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  1. Distant memory's experience with Cosmic Air and her comments seems to be right. I also heard from my father who went on flying with Cosmic Air Kathmandu-Delhi on last Wednesday. He said service is not up the expectation. They just provide a mint and not even any snacks for such a long journey. Almost every airlines provides snacks and drinks for this sector.
  2. Hi scentedsoul and Grounded, I am really really sorry for belated response as I encountered with bit of hectic days. Thanks to scentedsoul and Grounded for your interest to lend helping hands to WNSO Newsletter Team. 1. In response to specific of scentedsoul: A. The prime and foremost goal of WNSO Newsletter is to publish every months issue of newsletter at the stipulated time which will provide lots of information as much as possible related to education, artilces, jokes etc. B. We are not only scheduled to write just a para which may not make any sense either but we are trying our best to bring every issue of newsletter at the right time with as much as possible of constructive and productive information which can as news, artilces and etc. Shortage of sufficient team members has been an immense barrier in the past. 2. Consolidated response (Conclusion) to both scentedsould and Grounded: We are seeking some members for WNSO Newsletter Team who's responsibilities will to collect the news, artilces and other productive materials either from Chautari or from other source. The member is expected to work closely with the Team. If you are ready to join the team than just let me know I will come up with details of duties and resposibilities. I once again thank you very much indeed for showing your interest to help WNSO Newsletter team. Have a great day! Narayan
  3. Hi PunyaR, It would be better if you could target any particular country for your purpose. However, if you are interested to UK visit http://www.scholarship-search.org.uk or if you are interested to USA than http://www.usnews.com and http://usjournal.com These links may be able to get bit of information that you are seeking for. Wish you best of luck. Have a great time!
  4. Hi mates, Come on! Nobody is there to lend hands to WNSO Newsletter Team ki kaso? The important thing to remember, without your help it would be very hard for us to conquer optimum goal. Thumbs up and come forward!
  5. Thanks Deven ji, Check your e-mail now. Editorial is right there waiting in your mail box. I would love to have your comments (additions or modifications) on it.
  6. Wish you a very very happy birthday to NP... May this occasion bring a sound health, happiness and brighter success in every spheres of his life.
  7. Thanks for your comments Deven jee. I have thought of including Yogesh's version but later thought of having minor changes on it. I can send you a copy of this if you could drop me your e-mail address. Take care, Narayan
  8. In conclusion, I am with those who are very much serious to protect volatile Himalayan Kingdom and to prevail tranquility.
  9. "Words from Editor" for forthcoming WNSO Newsletter is underway. I am thinking of including little bit about this issue in it. What you think? Will it be appropriate or inappropriate? Thanks, Narayan
  10. Ops! what a nice time I were able to talk with my parents back in home last night.
  11. Dear friends, What happen in terms of making a press statement on the above matter? Up to where we are? Just curious to know? Shall we make an article about it which can be included in the forthcoming wnso newsletter? Waiting 2 hear from you. Thanks, Narayan
  12. Thanks Santos! I have been trying and let's see whether I can get a line?
  13. Internet may be working but phone line are still not working coz I have been trying directly from mobile as well as from BT line. No matter, I am still unable to get connected. Let's hope for fortune!
  14. I have been trying since the day lines were cut off. Now happy to know the lines are working. Tried but could not get connected. I think lines are again cut off. I have not managed to talk back in home yet.
  15. Thanks to Deven jee for bringing above topic into debate. As per Bharat and Yogesh jee's idea, we can absolutely express our generous feelings & comments on the initiative taken by the King of Nepal. In the mean time, as advised by Yogesh it would be much more pragmatic if we would seek for final advice from Partron (Dr. Subedi).
  16. Dear readers, WNSO Newsletter Team is currently seeking for some dynamic and enthusiastic CONTENTS/NEWS EDITORS those who like to share hands with our Team. Persons interested on it are requested to contact me via PM or e-mail at newsletter@wnso.org With warm regards and best compliments, Narayan Pokhrel
  17. Pokhrel

    Gorgeous efforts!

    Yogesh jee, Regarding UKECF, I meant to say the same as said by Bharat Jee. By the way, its' really good to see you here after a while. Wish you all the best. Thanks and regards,
  18. Thanks to NP for bringing this topic here for debate. Before, I head towards expressing my view on keeping my ID as Pokhrel, I would like to clarify few things: If someone keeps own ID as a part of surname or forename that shouldn’t call as pseudonym but if someone picks up totally different than above that should be taken into account as nickname. As NP said there might be some sort of significant in choosing such ID. In terms of me, nothing special but I have just kept surname as my ID. Have a great time! See ya guys! Pokhrel
  19. Thanks for creating a separate UKECF. It is my firm believe that it will facilitate enormously to those members who do not have much time to participate in off line meeting.
  20. Thanks all for your generous response. I agreed with Bharat jee. However, I have just meant to say for the forums apart from Feed Back, Talking Point for instance News, Announcement etc.
  21. Hi guys, As we have witnessed that "Thank You" system has been invented recently in order to save time also at the same time to express gratitudes to the poster for their outstanding contribution in some instances. However, this system does exist in some of the forums but not in all. What you think of having this option probably in all the forums so that members can utilize this facility where seems neccesary? Comments are highly appreciated!
  22. Although I am not from Butwal, I did my Intermediate from Butwal Multiple Campus. My home town is about 29 KM west of Butwal.
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