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  1. I know TRUTH HURTS, fact is u are not able to confess ur stupitidy. It does not make any sense to me. Read the thread and understand it. Bye now That's it from my side
  2. I am wondering why the people on the Administration bench are so silent even they see what’s going on in this forum. Yes I mean this Thread that I started. If ur silence mean it is good what is going on, then I can only ask u a simple question, is this according to ur motto correct : unifying Nepalese for better education?? This forum has never warm welcomed any members outside UK. If then just for few days and then most are ignored. It’s slowly dividing. I could understand if this forum happened to be a community forum but since as an educational forum people should only come for the purpose to serve and not just pull each others legs. Like Prem said may be it would sound better if the name is UKSO. I never notice any senior members, old members posting here much. But now I can imagine the reason behind it. Just saying how big it is wont lead anywhere. Action and friendliness is needed which is nil here. No team work at all. To make you all happy we will create our own student forum so that you all don’t need to see losers like us. (If you are wondering why I am saying this, read the post from IP) and neither are we trying to compete with you all. But we realised we are no more welcomed. If we have members who are interested going to UK we will send them to wnso (ukso) and for USA we will send them to Sajha. We are out....Good luck in your mission. And IP and rest of you go and party now. You got what you all wanted. Goodbye from non-UK students.
  3. For IP --> Do u mean uk, usa and aus send books and pencils for Germans, so that they can read and write? Should I tell u that Germany is land of biggest economy in Europe? -->Racist view -->Good for u!! I would b proud if the engineer were a nepalese. --> who the fuk asks u? -->u may not be noting but u seem to be free will slave of British, good go ahead. But for gods sake don’t say anybody that u are a Nepalese. -->u gotta go to college than washing dishes at Pizza Hut, for ur kind information German is most spoken language in EU, and belongs to 5 standard languages of UN. Don’t give ur opinion with half knowledge. I don’t care what u think of and what u do, whether u live like an intellectual or a stupid student-- damn care, but keep ur limitation as long as u say u are a Nepalese. You, please don’t worry , nobody is jealous of u studying in UK. You do your job. Once u have published an article in a journal, we all student of WNSO will celebrate together. Good Luck!!!
  4. Well guys, the purpose why I started this topic was to inform students about tuition fee in Germany. But unfortunately this thread has taken wrong way. I am asking myself how some students who go to university can talk about such things. Amazingly these students are only girls and from UK. Is this an Influence of British mentality or what? I find it totally absurd, that u being a student of a university have no respect for other universities than yours. With u I mean here mathgirl1010 and IP. Being a Nepalese it hurts me when I see that my countrymen even students like u, who are studying in the UK in worlds prestigious universities, have such a narrow thinking. Ask yourself how can one be so rude to others language, culture or tradition. Did u learn these in UKs Oxbridge??- I don’t think so. They are great universities. So what are u proud of? People like u make only bad image of Nepal. Do not forget that You are only a student there, u don’t hold EU nationality. Have u ever think about that what a German or Briton would say to ur post, they would say more or less “u dickhead, who the fuk u are to interfere matter between Germany and UK, u typical poor country people..” A great stupidity: how ppl can spontaneously change their views without thinking once? All of the dead bodies which I dissected had a brain, I would wonder if u have it too, mathgirl1010. Please compare below the posts of mathgirl1010, and see how they are diverted. 1) Comparatively, German universities are free of charge. That can be taken as bonus. 2) Education, does not have degradation, regardless of the country. Whether it is Nepal, UK or Europe. It does completely depend on the personal interest. 3) For the cost factor, till some extent it does matter regardless of the personal opinion. IS IT WORTH IT? This shouldn't be a question, the rising cost of college and debt we face after our graduation is causing us ask it. I will have to say they are luky to have free education. As I am surviving fron student loan. Debt for college students is climbing. For the nearly two thirds of college students who graduate with student loan debt, the average burden is in excess of £12,000. 