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  1. On the final day before the presidential election, who do u think will be holding the position of the president of the most powerful country in the world. Will it be a history with American citizens choosing the first African-American president Democrat Barack Obama or will it be Republican John McCain. Post your views ....................
  3. many many thanks to himalji for sending me the invitation for gmail account, i have heard bout its flxibility now let me experience it thanks once again
  4. hello sawmerji , if u still have those invitations of gmail do sent me one and i would be thankfull to u while facing the same problems as u satyanbasnet@hotmail.com
  5. hi dude_yog glad to read ur post and ur great idea of creating nepali environment here in india how could i be left behind i am doing my 3rd year engeenering from svnit,SURAT. though i have been a member of WNSO quite long i had been passive since long now i see the members increasing so rapidly and its great so many of them from india and i used to find myself alone but not so now friend do keep on writing and i too will continue dont think this as an official site or whatelse u can share any of ur feeling with anyone after all we all r having the same panic of being away from our motherland good luck satyan
  6. while using windows 98' i have choosen a higher screen resolution that have corrupted my display and now i am not able to get back the normal resolution. what should i do to get back the normal resolution and display?
  7. To those who are awake there is one ordered universe, whereas in sleep each person turns away from this world to one of his own.? How many mornings have you awakened and thought ?What in the world was that dream about?? Why did I dream jumping from a hill? What did it mean that a snake bit me or some one kidnapped my child?? But if you take time to write the dream down and interpret it, you may discover something interesting that will lead your thinking in a whole new direction. Remember a dream you've had recently .Now ask yourself these questions. # How do you feel in the dream? (Afraid, Strong, in love, crazy, confident.) # How do you feel about the dream? (Relieved, embarrassed, excited, confused, surprised) # Who was in the dream? (An old lover, a teacher, a movie star, you yourself) # How do the different people react? (Do they run, act silly, and discover the cure for aids) # Where did it take place? (At home, in US, on the moon) # What is unusual? (People fly like birds do, you can talk to an animal) Now interpret these selfgenerated picture stories. Think of them as symbols through which your conscious mind is speaking to you. If someone kidnaps your child, you might take it as a sign that you should spend some more time with your child. It might also mean that someone is stealing your idea. Or perhaps it could be that you are being too serious (your childlike side has been suppressed) and therefore you should more playful. If you dream of death, it doesn't necessarily mean the person has died, but that what they represent to is gone. Pregnancy could signify a new project or idea you're conceiving. Your dream may lead you to a new building design, a new project, a new way of dealing your boss, or you may get an insight of the problem? Remember your dreams are uniquely yours. Take advantage of them to help you resolve your conflicts, inspire solutions, and suggest new approaches. Ok friends What are the dreams that you have recently seen? How can you relate a recent dream to a current problem? Satyan (It is not possible to step into the same river twice).
  8. in my view both of them are equally honourable . But it lies in the eyes of common classes how they judge them? Rather then the degree or the post they gain ,they can be best judged with the service they provide to the society, and the way they utilize their knowledge for the welfare of the commmon classess...... no degree and lots of service is more honourable than only degrees but no service........... what do you feel? (are you a mediacal student?)
  9. One of the philosopher had said that ["the metaphor is probably the most fertile power possessed by man"][/i] Metaphors are also important in making complex ideas simple to understand. it is a type of skill and one having creative mind should get used to it just as the twientieth century Danish physicst Neil Bohr had compared his nuclear model to the solar system.... let us try to do it and for that i have choosen a topic "THE MEANING OF LIFE"............. here there are ideas that deal with food and other things as compared to life.......... Life is like a doughnut(say a selroti) Its delicious when it is fresh and warm but often it's just hard. the hole in the centre is its great mystery and yet it wouldn't be a doughnut(selroti) without it............ Life is like eating oranges. first you have to break through the skin ;then it takes a couple of bites to get used to its taste ,and just you begin to enjoy it ,it squirts you in your eyes......... Life is like banana . you start out green and get soft and mushy with age.some people want to be one of the bunch while others want to be top banana. you have to take care not to slip on externals. and, finally you have to strip off the outer coatings to get at the meat............. Life is like cooking . it all depends on what you add and what you mix . sometimes you follow the recipe and at the other times you are creative............ Life is like a jigsaw puzzle , but you don't have the picture in the box of the box to know what it's supposed to look like .sometimes you are not even sure that you have all the pieces................ Life is like a maze in which you try to avoid the exit. Life is like riding and elevator . it has lots of ups and downs and someone is always pushing at your buttons. sometimes you get the shafts , but what really bothres you are the jerks........... Life is like a game of cards. you deal or are dealt to. it includes skills and lucks. you bet,check,bluff and raise. you learn from those you play with . sometimes you win with a pair and sometimes you loose with a full house.But whatever happens its best to keep on shuffling along......................... what do you think life is?
  10. I don't think that this sort of things might be done with the foreign students studying there. As many of my freinds are doings their MBBS there ,but they have never complained of such behavoiur to the foreign students and moreever they say that they are having a good time out there. i myself is doing my BE here from the national college of technology and i too live in a hostel but i have never faced such a problem from the authority....... yeah.... regarding teachers you must show your respect and dignity towards them ...... after all its the same case everywhere because in engineerings and medical studies 50% of the marks is for the internals................ if you be right every thing will definately be allright now a days it has just become a fashion giong china and getting admitted to a medical college there as it is easier in comparison to other countries........ students even scoring less then 50% go there and get admitted to any college without knowing anything about it,just because they have a lot to spend or just to fulfill their parents desire so this may lead to such cases.. or else in reputed government colleges this might not be the case.. moreover how can a student eligible to study medicine abrod can fail in more than 5 subjects if he is reallly serious in his studies.... and if he fails ,surely he is not eligible even for a diploma degreee......... after all it is the question of thousands life......... satyan
  11. i have completed my BE(electronics) from india. under nepal aid fund (a type of scholarship awarded every year by the indian embassy), and now i want to know which field would be best suited for further studies as i was a student of biology during my itermediate studies , i too have interest in biology and think of studying biotechnology but again i sometime think of doing MBA so please suggest me which would be the best in all aspect also suggest me about various scholarships to get through and the scope in nepal and abroad.........
  12. hey you have come up with an appreciating step. These tips might be really helpful for someone out there really fit for this. keep it up.
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