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  1. If you are still looking for online chat rooms, You can try an active Nepali chat room, It's https://chatsansar.com
  2. Chat Sansar also known as Sansar chat has launched its 3d chat room which is also known as meta chat. Enjoy our free chat room today! https://metachat.chatsansar.com
  3. Chat Chautari or Chautari Chat is the original chat room from ChatSansar. Feel free to join our local chat rooms where you can anonymous chat. Click this link to join the chat now: https://chatsansar.com/
  4. Online chat free in our Nepali chat room by Sansar Chat aka Chat Sansar. Chat rooms for singles free chat and friends chat online. Join ChatSansar https://chatsansar.com
  5. Nepal chat online is live and online to communicate for free. We are free chat site with live chat rooms for local chat in Nepal as online chat in web. Join our Nepali Chat Room today! https://nepalchat.xyz
  6. Nepal Live Chat App is available on Google Play Store. Download Nepal Chat App for Android Now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nepali.chatsansar.com&hl=en&gl=US Powered by Online Chat: https://chatsansar.com
  7. Sayad Timi Nai Cover Song - Duniya Ko Ankha Lagla Unplugged - Nabin K Bhattrai Songs - Saroj Sai
  8. Chekyo Chekyo Cover Song - Jhyalai Ma Basera Unplugged - Nepathya Songs - Nepali Songs - Saroj Sai
  9. Saathi Cover Song - Bhanne Le J Bhanos Unplugged - The Uglyz Songs - Saroj Sai
  10. If you don't want to login to browser everytime, you can download our Nepal Chat App for android devices on Google play store. Nepali chat apps to meet girls and boys. Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=www.nepalchat.xyz
  11. Yo Jindagani Cover Song - Jiban ho Unplugged - 1974 AD Songs - Saroj Sai
  12. Nepali Chat App is now available in Google Play Store for android devices. Download Nepal Chat App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nepali.chatsansar.com
  13. Nepali Chat App is available for android devices on Google Play Store. Nepal Chat App to make friends online. Nepali Video Call Chat App Download Nepali Chat App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nepali.chatsansar.com
  14. Basanta Cover Song - Timro ooth lai choyera unplugged - Jpt Rockerz Songs - Saroj Sai
  15. Timro Nyano Cover Song - Aaudai Jaadai Unplugged - The Uglyz Songs - Saroj Sai
  16. Chudaina Cover - 1974 AD - Adrian Pradhan - Saroj Sai Songs
  17. Hiddai Hiddai Cover - 1974 AD - Saroj Sai Songs
  18. Afno Katha Cover - Sabin Rai - Saroj Sai Songs - Saroj TimeRider
  19. Saroj Sai - Antim Maya - Naren Limbu
  20. Hello again, I made another cover song Prayas by Jeewan Gurung (The Edge Band) Listen to Prayas cover
  21. I recently restarted my music hobby. I have uploaded some songs and will update it when I have new cover songs or songs upcoming Visit my YouTube channel: Saroj Sai Saroj TimeRider Saroj Sai YouTube Saroj Sai Music Listen to my song Parelima Lukai Rakha Cover Song https://youtu.be/xcGkmu2NOys
  22. NepalChat.xyz is new Nepali chat site based on IRC. NepalChat tends to bring all Nepalese around the world to a common chatting platform. Our NepaliChat has voice and video chat room. This chat room is free to use. Nepali chat online to talk to Nepal. Chat now: https://nepalchat.xyz
  23. We have now updated with our chat with voice and video feature: Link: https://kiwi.chatsansar.com Also, you can listen to Nepali radio stations while chatting! One of the oldest chat of Nepal! :)
  24. ChatSansar.com is online Nepali chat room with voice and video conference feature. Enjoy chatting with Nepalese inside Nepal and abroad. A chat to unify all Nepalese. Make new friends or even dating. Share your ideas, skills or talent. Have fun! Login Chat now; https://chatsansar.com/nepalchat
  25. ChatSansar.com is one of the oldest Nepali chat room of Nepal. It has been hosting chat for many years now. It has voice and video support too. Also you can download the Nepal chat app from Google play store. This chat is also known as hamro chat or chautrai chat. Enjoy your chat with Nepalese all around the world. Visit the chat room: https://chatsansar.com/chat
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