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  1. Dear Chautari fellows, Pls suggest me about the best option for one who has done MSC in Botany (Nepal) and want to continue his/her study in USA with good prospective to work there. (I guess exchaging of acedamic field is not so unssual in USA)
  2. Have a look on this article by CK Lal. http://www.nepalihimal.com/2064/kartik-1-3...a_bisleshan.htm Do you like to add something?
  3. Staying abroad I miss Dashain very much! Do you also miss Dashain? Which event you miss most?
  4. I personally think that the capital of Nepal should be changed for many causes! What do you think? If yes, where and why?
  5. Rich People in China: Source: http://www.forbes.com/home/entrepreneurs/2...3Cbr%3E%3Ctable
  6. Is there any measures to accelerate downloading? especially MP3 and video.
  7. csu

    Famous Deshi Dialouges

    The most spoken is alos " Duniya ka kohi vi Tagat aaj mujhe rok nai sakta"
  8. Read it and make happy your love.......... 1. The Female always makes The Rules. 2. The Rules are subject to change at any time without prior notification. 3. No Male can possibly know all The Rules. 4. If the Female suspects the Male knows all The Rules, she must immediately change some or all of The Rules. 5. The Female is never wrong. 6. (If the Female is wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding which was a direct result of something the Male did or said wrong.) 7. (If Rule 6 applies, the Male must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.) 8. The Female can change her mind at any given point in time. 9. The Male must never change his mind without express written consent from the Female. 10. The Female has every right to be angry or upset at any time. 11. The Male must remain calm at all times, unless the Female Wants him to be angry or upset. 12. The Female must under no circumstances let the Male know whether or not she wants him to be angry or upset. 13. The Male is expected to mind read at all times. 14. The Male who doesn't abide by The Rules, can't take the heat, lacks a backbone, and is a wimp. 15. Any attempt to document The Rules could result in bodily harm. 16. At no time can the Male make such comments as "Insignificant" and "Is that all?" when the Female is complaining. 17. If the Female has PMS, all The Rules are null and void!
  9. csu

    Dog or Husband!

    How Dogs and Husbands Are the Same : 1. Both take up too much space on the bed. 2. Both have irrational fears about vacuum cleaning. 3. Both mark their territory. 4. Neither tells you what's bothering them. 5. The smaller ones tend to be more nervous. 6. Both have an inordinate fascination with women's crotches. 7. Neither does any dishes. 8. Both fart shamelessly. 9. Neither of them notice when you get your hair cut. 10. Both like dominance games. 11. Both are suspicious of the postman. 12. Neither understands what you see in cats. How Dogs Are Better Than Husbands: 1. Dogs do not have problems expressing affection in public. 2. Dogs miss you when you're gone. 3. Dogs feel guilty when they've done something wrong. 4. Dogs admit when they're jealous. 5. Dogs are very direct about wanting to go out. 6. Dogs do not play games with you, except fetch (and they never laugh at how you throw). 7. You can train a dog. 8. Dogs are easy to buy for. 9. The worst social disease you can get from dogs is fleas (OK, really, the worst disease you can get from them is rabies, but there's a vaccine for it and you can kill the one that gives it to you). 10. Dogs understand what "no" means. 11. Dogs mean it when they kiss you.
  10. csu

    Dog or Wife!

    Some one who is lot of experienced with HUSBAND(s) can do this job better than me!
  11. csu

    Dog or Wife!

    Why DOGS are better than WIVES.... 1. The later you are, the more excited they are to see you. 2. Dogs will forgive you for playing with other dogs. 3. If a dog is gorgeous, other dogs don't hate it. 4. Dogs don't notice if you call them by another dog's name. 5. A dog's disposition stays the same all month long. 6. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor. 7. A dog's parents never visit. 8. Dogs do not hate their bodies. 9. Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get your point across. 10. Dogs like to do their snooping outside rather than in your wallet or desk. 11. Dogs seldom outlive you. 12. Dogs can't talk. 13. Dogs enjoy petting in public. 14. You never have to wait for a dog; they're ready to go 24-hours a day. 15. Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk. 16. Dogs like to go hunting. 17. Another man will seldom steal your dog. 18. If you bring another dog home, your dog will happily play with both of you. 19. A dog will not wake you up at night to ask, "If I died would you get another dog?" 20. If you pretend to be blind, your dog can stay in your hotel room for free. 21. If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away. 22. A dog will let you put a studded collar on it without calling you a pervert. 23. A dog won't hold out on you to get a new car. 24. If a dog smells another dog on you, they don't get mad, they just think it's interesting. 25. On a car trip, your dog never insists on running the heater. 26. Dogs don't let magazine articles guide their lives. 27. When your dog gets old, you can have it put to sleep. 28. Dogs like to ride in the back of a pickup truck. 29. Dogs are not allowed in Bloomingdale's or Neiman-Marcus. 30. If a dog leaves, it won't take half your stuff.
  12. csu

