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  1. It was good initiative from limited members of WNSO Nepal in limited time with limited resources. Hope to finalise some key issues soon about WNSO Nepal and get it registered. BTW, the name of venue was "Kathford International College of Engineering & Management" and not just Kathford College. - Nitesh.
  2. Welcome Nakkale. Thanks for bringing parts of terms of WNSO chautari here, which clearly says ....The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this BB.... You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this BB. Nitesh.
  3. Himal ji, QUOTE Everybody thinks differently. If not the world would be still flat. Yes, that is the point. I am happy that you agreed on this. QUOTE Other thing everybody is not that matured like you guys and can face every obstacles. One option they will have is to ask help from admin team or not to visit WNSO anymore. Then why not get agreed on this simple fact that they are not matured so should learn rather than always crying. QUOTE You are the promotion team co-ordinator, you don't want that to be happen. do you? I am not just promotion-co of chatuari, but whole WNSO. Here in chautari, I am just simple member as others. QUOTE It is fine with someone who can take a part. If someone doesn't want to be involved then no one has rights to force them. Why we need to create obstacles on their path when someone is just learning how to walk? No one is forcing. Obstacles are natural and not artificial made for particular reasons. QUOTE How good it is :- To attack someone ? To force someone out of their boundary ? To do something without someone's acceptance ? You are right. But the definition of attack is different for different people. If some one takes normal debate as attack then nothing to say. QUOTE You guys talk about human rights most of the time, is it your rights? It is not, it is just a violation. Is not this rights of all members of chautri to put their view/questions without crossing policy of chatuari? If raising questions to know something from concerened member is like ATTACK, then I can not help. QUOTE When then? we need to take action on the spot if possible to bring it to normal. You are saying like let the house burnt we don't need anyone to put of the fire, then why we need fire department? I am not saying let the hourse burnt. I am saying as you that, if admin team can not take decision in right time then it can be interprated with wrong meaning. QUOTE May be I am wrong but that's what I have to say. I never said that that I am right. I just wrote what I perceive which might be wrong or right. Nitesh.
  4. Himal ji, I would like to add some things here. Hope, you will take it as healthy criticism. Nothing is ideal in this World. Nothing is plain and flat. No one can take guarantee that whose sentence will hurt whom. If some have inferior complexity, then it is better to stay in close world of own room. If one want to explore the world, then it is likely that, he/she can get hurt. If some one get hurts, it does not mean that system/policy/path is bad. No one is here primary school going kid and have to given extra care. Everybody should understand that when one wants to do adventure, then he/she should be ready for all kind of obstacle. Obstacles are not attack. If one can not defend oneself then better to get agreed or keep quite rather than looking for sympathy. I have asked admin, who is responsible for editing Santos’s and mind post, but did not get either PM or any clarification in forum. In my knowledge it is task of Moderator team to do such job, but I do not see it. You are right to say that admin team is not here to create problem, but if admin team can not take decision in time, then it gives other meaning. Nitesh.
  5. QUOTE (rs_1915 @ Dec 4 2003, 02:10 PM) Nitesh && Santos, both of u qualify for "Foot on Mouth" award!! Thanks rs_1915. Nitesh.
  6. May the departed soul rest in peace. Condolence to grieved family. nitesh.
  7. Most Talented : E-major Most Cool : Maun Most Humorous : Newapasa Most Mysterious : Gyan Kumari Best Contributor : Sachin Shrestha Best Entry: Bipana Best Gaffadi : Newapasa Best Copy and Paste ( r ) : Shivani Shahi Best Thread starter : Sirupate Best Ambassador : CB Balayar Best motivator : Thirdpole Best photographer : Yunush Manandhar Best WNSO Sister site : WNSO UK Best WNSO department : Literature Best Thread : Bedtime Story Worst Thread : Attariya Chautari Best Section : College, Universities and Scholarship Worst Section : News
  8. QUOTE (sachin @ Dec 3 2003, 05:48 PM) Dear Dibesh, That's really amazing........... i just could not figure out how it reads minds..... but i tried it a several times and it was correct everytime............ but just could not figure out how it does..... Please give me the solution........... cheers sachin, here is the solution. http://chautari.wnso.org/forums/index.php?...&hl=mind+reader nitesh.
  9. Welcome back bipin after long time. hope, you are doing fine. Please check this thread. http://chautari.wnso.org/forums/index.php?...wtopic=2461&hl= Nitesh.
  10. santos, that is funny. Donald Rumsfeld statement, which helped him to won "Foot in Mouth" award. "Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the ones we don't know we don't know " I am sure that, you are not competiting for "Foot in Mouth" award of WNSO. Nitesh.
  11. My request to admin team: This is not official contest and may not have any official value. Members are voting depending upon their understanding about other members. I am wondering why mine and santos’s post (about vote for best cut and paste) are been modified without explanation? Suraj has voted my name for best gaffadi, and I see nothing wrong on that. Should I feel bad about that and edit the post? No. It is his understanding about me and free to say. Have a gut to listen criticism. I expect explanation about those editing from concerned admin team. Nitesh.
  12. hi prion_prion, Suman (E-Major) and Bipin (Nightmare) took the responsibility of making china.wnso.org long before. Bipin did collection of some information about study in china. Then after problem of SARS, he disappeared. Currently, Suman is in vacation, so may not come here for time being. If you wish, you can give hand to admin to make china.wnso.org site. That will be great contribution for WNSO from your side. Nitesh.
  13. My vote for some categories: WNSO Most Talented : M_F WNSO Best Humor : Okinawa Best Contributor : Sachin Shrestha Best Entry : Bipana Best Gaffadi : Allare Best WNSO Sister site : WNSO UK Best GM : Himal Rai Best PHOTOGRAPHER : Yunush Manandhar Best Poet: Pranita Shahi
  14. QUOTE (manchilds friend @ Dec 2 2003, 01:36 PM) certainly! We should all try to get along with one another and maintain some sort of decorum within the forum (hey that rhymes ) But please don't feel pressured to keep quiet and not stick up for yourself. I would encourage individuality and free thinking. We all have our own views and opinions .. and sometimes we clash .. that is fine .. it's called debate. The line is crossed, however, when personal matters are brought into the fray. I go with M_F. I feel same. Just participating by saying hi-hello-how are you-kind of things wont make chautari interesting. Debate (without bringing family matters) is part of sharing each others opinion on certain things. No one should take debate as fighting or personal ego problem. Nitesh.
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