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  1. Wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year. May this occasion inspire all of us to conquer higher goal in the days ahead. With warm wishes,
  2. Thanks to Rabi Thapa for sparing his precious time in writing about the real fact about Nepal. The article is really nice. Keep it up! Have a great time!
  3. Santos ji, Your time for holiday is rapidly approaching. I wish you a pleasant journey. Have a nice holiday!
  4. Dear Dipeshmnm, Thanks for posting constructive tips!
  5. Hi cool, What a superb stanzas comprising the symptoms of love. In ineed it happens when you are in love with someone special. I fully agreed with your expressions. Thanks once again! Have a good day!
  6. Yeah when two parties are unable to co-operate each other, there is a need of third party as mediator. We hope that role will be played by A four-member European Union (EU). As Yogesh jee's said its'all depends on circumstances and we never know what will happen of course everybody knows after all nepali politics. End of the day, we have to have expectation of fortune. May almighty brings peace into Himalayan Kingdom!
  7. You are absolutely right Deven jee. Thanks for making it crystal clear. Have a good day!
  8. Thanks for introducing Cyprus members. We all appreciate you for being so generous in promoting WNSO. By the way, Avee was an asset of WNSO Cyprus. How he is? Are you keep in touch with him? Have a good day!
  9. Yeah! it is strange and unexpected Bharat jee but what we can do "improvement is never ending process" any way isn't it? By the way, error still does exist. Let's hope it will be fixed soon by the relevant department. Have a good day!
  10. Santos jee, Thanks very much indeed for your informative post. Not to mention that, you are always being a productive member of Chautari! Have a good day!
  11. Its' good to hear that he is scheduled to head towards Harvard. It seems quite odd in scholarship though. I have heard that he is decorated with graduation in International Business from Schiller International University, Waterloo, London.
  12. I mean Work Permits UK annouces list of occupation in regular basis which falls under shortage list. This year, they have added some more occupations in their list. I hope you with me now. Have a good day!
  13. sawmer, you are right mate. I have also seen in one of newspaper few days back can not really recall which it was said about the level of stress increases from separation of marriage and death of spouse. I have discovered this from a news published related to Blunkett and Kimberlys' affair.
  14. Pokhrel


    Yeah distant, you are right most of network provider in UK viz. TMobile, Vodafone, O2 etc. they do charge average cost of 20P plus VAT. After comparing this with www.sms.ac does not seem to be cheap any way.
  15. thirdpole, £52,000 loss in a year. As per business plan, an investment will be not less than £200,000.
  16. Dear Admin, FYKI, some unexpected errors of "Thank You" system are prevalent in GENERAL STUDIES FORUM. I have tried to express thanks to poster into http://chautari.wnso.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6894 but it has not gone through.
  17. Pokhrel

    Any idea?

    KhemGurung jyu, As Dude_Yog has already commented over your query. Yes, he was right to say, percentage is not only the matter which guarantee the job. There are many ground to achieve the job. The main aspect to have stated qualification. If you have distinction than its' obviously incentive. In addition to that, the candidate has to show the creativity and capability besides all these. If candidate is perfect in own field no matter where he/she goes but he/shes gets destiny any way. Comparatively employment opportunities are in less numbers to other western countries that's what make much competition.
  18. Thanks Madhu for dropping informative posts. Definitely many of Chautari members will be benifited by your valuable advices which you have expressed through aforementioned post. Once again thanks for sparing your precious time to help Chautari members! Have a great time!
  19. Yes you are right Bhandr. With no doubt, Oki is genius!
  20. I wish you a very happy birth day Hemanta jyu. May this occasion brings a brighter success in your every steps of your life in the days to come. have a great time!
  21. Seems gorgeous! I should not miss to pop in to my next visit to Nepal. Thanks joy jyu for posting this superb snaps which obviously brings joy in Chautari too.
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