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  1. Hi! Can anyone suggest me the right dates for the Vijaya Dashami and Bhai Tika this year? Cheers F Thapa
  2. Economist 8th-12th Feb -"Ninety days that led to peace" Maoist and government have agreed to ceasefire. Narayan Sing Pun, whose normal job is looing after planning and work, demonstrated his diplomatic skills by spending nearly 90 days talking to rebel leaders in their hideouts and briefing his cabinet colleagues and King Gyanendra in his palace. No one leaked Mr Pun's activities to Nepal's newspapers, which were reporting the perceived failure of the government to end the war. The government accepted their initial demands: to stop calling them terrorists and to scrap Interpol warrents for their arrest. Tougher demands are likely to follow, possibly the abolition of the constitutional monarchy. Mr Pun has been made leader of the government side in the talk. Lets pray for the peace!!!
  3. Thanks Arjunsing ji, for the such a informative description about beautiful country. I actually have been there but, I didn't have such a detial knowledge about Mauritius. It is indeed a beautiful country, and amoung the MUST VISIT DESTINATIONS.
  4. I believe, Nepali was part of syllabus in Banarash Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, UP when I was doing my graduation in 1993. Obiviously, in graduation level as an optional subject, along with chineese, French, German,... etc.
  5. It looks almost impossible to win though. UK government will refer to 1952 agreement between three countries; Britain, India, and Nepal. However, my best wishes to Gurkhas , hope there will be a reasonable outcome.
  6. Nokia has shown how users could access broadband services from any location, including a friend's PC or laptop or even a wireless connection, using their own username and password to access their personal profiles. In a demonstration at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin, Germany, Nokia linked its D500 multiservice access broadband platform, operator WLAN (wireless LAN) access point and controller, "intelligent edge" products and the Nokia authentication server for user mobility to illustrate a converged service portfolio that combines subscriber, terminal and service mobility across broadband networks. For example, a wireless user looking to access their broadband services could use a friend's Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line connection if their mobile operator and their friend's network operator had a commercial agreement. By basing roaming capabilities on the use of SIM authentication, mobile subscribers do not need fixed-line broadband accounts to use other people's laptops and PCs. Nokia's converged broadband service could also allow users to access their own service level, even if they tapped into a network connection with a lower service level. Nokia did not say when its converged broadband service portfolio might become commercially available.
  7. fbthapa

    No longer Everest

    Nice to konw more about Sagarmatha. I think rest of the people other than Chineese are least worried about how it is going to be called. For us it always been Sagarmatha and it will remain the same. It is upto chineese people how they want to call it for their use. I think there are different version of names for different langagues and purposes i.e; we call Bharat, Hindustan and India; similarly, Belayat, UK, Britain and so on. I think this issue will also end-up like this. As long as Nepal is concerned it should be able to say we are ok with "Mt. Everest", but we will call it Sagarmatha.
  8. I think it is a government job offered by Greenwich council for convenience of Nepalese community. The word Gurkha family probably refers to nepalese family in the UK. By the way it is advertised in http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk
  9. Dear students! Here is a very good opportunity to work with Nepalese community in London. Job Title: GURKHA WELFARE SUPPORT WORKER Job Number: QWA/9181 Location: WOOLWICH, LONDON Average Weekly Hours: 20.0 Wages: £9,720-£13,571 PER ANNUM Duration: TEMPORARY Description: Must have 2 GCSEs grade A-C or equivalent OR previous relevant experience. Applicants must be fluent in Nepali. This position involves providing informaion on local amenities, travel & transport to Gurkha families. Also visiting Gurkha family members who may have been hospitalised. Other duties include an interpretation service for Gurkha families. How to Apply: Either telephone Jobseeker Direct on 0845 6060 234 (Textphone users - 0845 6055 255) or visit your local Jobcentre Plus office and ask for job reference QWA
  10. Microsoft is free. Well almost free. The third judge in this long-running battle between the world's most powerful government and the world's most powerful software company approved a settlement deal between the two sides, which changes very little and leaves the cynics with a strong "told-you-so argument". Court of Appeals Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly was appointed to determine how Microsoft should be punished for violation of antitrust legislation and illegally maintaining its monopoly over computer software operating systems. The company, anxious to cut a deal to avoid any court-imposed remedies, agreed to new restrictions on its behaviour, uniform contract terms, the release of some Windows technical data to third-party developers and the removal of some program elements and icons in the latest Service Pack update to Windows XP. Of the seventeen US States that were also pursuing the company, nine have chosen to accept the settlement but the remaining eight may still appeal and are arguing that the settlement doesn't open up the competitive landscape. They want Microsoft to reveal its code in a way that would allow other companies to write to the Windows API. If this sounds rather like the Open Source argument, (Sun's Star Office for Windows), that's because it's not too far from the truth. And so Microsoft, still reluctant to show the world the engine locked under the bonnet of its proprietary car, has been giving away enough detail for third-parties to change the suspension but little in the way of useful tuning information. So does this momentous decision really make a difference as far as businesses and consumers are concerned? Probably not. Certainly, companies like Microsoft will have to conduct themselves with more transparency and attention to antitrust legislation in future, however WorldCom and Enron have also changed the landscape where matters of corporate integrity are concerned. Microsoft's monopoly remains intact and as strong as ever, an unavoidable fact of life in a market dominated by Windows, leaving the European Commission to proceed with its own investigation which had been on hold until the US reached its decision. In my view Microsoft has emerged from the experience as a better company. It may dominate the market and will continue to do so but it has left many of its worst "Mr Toad-like" characteristics behind. This doesn't mean that software will not continue to be expensive and that the company won't indirectly stifle competition as a consequence of sheer size. After all, even after a case that has lasted almost ten years, can any smaller company seriously consider the effort and expense of competition in area in which Microsoft plays? I think not. The future remains unchanged and it's a world of many Windows and no doors. What is your view? Do you think the Court of Appeals came up with the right verdict?
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