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  1. I think we need to focus on some promotional strategies to attract the high volume of visitors. I may be wrong, let's have everyone's say on it?? Cheers!
  2. Dear NP, As Yogesh ji said, applying your own will be more appropriate than applying through agencies. It will give you more opportunity to exchange corresspondence with your programme director. I have had the same confusion few months ago when my brother wishes to apply for visa. He asked me for a same query as you have and I recommended him to avoid applying through agencies. He applied himself got offer from university in few weeks. However, it was for MBA at University of Surrey. I presume you may encounter with the same process. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any further confusions. Good luck!!
  3. Dear NP, I would advise you to contact Programme Director of the universities that you have preselected for the purpose of your postgraduate studies. You can also ask them whether they have at present or in the past had nepalese students in that faculty. If they have had than they will contact their students and supply your e-mail address so that you will receive e-mail from students. That will give you an opportunity to explore bit more about university and other stuffs. General entry requirement for postgraduate degree are as follows. However, you are again strongly advised to contact particular university with such questions as not every uni has same criteria. 1. Transcript and certificate of First degree 2. IELTS with at least score of 6.5 if students language is other than english (However, if you have completed your degree from British University you may be exempted from such condition) 3. Personal statement or purpose of study (for Phd - proposal) 4. Any work experience (especially 3 years managerial experience for MBA) 5. Possibly face to face interview with programme Director Good luck!!
  4. I am regular visitor of Chautari though not a poster. I love to pop into Chautari few times a day whenever I get chance from work, home etc. Time constraint (due to work, study and other stuffs) has been a factor due to which I am unable to contribute towards posting.
  5. Sept. 1-4 is in week days, normally I am at work. Let me see if I manage to bring forward my days off from weekend to week days so that we will have an opportunity to meet. Thanks
  6. Interesting piece of post! It is true to note that we all must pay heed to those things that really matters to life. However, we must accept that, it is sometimes very difficult to identify those elements at the stipulated time. I believe happiness in life comes from success that was aspired and achieved in targeted period but success comes from experience and experience comes from hard work, mistakes etc. There is no short cut or jig jag way for this. I assume, most of us, sometimes missed what we should have done at last. It is good at least, we knew by than what should be done in future to not to repeat those things should not have been done. These key elements are passport to success. Cup of tea or coffee with mate is indeed an interesting issue. Yes, socialisation is very important and having fun with friends is also equally important.
  7. Hey guys! Let’s lend hands to WNSO Media Network especially those who are media students (well, may be I assume so). It’s a right move to gain practical experience while involving in social activities. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I am always curious and excited to know latest news, festivals and other issues about motherland (Nepal) which is why, the first thing I jump to my computer to browse nepalnews.com whenever I manage to get time such as before heading towards work, even from work place and of course after returning from work. I am sure everyone has the same curiosity as me especially those who are residing abroad. However, I do not know why, I do not find nepalnews.com interesting anymore because always same news about politics since a year. The government is always reiterating same issues since 1 year and there is no outcome just “gift of gaffe”. What you guys have to say on it??? Do you guys have the same feeling as me or different?? Please share your views here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year!!!
  9. Although, my majoring subject never had been economics, I always had to involve studying bit of such areas while at university. It is indeed an interesting area of study. The site www.economist.com itself is very useful and informative for those who are interested in such areas. I would also recommend buying a hard copy of the magazine i.e. published every year by The Economist. I had to buy “THE WORLD IN 2007” after my professor recommended to me while doing my Global Marketing project. I found it pretty useful. It costs £4.95 in the UK including postage. As Yogesh jee said World Economics Forum is also a right platform for such discussion.
  10. Thanks for reminding Sachin ji. Yes, indeed, the post was itself 3 years old. I thought it was in Oct. 2007 never saw 2004. It was pretty much sad we were unable to respond to Suman ji's query either and missed to meet him while he was here in England in 2004.
  11. Suman ji, I assume it is late to respond your query. I wonder whether you are still scheduled to arrive England on 23rd of December? If yes, where about in London you’ll be staying? Although, it is pretty much hectic month for those who are working especially in the hotel like me, I will try my best to find out some time to meet you. Indeed, it will be great to meet you while you’re here. Looking forward to welcoming you soon!
  12. Guys, Tihar a greatest festival has already started back in Nepal. I just called up my parents after a while to wish them a great Tihar this morning when I noticed parents were feeling loneliness due to me not being with them during such a great day. It reminded me being alone in festival too. I am really missing my mum, dad and sister. What about you guys, especially residing abroad away from family members and not being able to participate in Tihar? Are you missing Tihar???? Let’s share our feelings!!!
