisfied answer. and one more thing, very important. we nepalese are less aware about republic of ireland. generally "ireland" refers to "republic of ireland". nothern ireland is the autonomous part of britain and this is where crimes and terrorism happen. when news comes out, papers normally writes just "ireland" and doesnot specify nothern ireland, and that's how ROI is misunderstood in third world. there is no such crimes in republic of ireland. and i would say this is one of the safest countries in the world as it is one of the peacefull countries in the world. i am not trying to over-rating this country, you will realise what is peace when you yourself come over here. I recommend you to come to this country and wish to help you. but make sure that you choose good college.
  4. i think thirdpole ji, nobody has given enough attention towards this. there may not have extreme problem at the moment.
  5. there are some options missing above. as king is the worst to me, i can't vote him. somebody are blind loyal of king. what they have to understand is the king is the main root of problem in nepal. and as maoist are are loosing the interest of people and performing somewhat terrorist activities, i suspect they are turning to beurocrat. congress have chited the nation and public many times. so i say no to them. rpp is a loyal party of king and it has not any principle. that's why i vote for none.
  6. well about bikini view, it is one measuring criteria that is specially focused to approach to physical appearance. if beauty is all about the physical appearance, it plays vital role. but if beauty is something more than plysical appearance, this is not necessarily important.
  7. having a beauty contest is not itself a problem. the only problem about it is the measuring unit. what is actually beauty contest for?? what is the criteria of it?? what is the perfect measuring unit for it?? what should really resemble a beauty queen???/ or what should a beauty queen resemble??? these are few unanswered big Q. well, i personally don't have any problem with this topic. but what i can see and find in the society is that there is always pro and cons. in general, people who are really strict to the tradition and culture, are opposing this view of having beauty contest. for leberal society, there's no problem at all.
  8. if i got spare time, i would think all about is how to kill time when i have leisure???? i have no word to suggest you solts.
  9. ............. .......... that's really ....... ..
  10. these are quite nice politics i liked. japanese and germanian look technologically forward. an indian corporation is not that brilliant than nepalese. just worship and never think about cows gonna die.
  11. that's cool to hear. i can't watch that. evening time would be preferable for me. but it's at 3.30 pm. ...............so sad to me.
  12. shocks that creares suffocating smells So, RAJAT can tolerate the suffocating smells (440 V) of SOCKS .....shocks???...../ socks???.................. ???????????
  13. ha............ha..................dude!! that's exactly what happens to nepalese men. .....even me
  14. milan_ire

    phone call

    a man got into job with his two ears bandaged. boss asked- what happened to your ears?? he said- i got a phone call while i was ironing and mistakenly i picked up iron to my ear. that's about one ear, what about another ear?? boss questioned. well!! i had to call a doctor, he replied.
  15. milan_ire


    manoj ji!! you have been giving us lots of hilarious poems that touch the bottom of the heart. i can't stay quite. and now i have got something to say you.....thankyou so much manoj ji. and narayan ji too.
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