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  1. Although, I missed my mum, dad and sister who are in Nepal, I had a great time in that great day. I went to uncle’s house and other seniors including Nepalese Embassy to have Tika. It was amazing when uncle was giving Dashain Tika to sisters, brothers and other relatives who are residing in US and elsewhere via MSN. We all had a great time many people together, long drive:::::::::::::::::::::::group dining etc. Next day! Monday, everything was over back to work. Just waiting for Tihar!!!!!
  2. Hi Gaurav, First of all, thanks for choosing Chautari as a right source for enquiring your query. There are so many reasons why to choose Chautari for these purposes? However below are the few key reasons? 1. The information, assistance, guidance etc. i.e. provided via Chautari is free of cost. 2. You not only receive a single feedback but receives spectrum of feedback from several members residing in different part of the world. The member who is responding to your query may be residing in the country in which your query is based. If this is so than it is very likely you will have reliable and practical feedback to the raised query. 3. You will have an opportunity to compare and contrast received feedback in the raised query so that reliable and required information will be taken and rest will be discarded. Let’s walk towards your query! I came across with your query after few minutes you posted it to Chautari but waited for other members specifically from Australia to reply so that the response reflects the practical answer to your query. It seems that members from Australia are busy with their task, may come later and follow up your query. In the mean time, may I take this opportunity to deal with your query. I have heard that Australia is a nice country and famous for tourism. Sydney must be amazing as I heard from many of my mates. Since the country has tourism attraction, it should definitely have prospects of employment in hospitality industry. I am sure there will be immense competition to secure jobs. Since you are studying Hotel Management, I do not see any difficulties finding a job in the hotels after the completion of your degree. When you are at University, try to see placement office and discuss about these issues with them, I am sure they will try their best to help you out. Be confident, do not panic, you will be fine when you are in Australia. I got few mates in Sydney and they are doing well although they are studying IT. Regarding your friend, I do not know what to suggest? The best answer is to contact the preferred university’s admission officer and explain the situation. Good luck!
  3. Yes very surely. When festival comes I miss parents and motherland. Well, never mind! May I wish you all a very happy VIJAYA DASHAMI!
  4. LU ji, You are not only the one encounter with such dilemma in choosing right research topic. When we talk about research, it seems like it’s a daunting process but it isn’t. Looking at your query I assume, you are talking about dissertation? If not please let me know what sort of research you are asked to conduct? Bearer in mind, any other piece of work which involves research can be called as research project too. However, here in the UK, we have to do several assignments which involve research; in addition to that, student has to write 10,000 words dissertation (which involve secondary and primary research) in order to obtain an Honours degree. Normally, students are asked to pick up research topic for dissertation whereas research topic is already provided if it isn’t a dissertation. Having said that, I reckon, your one is dissertation too. Basically, there are two types of dissertation; 1. Standard dissertation (Mainly students prefer to do this) 2. Work based dissertation (This can be based on the employer to whom you work for) If this is the case, I would advice you to find out the topic from the subject area in which has been of your interest and that really inspire you. In the mean time, you have to be also careful while choosing topic, whether enough/valid/up to date and reliable secondary data is published or not? It is also important to note that, whether you will have an access to collect required primary data? Remember, many companies are not willing to disclose information related to accounts, marketing strategies etc. I have no idea how it works in the country where you are studying but here in the UK, not all of them but many employer prefer to know the dissertation (and it’s mark) while recruiting new employee. It shows that how creative and productive applicant is. Therefore, it is very much important that you make a right choice. I always have been a fond of “Marketing” and I have done my dissertation in “Marketing” and all went well. You may dislike marketing and may like any other areas. Please let me know which area has been of your interest so that we can start having little bit brain storming about topic. Good luck!
  5. Happy Bijaya Dashami to you all guys! May this great festive occasion bring a sound health, happiness and inspire all of us to fulfil our desire, goal etc. in the days to come. Have a great time in such a great occasion! Thanks,
  6. Although, I never been in Bangalore, I have heard that it’s wonderful city. Some of the freinds to whom I met also said to me that it is known as “electronic city” too. I visited Puttaparti few years ago, which is about 2-3 hours journey from Bangalore and found a lovely place to visit.