4) It could be my own experience and I would suggest to go for Free education if they are available, It is not easy to afford the cost of tution-fees in english-speaking countries 5) I would more appreceate to have a debate living in my own standerds. I don't want to be proud in other universities, whereas even paying £ 8,000 a year tution fees, 6) Country is not important to have education. We know how hard is it for us to pay in the regular universities 7) German is definately a choice, Language is only bar. Now here is point of divertion: a)Myself, I would never chosen Germany University even if the education is free. I can't bother to read every words in German Language. It is time consuming to learn german language for us Nepalese. I would suggest nepaese to go India and have cheaper option and learn in English medium rather than studying at German Universities. (compare with 1, 3 and 4 above: This way u are not only acting like narad but also misleading other students) Germans sucks. German university are worthless to me.(compare with 1,2,3,4,6and 7: with Germans sucks, u are showing ur inclination towards racism; once u say go for it then u say worthless, u are again misleading students and making them fool) c) I hate Germans and their unorganised language.( now u are a racist) d>Indians should be more proud than German because they follow the course of Cambridge University. (compare with 2: again misleading)
  5. Deine Rose ist von vielen Dornen umwickelt. (Dornen seien brutale Faktoren wie Projektarbeiten). ja, glaub mir so ist es. Jedoch, sie ist ganze Zeit online. =>Rosie, darf ich verraten ? --> =>zu spät , ich hab's schon.
  6. For now I can only send u this popular song of heidelberg: It was a summer evening, Just twenty I had seen, When I kissed ruby lips and Hair of golden sheen. The night was blue and blissful, The Neckar flowed pristine, It was then I knew, it was then I knew, What all to me did mean.. I lost my heart in Heidelberg for all time, On a balmy summer night. In love head over heels, oh were she all mine, And like a rose, her laughing mouth my light. As by the gates she said: "Good-bye my lover," That last sweet kiss, it did confirm once more, I'd lost my heart in Heidelberg forever. My heart still beats on Neckar's shore. And once again the vines bloom, As then, on Neckar's shore, The years have passed so slowly, And I'm alone once more. And if you ask this fellow, Why he took none to wed, Then I will tell, then I will tell, My Friends, what to this led: I lost my heart . . . . Whatever happended to you, Since you and I did part, Oh Heidelberg of legend, Oh city of my heart? I went away and left you, Left luck and happy days. I long to be, I long to be, Back in your arms always I lost my heart . . . .
  7. bhaitiko aunnachha, chinta naigar budi. Tini kakhi chhan bhannalai, par mathi jhandi dhegyanai srilanka ki farfaryaunachha. Tyakhi hajmola kandy ma chan tini. lau muile bhaddiye.
  8. Ma'am I know that. u might b using Intern as short form for internship, but Interns are the ppl who are doing internship/practicals after their graduation. that's why I was asking Field/job.... And I wanted to know if she is searching for other possibilities like research work or something like that. bio or acc students also have more a less internship. okay, though thanks. I suppose that u mean "medical internship", which is called praktisches jahr or practical year in germany. For this u can simply find a hospital of ur choice and send ur complete application. Hospitals are called KLINIK here. Here is a website with a arranged list of hospitals in germany. u can find infos on them. Kliniken: ->http://www.kliniken.de/kliniken/a-z/kliniken/ort_index.htm But keep in mind that not all patients speak english, it is better if u have a basic knowledge in german language. However other medics can help u understading cases. I dont think that there is any hard rule for non eec ppl. depending on hospital u may need to arrange lodging urself. u also need a compulsory health insuarance. More questions??
  9. Hai terika, chakra dai, mu germany ma basya pani homo ta hoina ba, kyalai chahiyo fota tyakhi mera dhangadya sathiharulai, handsome keta dhegnai nahude, aba jyanai jhan lagya bhaye par profile ma yeuto fota ta chanai cha. Aba avatar bhadya ko ta avatar nai hunpadyo ni, ki kaso, hai tyo avatar ke ho bhade, yeuto mulo neurosurgeory ka kothami mask lagayar basyachha. Aba aru ke bhadu, dhangadhi ka koko cha ba tya.... kewal mulya kyaadda cha. Ajha fota chainbhaye par mero website takya hai, tyakhi euto link chha fotyalai. lau ta nika ari basya pardesmi.
