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  1. Congrats for the achievements brother!! And wish you a very good luck.
  2. I wonder if any of these committee members is still active. If not, is there a new committee team active now? Who are the moderators?? I don't even see the admin active. Has WNSO become am abandoned ship?
  3. The admin might reject my opinion, but Facebook is the latest thing happening at the moment. Discussion forums were popular during the early 2000s but Facebook, along with other social networking sites has brought a revolution in the way people interact online. Even the popular websites have their own Facebook page, so why not WNSO?? The attraction of WNSO might have been faded, but its importance is still the same. The motto of WNSO is to unite Nepalese students worldwide and provide the new students with information and suggestions they are seeking for. WNSO will live until there are Nepalese students. But lack of promotion is causing this discussion forum out of reach to many. This is the time that WNSO retouch itself with the latest trends: facebook and twitter. By creating facebook and twitter account, WNSO can reach to gigantic database of Nepalese population. They can update interesting news and info that have been posted in the forum and provide the link to the website. I am sure the website will come back to life if done so. We can have a YouTube account if we have enough videos. WNSO had been very helpful to me during my initial period and being a true well-wisher, I want it to be popular again. See you again WNSO.
  4. For most of the young Nepalese, cricket has overtaken football as the game of interest (I apologise if you are not one of them). It is not unknown to the cricket lovers that the biggest event of world cricket will be held the next month. Bad luck that Nepal is not playing in the world cup, but we can still cheer up for the team we support, can't we? I know there is no enough follower in WNSO these days. But i hope you people can still stop for a while and give some comments on cricket. The team I support for the world cup is England. I will tell you why in my next post. Till then, adios.
  5. Hi Sooorace!! I am currently doing my MBA from one college in London, and want to share my experience with you. To say frankly, studying in college might be very troublesome because of the UKBA rating policy. Nobody knows when these colleges can get suspended. Even my college recovers out of suspension with difficulty. I think you should better apply for university. University can be 1000-2000 pounds more expensive than the college, but you can expect secured education and high value qualification. If you could do some research, there are many affordable universities in London. It depends on what you want to study. For ACCA, you could apply for London School of Business and Finance. I think they are offering ACCA+MBA combine package, where you pay only for ACCA and after completion, you can do your MBA for free free free. However, I am not sure if it's an academic institution because the website doesn't have ".ac" domain that a good academic institution must have. May be other frens can give suggestions. Give me shout if you have anything else to say. Thanx.
  6. समस्त WNSO परिवारलाई नयाँ बर्ष २०६७को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना !! २०६७ साल सबै नेपालीहरुको लागि शुखद रहोस!!
  7. Hello!! I wonder if there is a place where WNSO UK has its office. I am currently in London, and am eager to meet other members of WNSO. There was a time when we had lots of members active from the UK. Bharat Thapa, distant_memory, limited_moon aka Raju Nepal, and lots more. It would be great to see the one who I had been attached only via chautari.
  8. Hey "WNSO"ians!!! Great to be here after a really long time!! It's me love_united back again, hoping to have a wonderful time with you all!! I wonder anyone still here from my time (I sound really old to say that!!). Guess what, it's cricket time once again!! You see, it's not fun to write about the test playing nations anymore, as lots have been written in many other sites. But noone talks about Nepal cricket, so I am here to gather you all cricket lovers to talk about cricket that is our own. How many of you know that Nepal is hosting 2010 edition of WCL Division 5? I had written in a past how Nepal's dream of qualifying for the 2011 world cup shattered with a lost to Afghanistan in semifinal in WCL Division 5, 2008. See, where is Afghanistan now?? They have already been very matured team and now in par with teams like Netherland, Kenya and Ireland. But, Nepal's performances in the international level has degraded since then, which even affected to our junior wings, who failed to qualify for the under19 world cup in 2009. Overall, Nepal is having a forgettable moments. Ok, that's the recap!! The good thing is that international cricket is back in Nepal. WCL Division 5 that inaugrated today in Nepal has brought back the joy and hope to Nepal Cricket. Nepal has won it's first game against Jersey by 6 wickets. Mind it, Jersey is not a weak team. This team has qualified to WCL Division 4 along with Afghanistan in last edition, and is one of the candidates to win this tournament. But, Nepal performance was of high class both in batting and bowling department. First, Nepal stopped Jersey to a small total of 174 in 50 overs. Shakti Gauchan and Sanjam Regmi were the picks of the bowlers. This shows how good our bowlers are!! The batting performance was above par led by skipper Paras Khadka, who scored 60 odds run. The pillar of Nepalese batting lineup, Sharad Vesawkar, showed his class by a strong partnership with Paras. However, our openers failed again. Overall, today's match would boost the spirit of Nepal, however; it has to face the biggest rock, USA. USA piled a gigantic score of 350+ against Fiji today, and restricted the opponent below 100. Fiji is not a minnow in cricket, it is very good. So, we can understand how interesting this tournament will be. I hope Nepal will surpass all the difficulties to win the tournament. Leave you comments. Thanx. See you in next post.
