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    <br>sake samma asal kaam haru sabai nai garne gareko chhu.
  1. kasto mitho mitho geetharu lekhnu bhayeko rahechha saathiharule ! thanks a lot to all.
  2. Marpha (Nepal). The green fields and mountains and Marpha town of Nepal.
  3. QUOTE (yogesh @ Mar 11 2004, 04:27 PM) i personally respect this tradition. It is my personal preference that this tradition need not to be changed at least in Nepal Me too.
  4. waiting for a glimpse of the everest, thyangboche.
  5. View of Everest (left) and Lhotse at sunset.
  6. View of Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablam at sunset.
  7. This is very nice one Pranita ji. Thanks, I really enjoyed to read your poem.
  8. Here too. Hoysala Temple of Somnathpur, Mysore (india). This is also very old temple of India.
  9. Nightmare ji, This is really good step by you. All the best from my side. Hope, your this dream will come true one day. We are with you, keep it up.
  10. Hamro amulya sampati haru yasari pani bahira pugeka chhan, sunda ta ati nai dukkha lagchha, ke garnu? tara pani khushi chha ki harma amulya sampati tatha kala kriti haruko mahatto kati chha bhanera thaaha pauda. Thanks to Aayesha Didi and siddhu ji for the cool links.
  11. Mother is God who is always great to us. Happy Mother's Day to all Nepalese friends.
  12. Euta le chuteko chutei ani euta le chahi Dhad thapeko thapei bhaneko ke?
  13. Kanchhi he kanchhi, kanchhi ko hrit bolana mana ko kura khola na ma madal ghan ghan ghankaula, timi jureli jastai nachana.... na...bata aayo ki jasto chha.
  14. Yesterday, I was came here to read only this article and I had spent my 1 hr time for this and found it was really great article. I came on this point after readt it is that, if we use our religion as culture then we will be happy for a long time. Sujita ji, if you have more please pass to us. Thank you so much for this which was really lessonful.
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