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  1. yes guys, now we have less number of active member so still its not so bad. we can do something by presenting actively. so dont humiliate ourselve.
  2. we have more student interesting for the Ph.D. program from the zoology background but i confound abt the scholarship.For which semester this program is offering ? will u post more detail abt it , please ?
  3. Good job Balayarsir, Really that was a great time for all people who love deuda .
  4. Yeah, WNSO-nepal has been finalized at last with our a little effort. we hope everyone will advocate to wnso-nepal in the days to come. have a great time cheers
  5. Yeah, Deepesh ji, its since long time that no senior and active member can't make their availability due to time factor . it may be their busy schedule with thier job and responsibility but now we make them active. and lets give a little bit time to wnso.
  6. Thanx Spirit Jii, we will be creative for wnso Nepal.
  7. Dear thuloram ji Many happy returns of the day. HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOU!!
  8. parasBsingh ji, binayr ji, ramjee and shambhunmc ji. Many many happy return of the day Happy birthday to u . cheers on ur birthday.
  9. Dear Avee bro. Many many happy returns of the day, Happy Birth-Day to you. cheers on ur birthdays.
  10. Thank you M_F bro for your nice information about the blood groups. i m really appreciated
  11. QUOTE (Aayesha Rana @ Dec 7 2003, 08:37 AM) QUOTE (KhemGurung @ Dec 6 2003, 11:35 AM) Ani Aayesha di ko aakha ta SOLID katil raichhan. Purai face jhan kasto hola Ho ta ni, kati jana behos bhai sake aakha matrai le pani, jhan purai anuhar dekhaye ke hune hola? Uha ta Wnso best eye ma parnu bhayeko cha ni ani kin behos nahaun ta bichara haru
  12. QUOTE (Deepa Pal @ Dec 8 2003, 03:48 PM) QUOTE (Abhinava @ Dec 8 2003, 12:08 PM) QUOTE (Divyani Shah @ Dec 7 2003, 03:33 PM) QUOTE (surajmg @ Nov 22 2003, 12:09 PM) auta question hai. Tapai Kin Bollywood Ko Acting Chhodera Singing Teer lagnu Bha ko? Pahila Preety Zinta Ko Photo Ahile Chahi Lata Mangeskar Ko Photo NI? suraj ji, na ta pahilako Preety Zinta ko photo thiyo na ta yo bhanda aghi ko Lata Mangeshkar ko. Suruko mero afnai thiyo. Yo bhanda aghiko chahi famous classical vocal ko thiyo ra tyo maile Bina man parne bhayekole rakheko thiye. Ab chahi maile aakha matrai rakheko chhu, feri ab arko Actress ko aakha nabhannu ni, mero afnai aakha ho. Preety Zinta bhanera CHANE KI JHAD ma nachadhauna ho saathi haru. Bholi dekhi feri autograph magna janu parne sthiti aula bhanne katro dar. Kam se yatikaima ta has khel garna paairakhya chha. Hey Mister, ani yahako Avatar kaha gayo ni? Hijo samma ta dekhidai thiyo, aaj chhaina. dar lage jasto chha ni Dotyal lai? Deepa ji pani dotyalai ka pachadi nikeri lagipadiraichau pai kaso ho ba ?
  13. QUOTE (Nakkalee @ Dec 7 2003, 01:13 PM) my jhilke is not seeing here, where is he? katai arkai nakkali ko khoji ma ta chainana , bichar garnus hai
  14. QUOTE (Naaz @ Dec 7 2003, 02:28 PM) Where are other friends from the other parts of the world? we r always here with wnso and attariya ? where have u been in these days ? Naaz maiya .wake up and come on.
  15. QUOTE (thirdpole @ Dec 7 2003, 08:55 PM) QUOTE (distant_memory @ Dec 7 2003, 03:15 PM) BTW, have to agree with you, that Miss. Nepal was nothing special. Infact quite a few Ukancheez could give her a run for her money! uk kancheez better than miss nepal ? wow! Uk kanchhis ? really uk kanchies r more beauty than miss nepal ? good luck to them.
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