  9. Avee bro, I have to admit that I am one of the swarm of bees who is seeking to come to the UK. I wish to do my MBA. I have heard about Cavendish College in London. The MBA is awarded by the University of Wales and is said to be reputed. The course fee is around 6950 pounds+150 pounds for registration fee and will last for one year. Can you or anyone provide me the review of this college? I bet the education standard won't meet that of the University of Wales itself as Cavendish must be a private institution operating in a small building. Let me know ur idea.
  10. Does it sound any different from what we saw in Cyprus, Avee bro?? Even KASA and Americanos are being operated in places above many shops!!
  11. Hi, I am not in the UK, but feel like replying to ur query. The situation of international students is more or less same in all countries, it would be quite hard to manage study+living expenses merely through part time jobs. But, there is no need to be discouraged. As everyone is doing, there is a chance that you would accommodate yourself as well. Meantime, everyone should learn money management in foreign country. Working 20 hours per week would only be enough to maintain living expenses, and there is always a question about the education expenses. Good thing is that the student will pay one year fee in advance + carry at least few amounts to afford living expenses for the 2-3 months. In extreme circumstances, where one won't get job for couple of months, that money will help a lot. After that, the part time job will be useful to carry out the expenses. Students can earn through full time jobs during the holidays, and that will carry out the biggest portion of their budget. 600 pounds a month is the standard budget of living designed by the UK official. However, there are people living in much lower budget, obviously, the living standard is much lower as well. Being students, we can't expect a luxurious life and should give up many desires. And the fresh students should at least train themselves with some working skills, becoz' a novice will find it very hard to get a job. And sound english is the must. Good luck.
  12. Surprised to see that Nepal had an official holiday on the occasion of the Christmas. New Nepal has started to acknowledge big days of religions other than Hindu as well. Not sure, so many holidays could bring any good to the country. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR love_united
  13. Thanx for redirecting me to this post, however; I have little doubt whether this gentleman is going to study in University of Cyprus or European University of Cyprus. As far as i know, no Nepalese (or even any Asian) is studying in University of Cyprus. It is the only public university here in Cyprus. If he is coming to European University of Cyprus (before: Cyprus College), I would say it is one of the best institution in Cyprus. The education quality is nice, however; the scope after doing mba is not highlighted. All the Nepalese students studying mba prefer to return back to Nepal or apply for another country for further education, because of lack of suitable atmosphere for them to start career here. Unlike America, Canada and Uk, international students are not allowed any work permit after graduation. So, they can't practice what they have studied in Cyprus. Since January 2008, international students are allowed to work 28 hrs/week during class session and 38 hrs/week during holidays. But mba students can't expect to work in managerial position as the level of their education demand. The Cyprus law has strictly restricted students to work in areas like hotels/restaurants, gas stations, food delivery outlets, construction sites and similar centers. So, practicing in a sound financial firm is like a dream for the mba students (non EU citizens). As there are so many mba students in the world, competition among the graduates for the job is high...and I don't think Cyprus mba can meet the challenges that is required by high profile jobs. Again, the lack of job experience matters a lot in this situation. So, I think anyone who wants to study mba in Cyprus look after this condition before making any decison to come here. Any further questions are heartly welcome. Thanks Yadav bro.
  14. Dipeshmnmm, that's a decent research but I am afraid it's old. Apart from University of Cyprus, the education government has passed three other institutions to operate as university. They are: European University Cyprus ( before Cyprus College), University of Nicosia (before Intercollege) and Frederick University (before Frederick Institute of Technology). International students are now allowed to work on terms of 20 hrs/week during classes and 38 hrs/week during holidays. As I said in my earlier post, these students are limited to work in a certain areas only. Ritesh bro, I understand your situation. It's very difficult to step back after moving ahead so far. I won't say Cyprus is worst. But it's not a place for your long term stay. Affording study and living expenses from work depends upon the type of jobsyou will get here. However, EUC often allows its students to pay in installment. But, college administration shows disregard to student's academic achievements and behaves cheaply when it comes about pressurizing for money. You are welcomed bro. As many international students survive, I am sure you will get your own way to survive here as well. And after you complete your study, I don't think getting visa to another country will be difficult as about 90% graduates have successfully secured visa for USA and Australia.
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