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  1. hey denjubadal, how r u buddie?howz things with u?i got wat ur problem exactly is.i dont think u can do something out here but in firstplace u have to remove tat keylogger frm ur computer to stay in safe for future stuffs.here is a site anti key logger which probably gives an idea abt anti keylogger,i got no idea if it offers free anti keylogger or not but u can try download.com if u cant see ne in here.emmm regarding the credit card u have used to book a hotel room in korea u better speak with one of the advisor in ur bank.they will probably be the best person to have a word with.ok. wish u luck buddie n take care. maanav
  2. maanav

    Few Jokes for you

    i think this joke will bring a smile instead of laugh, 1-Shadi karna thaa per kismat khuli nahi,Taj Mahal bhana na thaa per mumtazz mili naahi. Ek din kismat khuli shaadi hui ,aab Taj Mahal bhana na hai per mumtazz marti nahi. 2- Ek beta maa se bola ma ma main itna badsurot kyon hu?maa boli tuto itnaa badsurat nahi usko dekh jo message pad raha hein. 3-A guy is hiking up a mountain when he sees a girl standing at the edge of a cliff, crying. "Hey," he says, "if you're going to jump, how about giving me a blow job before you do it?" "My life's been nothing but crap," says the girl. "So I might as well." After the girl's done, the guy says, "Wow, that was great! Why are you so depressed, anyway?" The girl replies, "My family disowned me for dressing like a woman." did u like it? maanav
  3. BT is slapping a £5 charge on late payers in a bid to recoup some of the admin costs involved in chasing punters. "For new bills sent from 1st December 2004, BT started charging customers a £5 late payment charge if payment is not received in full within five calendar days from date of dispatch of the red reminder. The charge will normally appear on your next bill." maanav
  4. wow tats amazing site gus u have try it once as well. but just incase who doesn want to spend money just for downloading songs then i guess music site will be a gud one to try.let me inform u abt the other freeeware shareware program which is in internet these days is WAREZ try this url to get into this site WAREZ.Its same like kaza. hope u wont be hanged for downloading be carefull i havent been in depth into this site sooo. just B'AWARE maanav.
  5. wow i wonder is it me only who cudnt view the pictures from sheffield and delhi.i need to make u aware guys u have post it again n have to chek before u make another post maanav.
  6. David broda,u r welcome to wnso i'm one,among the oldest member but thing is i dont participate much.i'm not from balgung but i do know baglung very well as its my second place after my house in pokhara. i doubt tat u r residence of baglung but rite now u r ouside baglung. i also doubt tat u mite be having somether problem. wats tat all about i think i can do some favour.i havnt attended those volleyball n dhore geet competion but i do remember baglung bhagwati whenever i have to think of baglung so wish u all the best where eva u r n may god bless u wid magical blessings.just to make u belive i'm one of the member of SKY BAND so if u do think i'll be able to help then just let me knowwww as alwezz guys take care n do ur best to enjoy this shortcut life.... maanav
  7. maanav


    babies of new generation
  8. maanav


    chek this out.
  9. hope u guys r doing fine with ur things. i want to say u something.well i cant stay in the chatroom waiting u guys to come just to show its full , u got wat i mean?i got to study i got to work ,i got to do my things so i cant stick in tat chatroom for all day n several days . so i want u guys to pop in have fun help me in forwarding this forum.i'll be there in chatroom when i'm in internet but i wont be when i'm not in internet .hope u guys have understood me hope to c u in room , bye for now maanav.
  10. laloo pate bro , go to chatroom and then after click i accept which directs u to chatroom where u choose a nick name n click connect . u'll be in chatroom after cple of mins ok. see u in chatroom bro maanav
  11. QUOTE (Sirupate @ Apr 8 2004, 10:36 AM) No one was there. Just typed HELLO , it says "you are not allow to speak here". [sirupate] lol i never heard this kinda problem i dunno. u mus be lying there i agree tat there was nobudy but 'you are not allowed to talk 'tats totally impossible who gonna say tat.howeva,i can be online only when i'm here buddy .i'm searching someone who is really interested in chat n can work with me,any one here ???? let me now n u guys can pop into chat i'm there . maanav
  12. well i have made an another chatroom i dunno how handy it is??wil u guys pop in let me know abt my job??? maanav
  13. well dude yog is it is under construction. i have heard problem like urs frm other member as well . we are trying to change into a simple and quiet handy chatroom which u can acess frm irc as well anyway thanx for enquiry catch u soon bye maanav
  15. well thanx,i did signed up with the homepage i opened the url as well but i cudnt understand how come there is not facility of uploading files thru ftp?????maaanav.
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