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  1. Hi Okinawa san and b-mal ji, Nice to hear both your response. I joined this university last october, how about you, how long you are here. Are there many nepalese in Okinawa. Right now i am doing my Ph.D under same program, but sorry not food science. I think you can surf Graduate school of agriculture for further detail. Best way to enter japanese university is through the contact of japanese professors, because most of the times they are looking for foreign students. Other is through Embassy recommendation, that is really tuff, i think. Besides Japan i know Asian Institute of Technology(AIT), Thailand, have one program named Food and bioscience technology( if I wrote correctly). You can also try it, as in AIT(www.ait.ac.th) also there are many nepalese. They also offer full scholarship and partial scholarships depending on your GPA. Wish you best luck!!!
  2. Each year Graduate school of Engineering offers 21 scholarship under international doctoral program in engineering. The application deadline is end of november, and study starts on october next year. Admission process is based upon the recommendation by a prospective superviser, which applicant have to select and contact. Prospective side is that number of nepalese student in kyoto university is few(5-7students/1500 international students), so chances of getting admmision is high. The scholarship is for three years, with japanese governmnent scholarship(MEXT). For further detail please follow below link. http://interex.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp/IntC/index.html Another similar program is offered by Graduate school of Energy(8 scholarships each year)=admission time may differ(generally either October or April) http://www.energy.kyoto-u.ac.jp/english/ Another Graduate school of Informatics http://www.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp/English/index.html For other subject of interest please visit respective Schools address at http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/english/etop2/e09-top.htm I hope to see few more Nepalese here, May peace prevail. Friend..
  3. Hello ishwor ji, sorry to reply you late. Ans also right now it has been difficult to know you. Sorry for that. But, i know all people very well that you have mentioned. Bhuban has been very close to me during rampur. sangam dai and i were in AIT during our masters. Right now both of us are in japan doing our doctoral studies. Anyways, keep in touch.
  4. Sanskar ji, Nice to find your response.You have put forward very strong facts in which we are tied in this world and that makes us different from each other and that makes oneself glued to his originality.To your response i dont feel myself that much great to escape from these reality.Here my motive was not to make oneself away from their reality.To which i got very warm response from dear newapasa, from which i came to knew from my level of understanging that it was only an initiation to foster newari culture and more through wnso and it seems that it is common forum for all but not only newari relatives,though you can also do this and feel yourself happy among your relatives.My view was to broden this newari forum only and i think it is better to broaden your thougts to handleable limit than narrowing it .Yes i fell pride my being of my cast and everybody should, but what i still feel more pride in being nepali than my caste. And i also don't mind that much if anybody wants me to call me with any other name may be some thing stupid if they feel pleased to ,as long as i know what i am,as long as majority of people know my reality and as long as it will not effect my nationality.You will know my motive clear if you will deepen your mind on my previous responses.Anyway further i dont want to consume all the space of this forum and nice to have such a rewarding responses.Again sorry if my views you grief,thoug it was not intended for that. Friend.
  5. Hi newapasa , glad to hear your reply. I also agree upon your view of fostering the cultural heritage of nepal which is rich in itself due to multiple tribe people and also a unique experiance to share.What still i say, to better exchange your culture your invitation should be to all not only newari, as i know in newari we have our nepal sambat,and when i was in ASCOl there used to be Niva Sathya Pala and lots more we all nepali are tied to newari culture,like in bhaktapur, patan and in Ashan i have found that other non newari friends can also speak neawari very well.So you should not limit newari culture to newars only but also encourage and facilitate others to involve in it.So i will like to suggest you to think about your invitation language like "Are there any newari..." to may be Are there any nepali interested in Newari".Any way sorry for your inconvinence. Friend(Pasa)
  6. Why Neweari only, noty Nepali.It is the matter to feel ashamed of that there still exists these kind of separation between nepali.Feel yourself Pride in being Nepali not newari,brahimin,chhettri after all there are all together 64 or even more such nepalis.Not intended to hurt Newari brothers. .Friend.
  7. Hi sujita ji it is binaya.Are you of the same batch but sorry i couldnot remember you.good bye.
  8. Hi this is Binaya from IAAS(1998-2002) batch B.Sc.Ag.By now you all must have known me.Presently i am in AIT,Bangkok.So now be prompt ot add your reply. .Here are some yaadin from rampur.Hostel,Mess,ringroad,Morning class,night halla(rampur bajaar energy recharge ),hitkari,loveletter competition ,dirty politics ,tours,longest exams .Rest you add.
  9. Dear Scientists hi i was also a product of ascol in the year 2052-2054 I.Sc(Bio-Day) group.I would like to remember following Contemporary.Suresh,Sulav,Gaurab,Suman,Aapar,DIpu,Nina and all other whose faces i can still remember. Binaya AIT,Bangkok.
  10. hi i am also the batch of AAMV from 2051BS and now studying in bangkok.
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