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    Sports : mainly soccer & cricket; movie; driving; travelling; partying; hanging out with frns.
  1. From my inbox, FYI This is just to remind you about the interesting programme in electrical engineering that is offered at Wroclaw University of Technology for the candidates with BSc or BEng degrees. The details of the programme are given below. More information (students' guide) is available at our web page ( www.eny.pwr.wroc.pl ). I wonder whether you could pass this letter to any interested candidates for the studies in Wroclaw. Though the recruitment for double degree option (exchange with Ryerson University, Toronto) has already been closed, there are still places for the studies in Wroclaw (application deadline - July 15th). Only two weeks left for the candidates to decide! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. With best regards Waldemar Rebizant ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waldemar Rebizant (Ph.D., D.Sc., Assist. Professor) Vi-ce Dean for Faculty Development and International Co-operation Faculty of Electrical Engineering Wroclaw University of Technology Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27 50-370 Wroclaw, Poland phone: +48 (0) 71/ 320-4401, -3541, -4458 fax: +48 (0) 71/ 320-3493 e-mail: waldemar.rebizant@pwr.wroc.pl http://www.eny.pwr.wroc.pl http://zas.ie.pwr.wroc.pl/wra.htm MSc PROGRAMME ANNOUNCEMENT The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland offers a four-semester MSc program "Control in Electrical Power Engineering" devoted to candidates with BSc/BEng diploma (in electrical engineering or related field). The MSc program is focused on modern aspects of digital control, automation and management of power systems. All lectures, laboratory exercises, tutorials and seminars are taught in English. The Programme was successfully implemented for the first time in academic year 2007/2008. Starting from the academic year 2008/2009 the Programme is proposed also as a joint intiative of WUT with our Canadian partner university, the Ryerson University, Toronto (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science). A limited number of best qualified candidates can spend two semesters (first year of studies) at Ryerson and the remaining two semesters at WUT. The programme of studies at both Universities is coordinated, the courses supplement each other and thus, according to the agreement between both Universities, the students will obtain two degrees: Master of Science from WUT and Master of Engineering from RU, following the successful completion of the degree requirements at both Universities. The basic four-semester duration of the MSc studies is split up into three theory semesters and a Master's Thesis semester. The programme includes a 4-week internship (industrial placement). Complete list of the courses scheduled is given below. Prospective candidates are welcome to visit the Faculty web page (http://www.eny.pwr.wroc.pl ) where you can find the information package with all practical information for prospective students (Students Guide) and detailed description of the courses. Admission procedures (including forms) are defined by the International Office of WUT and co-ordinated with the requirements of Ryerson University. The students willing to study at WUT, either only at WUT or participating in students' exchange with RU, should send their application documents to the International Office of WUT. The application deadline for studies in Wroclaw is July 15th, 2008. The candidates wishing to study both in Wroclaw and in Toronto should send their application earlier, i.e. by March 1st, 2008, at the latest. Any questions concerning the studies may be addressed to the International Office of WUT (admission@pwr.wroc.pl) or directly to the Waldemar Rebizant (waldemar.rebizant@pwr.wroc.pl). Study in Poland - a new member of the European Union, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Wrocław University of Technology - a modern university, ranked in the "ivy league" (best three) of the Polish universities of technology! Benefit from the international profile of the Programme! MSc Programme CEPE - list of courses offered at Wroclaw University of Technology: I Semester - Statistics and decision methods - Numerical and optimization methods - Advanced substations and electrical equipment - Power system faults - Dynamics and control of AC/DC drives - Advanced technology in electrical power generation - Foreign language II Semester - Electrical power system operation and control - Power system protection - Simulation and analysis of power system transients - Digital signal processing for protection and control - Fiber optics communication and sensors - Renewable energy sources - Selected problems of circuit theory III Semester - Electrical power systems management - Power system automation and security - Electromagnetic compatibility - Artificial intelligence techniques - Advanced high voltage technology - Advanced measurements in electrical engineering - Selected courses in electrical engineering (see below) III Semester, optional courses - International law of intellectual property - Power quality assessment - Digital control systems - Advanced signal processing methods - Logic design - Lightning protection - Fuzzy logic control - Signals and systems - Visual engineering environments and graphical languages - Power system modelling - Computer control of power system IV Semester - Diploma project - Diploma seminar - Master's Thesis Power/Control courses offered at Ryerson University: - Linear System Theory - Fundamentals of Robot Dynamics and Control - Computer Methods in Power System Analysis - Advanced Topics in Power Systems - Power System Stability and Control - Electric Motor Drives - Power Converter Systems - Switch Mode Power Supplies - Electromagnetic Theory - Power Electronics - Advanced AC Drive Systems - Advanced Digital Control of Power Electronics - Directed Studies in Electrical Engineering - Selected Topics in Electrical Engineering - Renewable Energy Systems - Conversion and Control of Alternative Energy Systems - Electronics and Instrumentation
  2. bro, esmaa live ho? pakka ho? Italy ko casting nai jhoor bhayechha..... grp of death maa aba aja France harnu parchh ani maja aauchha.