    What I want in a Man

    Age 22: 1. Handsome 2. Charming 3. Financially successful 4. A caring listener 5. Witty 6. In good shape 7. Dresses with style 8. Appreciates finer things 9. Full of thoughtful surprises 10. An imaginative, romantic lover Age 32 1. Nice looking (prefer hair on his head) 2. Opens car doors, holds chairs 3. Has enough money for a nice dinner 4. Listens more than talks 5. Laughs at my jokes 6. Carries bags of groceries with ease 7. Owns at least one tie 8. Appreciates a good home-cooked meal 9. Remembers birthdays and anniversaries 10. Seeks romance at least once a week Age 42 1. Not too ugly (bald head OK) 2. Doesn't drive off until I'm in the car 3. Works steady - splurges on dinner out occasionally 4. Nods head when I'm talking 5. Usually remembers punch lines of jokes 6. Is in good enough shape to rearrange the furniture 7. Wears a shirt that covers his stomach 8. Knows not to buy champagne with screw-top lids 9. Remembers to put the toilet seat down 10. Shaves most weekends Age 52 1. Keeps hair in nose and ears trimmed 2. Doesn't belch or scratch in public 3. Doesn't borrow money too often 4. Doesn't nod off to sleep when I'm venting 5. Doesn't re-tell the same joke too many times 6. Is in good enough shape to get off couch on weekends 7. Usually wears matching socks and fresh underwear 8. Appreciates a good TV dinner 9. Remembers your name on occasion 10. Shaves some weekends Age 62 1. Doesn't scare small children 2. Remembers where bathroom is 3. Doesn't require much money for upkeep 4. Only snores lightly when asleep 5. Remembers why he's laughing 6. Is in good enough shape to stand up by himself 7. Usually wears some clothes 8. Likes soft foods 9. Remembers where he left his teeth 10. Remembers that it's the weekend Age 72 1. Breathing 2. Doesn't miss the toilet Now you men are requested to disclose what you want with me?
  13. csu

    Intelligent Men

    Eleven people were hanging on a rope under a helicopter, ten men and one woman. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all, so they decided that one has to leave, otherwise they are all going to fall. They were not able to name that person, until the woman held a very touching speech. She said that she will voluntarily let go of the rope, because as a woman she is used to giving up everything for her husband and kids, or for men in general, without ever getting anything in return. As soon as she finished her speech, all the men started clapping their hands....... ssssssss...............................!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. csu

    Husband Upgradation

    Dear Tech Support: Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a slow down in the performance of flower and jewelry applications that had operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0 In addition, Husband 1.0 un-installed many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.9, but installed undesirable programs such as NFL 5.0 and NBA 3.0. Conversation 8.0 no longer runs and Housecleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. I've tried running NAGGING 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do? Desperate *************************** Dear Desperate, First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an entertainment package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system. Try to enter the command: C:/I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME and install Tears 6.2. Husband 1.0 should then automatically run the applications: Guilty 3.0 and Flowers 7.0. But remember, overuse can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence 2.5, Happy Hour 7.0, or Television 6.1. Television 6.1 is a very bad program that will create Loud noises ( WAV files) and does not get deleted. DO NOT install Mother-In-Law 1.0 or reinstall another Boyfriend program. These are not supported applications and will crash Husband 1.0. In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have a limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly. You might consider buying additional software to improve performance. I personally recommend Hot Food 3.0 and Cheerfulness 2.0. Good Luck, Tech Support
  15. QUOTE (KhemGurung @ Feb 9 2004, 03:25 AM) QUOTE (Deven @ Feb 8 2004, 07:54 PM) Ladies group bata comment aayena ni. Deven Question haru ati nai gambhir bhayera hola ni hajur! At least senior female pals of WSNO are expected to share their ideas. Hopefully............very bold.
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