  7. Hi, If anyone is interested to study tourism and hospitality in Australia, this seminar may be helpful. The main thing, candidate may obtain full scholarship if selected as per their criteria. Study Tourism & Hospitality in Australia! Study in Australia is holding a free information seminar on Thursday 1st November at Arundel House in London. This is a chance to meet representatives from universities and colleges from Australia offering exceptional higher and further education courses in Tourism and Hospitality. Tourism & Hospitality Education Seminar Thursday, 1 November 2007, 6:00 – 8:00pm Arundel House 13-15 Arundel Street London WC2R 3DX (nearest tube- Temple- District/Circle Line) The seminar will provide valuable information on application processes, applying for appropriate visas, information on the THE-ICE Scholarships (www.the-ice.org) for UK students studying Tourism or Hospitality in Australia and other scholarships available to UK students. To register for this free event, please contact: Kathleen Devereaux Study in Australia c/o Australia Trade Commission email: kathleen.devereaux@austrade.gov.au tel: (020) 7632 0003 SOURCE: http://www.hotcourses.com
  8. It now seems quiet difficult to predict what is next in Nepal. We all knew that CA election were on its’ way for November 2007 but suspended. Even CPN-UML General Secretary confidently said no one can stop CA election in November 2007 in the interaction programme held in London, August 2007. Let’s hope again all party will unite and go for scheduled CA election!
  9. It is good to know that corruption level is reduced comparatively. Let’s hope it will be eliminated completely in the few years to come so that we can call Nepal as corruption free country.
  10. London Chhalphal - a Nepal-facing discussion forum-- and SOAS Nepal Society are organizing a two-day long film festival. The details are as follows: DATE : FRIDAY 12TH & SATURDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2007 VENUE : CENTRAL LONDON THEATRE SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL AND AFRICAN STUDIES (SOAS) THORNHAUGH STREET RUSSELL SQUARE LONDON, WC1H 0XG TIME : 7-10 PM For more details please visit http://www.digitalshristy.com/lc
  11. Thanks for your comments Yogesh jee. I had an impression that DV winner will have an access to education free of charge or if chargeable than definitely could be nominal as home students. Isn’t it true? Do DV winner still have to pay for university fees? Having that impression in mind, I was always influenced by DV lottery as fees for international students are exorbitant here in the UK and USA too. Although, I have completed degree, I thought of availing such opportunity for further studies in US if I win DV lottery.
  12. It is true both of them (husband & wife) needed consolation from each other in such difficult time. It must have been a great shock and regret losing son with such unprecedented incident. Thank you,
  13. Hi freak, Thanks for your concern about WNSO. As we all know, WNSO is a global charity always trying very hard to help people. What WNSO is doing until now is absolutely great and many students are assisted with it since its presence. However, improving is never ending process, we at WNSO could do even much better than we are doing now but for this WNSO needs support from the people like you. Please do come up with support, innovative ideas, strategies or strategic plans which are always most welcome in WNSO. Have a great day! Thanks
  14. It is a very interesting piece of information based on DV Lottery. I am one of them influenced by DV lottery. I applied 2-3 times and always waited for letter to come from state department but what to do luck never brought it. I am planning to apply this year too. I always thought DV worth as it gives a bunch of opportunity. After reading through article in depth, I realise that the sample which author had chosen to write this piece of work might not have consisted from broad range of population. I am sure that, there must be some DV winner Nepalese came to US having decent job and doing quite well. I certainly agree with the author these may fall in minority but still there are so many opportunities DV provides. It’s up to the capability of each individual to utilise those opportunities to achieve own objectives/goals. It is absolutely great having decent job and good life in own country rather than moving abroad but it is again not possible for everyone. Therefore, heading towards foreign country may not be a fun always; it can be a compulsion to achieve some objectives/goals which may be fruitful for long term. Initially, it is quite hard to adapt due to several reasons such as culture, financial matters, work etc. Gradually, things get settled down. I can still remember working full time and studying full time (had no choice as I had to manage university tuition fees £7000 per year plus other expenses). Sometimes, I slept 2-3 hours only in a night. What to do, it was for few years until finishing study. Now, I am fine working just normal hours. I would imagine I would not have to have such hard time if I would have won the DV lottery 3 year ago he he he. Thank you
  15. Yes, it was amazing to meet and have few words with such a great person. I never thought of that day either. In your case, yes it is very interesting taking class of own classmates!
