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  1. Guys, Well I do not have anything to comments as the query raised by Freak is being answered from top to bottom by WNSO colleagues. Nevertheless, it is absolutely transparent and crystal clear that there 4 selection criteria in different aspects. If someone possesses those required ornament required, there should not be any concern to select that candidate for said scholarship regardless of any issues. We must appreciate WNSO’s effort that brought such valuable ideas to help Nepalese students in homeland and abroad. Well done to WNSO! Cheers!
  2. Dave, I know it seems to be bit late to answer of your query. Anyway, Oki had given you a route map for your project. However, what I would comments is, research itself is a very broad term. There is always a reason why research is going to be carried out and what about too? These researches can be known as small/big report, project and dissertation etc. There must be a valid and reliable method to carry out such research. The research can be carried out by basing secondary data/primary data. The secondary data is the information/literature which is already published for instance theory and primary data is the information which is collected by researcher for the purpose of such research to correlate with secondary data. You were talking about SWOT and PESTLE analysis too. These are Environmental factor which impact on business scenario. It is very important to understand in what kind of macro environment business is being operated prior to going any further to make decision on strategic plan for instance you can use Diagnosis, Prognosis and Action model to write your report. Try to read Johnson and Scholes or Kotler on marketing book for this purpose. Thanks,
  3. Himal dai, Namaste! I sent you collection of some links for WNSO Newsletter few weeks ago. Khaita ta Newsletter dai...... Haina tyo computer ma click garidina paryo.. Thanks,
  4. Hi guys, An immense thanks to Mohan Tara for creating this thread which gave an opportunity to all of us to express our daily routine activities. Let’s come to the topic! Well, I don’t have nothing special to write but I use my spare time in listening music, using internet and of course talking with mates over the phone etc.
  5. Yeah! It is http://www.nepalisongs.info and site is absolutely nice. Its' good to get nepali melody free of cost. Guys please drop here any link of sites like this if you have.
  6. I become regular listener of wnso radio. Everyday in the morning and in the evening i do listen wnso radio. All the programmes are excellent but I much impressed with Sangeet Sarobar. Big credit goes to Radio team.... Thanks
  7. Santos ji. why don't you try firefox once? I used to use internet explorer but had few erros and recommended by Bharat ji to use Firefox. Its' great and I like Firefox more than internet explorer.
  8. I am using Firefox and working well.
  9. Lucifer wish you best of luck. Go ahead apply for it and lets' see you may be one of winner! Thanks
  10. Dear friends from WNSO Radio, The programmes in WNSO Radio are amazing. I have never went through much details until now but today I have had a minute tour of WNSO radio and found out that it is absolutely splendid and informative too. Once again many thanks to those who have spent their hard and relentless efforts to bring out such a nice initiative. In the mean time wish you a happy Tihar too!
  11. A site for many nepali songs! For more details visit the following link: http://www.cybernepal.com.np/index.php Cheers!
  12. Happy Tihar to all WNSO wasis from me too!
  13. Hi guys, Why to miss chance to become American? Apply for DV 2007 by using a link listed below: http://www.dvlottery.state.gov Cheers!
  14. PM facility is working perfectly now. Thanks to admin and he or she whoever it is ver very great. Cheers!
  15. Thanks for your info Bharat jee.
  16. Dear admin, I have received 3 message but I can not browse them. It says there something errors. Thanks,
  17. Bharat ji, You're absolutely right we must bring newsletter in stipulated time. The forthcoming issue is on the way and the sooner will be better. I am bit perplexed where to start from? That's why I have written to Himal dai yesterday to supply me an direct access to newsletter templete so that i will be able to carry out straight editing and on completion that templete will be sent to tech team for final check up. I think this idea will make my life much more easier in brining newsletter. How would you and other friends feel about? Thanks,
  18. Previous was absolutely nice but what about after that. Haina that was last one ki kaso?
  19. At the end of the day, it is fully depends on each individual. I personally agree with Mohantara that " love is blind" but don't know about marriage due to lack of experience.
  20. Kabin ji, Your view is absolutely pragmatic. There are few things associated with it and we have to be very much careful as well as adament and must have a transparent vision while taking step. That is whether our vision is to earn money or to obtain education or to conquer both of them? On the other hand, I would say not only you but most of us have pessimistic views & thinkings about education because of rising unemployment and opportunities in this globle. Finally, I wish you a very happy Vijaya Dashami 2062 to all of you!
  21. Dear friends, We are on the way to bring WNSO Newsletter issue for June 2005 very soon. Please forward any material you may have to newsletter@wnso.org asap. Thanks and regards, WNSO NEWSLETTER TEAM
  22. Dear friends, WSNO Newsletter was published few days back and available at http://www.newsletter.wnso.org If you have any feedback/comments please forward them to newsletter@wnso.org Thanks to everyone who shared their hands in bringing WNSO Newsletter. Thanks,
  23. Having anonymous moderator system is indeed not preferable. However, this is only the option which will reduce controversy. I personally prefer existing system but moderator need to wise in using their diplomacy rather than involving in debate/discussion. These are only 2 option either 1 we have to follow I think.Let's see what senior mates say?
  24. Yeah Bharat jee came forward with a great idea. This may work without any controversy. What other guys think. Please come forward with generous comment.
  25. Yeah Bharat jee came forward with a great idea. This may work without any controversy. What other guys think. Please come forward with generous comment.
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