  13. Tremendous opportunity for WNSO! As WNSO is a charity which hopes to assist students by providing informations, guidelines etc. free of charge. In addition to that WNSO even involved to grant scholarship to those students who are in need. In order to follow such sole aim WNSO certainly require huge revenue. The more revenue WNSO generates, the more students will be privileged with it’s services. The question comes here, how to achieve maximum revenue target? The answer is, advertising/promotion/fund raising campaign in various ways. Being able to launch 30-45 minutes programme in leading Nepali TV is absolutely a perfect method to pass message of what WNSO is to thousands of people around the world. WNSO has won many peoples heart in very short span of time due to it’s objectives and goals and I am sure that there are numerous of people willing to support WNSO if they are made aware of. I personally wish all the very best and brighter success of WNSO in the coming future!!!! Guys please do come forward and give hand to WNSO TV Team.
  14. Yes, it does work in yahoo mail. Once you are signed in to yahoo mail: 1. Click into “Options” 2. Click into “Vacation Response” 3. Type your vacation message in the box 4. Choose the date from when to when? 5. Your “vacation response” will be automatically sent to the person who sent you an e-mail within that specific period that you have chosen earlier. I am sure hotmail must have such option too.
  15. Nooren, Feel fortunate to welcome you on board at Chautari!!! Again, thanks for willing to lend your hands to assist students. As you said you’re involved in providing consultancy, is it for students or corporate businesses such hotels/resorts/travel etc.????
  16. Dear Chetna, Thanks for showing your curiosity to know about the history of WNSO. Please visit http://wnso.org/About_WNSO.htm which will facilitate you to know much more about the birth of WNSO. The major source of revenue of WNSO, I assume would be donation. If I am not wrong, WNSO and its' counterparts may collect donations in several ways such as regular donations, fund raising through events etc. If you still interested to know in detailed please mail or PM to administrator so that they will be able to answer your query. I once again thank you very much for showing your curiosity to know about WNSO.
  17. The above post has got solid instances of the value of time. It is true, the time has got utmost importance and value. This is what defined by a proverb “Time and Tide wait for none”.
  18. I am impressed with your area of interest i.e. “Ecotourism”. You’re 100% right, it is great to engage in something which benefits to its associates. I do not know whether you are interested to involve in such activities in Nepal or elsewhere? Nepal is great country with the prospects of ecotourism. It has got enormous potentiality of ecotourism if explored. If your choice of involvement is within Nepal, than I would rather recommend you to contact Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). NTB may be able to help you in this regards.
  19. Santosh Jee, I think link is not working. Please post that link again.
  20. Well said piece of note and advice! Yes, the responsibility of nation building process lies to every single citizen of that particular country. Every single citizen of the country must have such feelings and I am sure all of we have too. However, political crisis has been major obstacle for country such as Nepal to grow. This element has negative impact on employment, economy and other prospects. Which may be the cause, attractive numbers of people are choosing to settle down abroad. It is true, highly skilled/professional/educated individuals are asset of the country. The nation expects such individuals to return home after the completion of their education and involve in such process. This can be done in two ways such as being in country and out country. It can be witnessed that many of our colleagues, seniors are involved in such important process.
  21. Guys, Today BBC has breaking news about “emergency rule” declared by Pakistani president Musharraf. Mr. President appeared in PTV with emotional speech about what made him to take such painful action. Having watched his speech, somehow I were convinced and thought, the action he has taken in some extent was necessary. What you guys have say on it????? Please more detailed news visit http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7077310.stm
  22. Giving an opportunity of having duel citizenship certainly inspire, encourage NRN to establish industries, businesses in Nepal which will have positive impact on country’s economy. So, if it is good for Nepal and in the mean time better for those NRN than there should not be any issue to hesitate granting duel citizenship.
  23. Hi there, It solely depends whether the university in which you are studying has any agreement/arrangement with universities abroad for Study Exchange Scheme. If your university has such agreement/arrangements, students can benefit from exchanging 6 months or year out studying in such partner universities abroad. Under study abroad scheme, students choose the semester ½ or may have option to study for a full year. Students gain academic credits for such year out which are recognised by the universities around the globe.
  24. Hi Bijita, It seems that you’re too much anxious about your study which is interfering in your sleep. I also experienced same situation while at university. At university, it was fun chatting with mates, going out etc. but when assignments deadline are nearer here comes nightmare, some nights few hours sleep whereas most of the nights no sleep at all. Next day at work, mentally sleep but physically awake which was the worst situation I ever had. If you’re too much serious about study, than please take it easy and be the best time planner so that you can cover all tasks in time. Once you have covered all the required tasks in time, you can have a sigh of relief which will bring you a sound sleep. Being fair and frank, I was not a good time planner. I always left things to do for last minute which took my sleep away as yours. Later realised, such circumstances would have avoided being a good time planner. If you think none of the reasons listed on this thread applies to you at this moment than I would highly recommend you to see your GP. Wish you a good sleep!!!
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