  16. With no doubt, Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Many people who visited Nepal always admired Nepal as a beautiful country and Nepali people as friendly people. Although, we can see in the recent news (http://www.nepalnews.com/archive/2007/oct/oct04/news13.php) that tourist arrivals are increased, we could have done even better if political situation of Nepal would have been stable. I came across with many people saying political stability is the main issue which has become major barrier for the growth of tourism in Nepal.
  17. If anyone is looking for postgraduate studentship in the UK, please visit http://www.PostgraduateStudentships.co.uk! I hope the above web-site will be beneficial for those who are seeking for studentship in the UK. Thank you
  18. Hi guys, I am sure, it may be completely out of anyone’s imagination that the Chancellor (a young chancellor who represents ethic minority in the UK, young business entrepreneur and the Lord) of the university from which you graduated smilingly walk through the corridor of the hotel where you’re working and you have got such a great chance to ask him Hello Sir! How are you today? He smilingly goes ahead saying, I am fine! How are you?? Even bit more face to face chat? It was great!! Thank you,
  19. It is indeed good news for Nepalese who are residing in the UK. Obviously it is a good sign of Kumari Bank’s marketing exercise. Globalisation marketing policy is very important in the current days. I am sure Kumari Bank and Samsara Group will conquer their goal by lending services to Nepalese community in the UK. If I am not wrong, I heard that Samsara Group is run by Raja Ram Giri, who has wealth of knowledge, talent, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship.
  20. Thanks for posting such an important piece of note. Indeed, future of any prospective students begins from here. Everyone may have different perspectives and comments on it. However, I think, the main point to note is whether the chosen course is based on own interest and desire? The interest and desire outlines ambitions. Therefore, course should be chosen as according to own interest, desire so that student can enjoy while in study which assist to meet targeted goal. Thanks
  21. You’re right many of us prefer to go with an existing system rather than bothering to explore it in a modern way. Well, I can understand we require plenty of time, efforts and brainstorming in order to discover new ideas and logics which is obviously not of everyone’s taste. Regarding teachers or lecturers, they always refer to one particular text and advise to read several latest published texts, journals etc. to get reliable and valid materials. Here in the university, we also used to have group discussion, presentation etc. in the class to get various views and ideas about these things. In terms of changing an existing system, I am not always after this as sometimes frequent changing is not good. However, if the prevalent system becomes obsolete than we may have to think of upgrading it. Thanks
  22. Hi ashi, The best option is to visit nearest diplomatic mission of those particular countries you are choosing for your study purpose. You may try to visit their website rather than bothering to visit in person. In the mean time, please visit http://www.workpermit.com if this will help your query. Good luck! Cheers!
  23. Congratulations to Yadav! Looking at what he did for WNSO, he deserves to be decorated with such accolade. I can understand, it easy to say things but difficult to do them. Indeed, Yadav had practically done those things by volunteering WNSO more than expected. Taking his social activities into account I must say he is a great philanthropist. May his inspirations inspire people of all walks of life to join WNSO and volunteer the same way Yadav did. Cheers!
  24. Sunil ji, The date has been fixed and event is scheduled. It looks like you gonna miss an event. Please visit the following link for the details of the event: http://www.bignepal.com/final%20advertisement.jpg Thanks
  25. Interesting topic! Although I do not have deep knowledge about IT and ICT things, what I think is IT and ICT are 2 different elements and associated to each other. IT (Information Technology) ICT (Information Communication Technology) (a) Internal (PMS, Wi-Fi, CRS, GDS, internet e-mail) ( External (Mobile Technology, PDAs, Mobile Phones etc.) My concern is without deployment of IT development of ICT (Such as Mobile may not be possible. Its’ good if Nepal pay much attention to develop IT industry which will provide a window to expand ICT. I may not be right, I appreciate if someone who is from this specific field highlights about this matter.
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