  10. Intern facility??? Do u mean anykind of internship? Please make clear. It doesn't matter where the person at the moment is, but the nationality. Please bother urself to pricise the purpose. ( Field, job/study ?)
  11. Hai aile gayer niko kuro arya tamle. gausala jaleshwor ho ki kya ho, tyo ta thaha naikhi mulai, tyaha jaleshwor mahadev ko parkhyat mandir chai cha, ekai baji gachhu kasya thaha hude ho. tyaha ka mayor Mr Dhakal mera mama paddachhan, ani pahile kommunist ka neta krishna dhakal mera afnai mama hun, sodhya tamra saathilai, chinnachan ki nai. tamaro foto herda dhangadhi ma dhegya jaso ta laganchha, tara aaghadi bata dhekya thaha hude thyo. Hasanpur basya bhaye Rajiv shrestha, ramesh pandey, dammar thakurathi lai ta chinnu parne. nabhaye Dr, Niraj pant lai ta chinlai hai ki nai? Ani dhangadhi mi sajha sajha ka ko keta haru sanga hidya tam, hasnpurya ki ln chowk ka ki chowraha? lau ta
  12. For Germany, u can visit the german embassy's edu advisor as monica says and check this website out: German academic exchange service: DAAD: ->http://www.daad.de/en/index.html
  13. Rajiv

    guide me

    Germany or Australia ??? Do u mean Austria? Well first of all u have to find out how your edu. qualification is recognized by ECTS. I think it is relatevely easier if u are from southern cyprus ( The eu belonging cyprus). Then u can easily take advantage of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Please follow the link below. Equivalency: ->http://www.daad.de/deutschland/en/ Ask the administrator of ur college about ur credit points. If ur college has a partner university in germany then it is more easier. Once u have ur credit points u can apply to the university where u want to study. If u know nothing bout ur credit points, simly ask the foreign office of the concerning university for recognization.
  14. natami padya ta nikai hudethyo, tar kuro ta arkai chha hajur, dhangadhimi mera nata padde koi chainan, mera ba ama 40 saal paila purwabati sarya hun, mu dhangadhi mai janme hurkyahu. Aba tam taipani nata padda sakanchha bhanchau bhade, khasai okhaldhunga dhekhi jaleshwor (janakpur najikai) ka hun purkha haru. Tam ahile kaha baschau? dhangadhi ki attariya ki kakhi? tamaro bhatij le ta mero nid dai hairan paryo ba. tamaro sahi nam thahapaye suiko paina thyo ki??? tam chakra balayar lai chinnachau??
  15. I go for King. reason: We can't talk bout political parties, acc. to their deeds in last decade. I could say let's try maoism, but it started killing ppl. Ruined the sole income source of nepal, The tourism. Everybody is afraid there. Ppl are loosing their job, more and more ppl are suffering from depression. It is causing huge migration of ppl to kathmandu and from nepal to abroad, mao are using kids as militant, though I support their demands partially. Sofar King is concerned, he is also not intakt by different issues, but at least he has a feeling that he is a king, the country belongs to him and he is responsible for everything that happens in the country. And he obviously doesn't want to be called a ruler of failed state. And he had observed the panchayat and democracy in nepal, that didn't work good. And we nepalese are 60% illeterate, how can we understand democracy and maoism. However some half educated ppl try to practise this. We need an easy way of ruling, we need a single leder, who can control others (and save at least our rivers and land from ****** India), compared with shepard and his sheeps. It ll take time when we have once read theory of Kenneth waltz, then we can think about restoring Democracy. So I think he is most suitable for the moment. NB: well... but I wish a change in our national anthem, it should prais country and its ppl more.
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