  3. just popped up: "Go anywhere, WNSO is always there" Long live WNSO.
  4. Good going definitionS!!!! Good to see old friends here. santos, how u doing? Balayar ji, Annyong. Avee, observed the change on you
  5. hello sathi ho, aaramai? dherai bho ma chautari na-chhireko. Yeso aaja hereko ta Khulla-manch po dekhey. Ani sabai lai mero chhadkey salaam thoku bhanera ni. Hi DM, Third-Pole, E-major (eema doko?), Bharat ji, Jennifer.............. Newpasa le new airlines market maa lyauna laagya jasto chha.
  6. Major saab lai Haiku le chhoyo jasto chha. Whr these days? Land of rising sun?
  7. yes, i go with Santosh here. Balayar, you can discuss with newpasa there.
  8. b-mal and ujjwal matra free maa phone gariraa? aru members le ni try garyaa ho? Ujjwal ko reply aawos "success ki unsuccess" bhanera ani ma ni bichar garamlaa.
  9. LM, yes, still due is there. Next month tira garula hai. Himal bro, tehi bhaako holaa. now Gotcha. Thanks a lot.
  10. LM, ke ho yaar ghumna hidyaa jasto chha... ani bepatta bhaako : ) I wish i could leave this ... and fly over there to enjoy the Spring. I feel that sometimes Spy ware stuff changes the admin password and does other craziest thing as you mentioned. by the way, how many of you using AVG (anti virus, free) and Ad-Aware (anti spy ware, free).? I have installed both now. How are their performance?
  11. Himal bro, grr grr kit kit kit ... I wanted to go for "R", unfortunately, i forgot the administrator password though i am the only solo user of the pc. Otherwise, i guessed, it would have been fixed. My bad luck!!! If I have received your post 168 hours back, I would have played with the admin passwords ... jhilke, saila, kaila, jeniffer, rajnpl, limitedmoon, aadi etyaaaadi : P Anyway, this would be helpful in future for any of us. Thanks.
  12. Luci, Thanks. I tried all of them, but finally i had to go for the last option of re-installing windows. It's fine now.
  13. Hi friends, I got a problem today in to my pc. It happened after i finished running SPY WARE. After I log in, it shows the error as shown below: Explorer.Exe - Application errror The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click on OK to terminate the application. i can see the background of the desktop but no start, no bottom bar after log in. What I can only do is Ctrl+Alt+Del and enter inside. All the files in the drive and desktop are fine. I can open Excel, MS Word, PDF file but not internet explorer. Also, i can open outlook express. I am sure there are many experts here. Hoping to get the solution. Thanks in advance.
  14. * A week break. * End of year party/ies. * Christmas/New year sale everywhere.
  15. He is a snake bite proof re. Interesting !!!
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