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  1. Thanks for your quick response. IT jobs include software engineer, software developer, Programmer, Web Developer etc etc. Recently I was reading article on Austrailian Skilled worker migration program failing due to lack of high tech IT jobs. A big number of Skilled worker migrants are ended up working for fast food restaurants, pizza deliveries, cab drivers. So I was just curious.
  2. Does anyone know how is IT ( information Technology ) job prospective in Australia?
  3. IP, i suggest you take a history course while you are in school. Just because British conquered part of Eastern United States, it does not mean Americans were slaves. It is like saying ( since one time Germany took over part of France), French were slaves of Germans. Term "slavery" refers to actual purchasing of human being, and engaging him/her to menial tasks. Also, somebody's comment on why Bill Clinton sent his daughter to Oxford. If you are into Politics, it does make sense if you attend school in different countries. You will learn International law, rules/regulations in different countries etc etc.
  4. Interesting discussion!!! IP, what is that to do with anything? That is so out of context!! and yes nobody has ever heard of "BRUNEL UNI". I think I agree with Ashis that when it comes to the name of the school, that is very important. It really matters if you have a degree from Harvard, Princeton or small trade school. Employers do judge you based on that , along with your GPA, work experience. Employers automatically assume you are a good student if you are the product of one of those reputed schools because they know that admission criteria is much tougher, curriculum is rigorous, Professors are qualified/renown and university facilities are state of the art.
  5. Yes, We went to Nepalese restaurant next to Euston station. I think it is called Great Nepalese Restaurant. It was really nice inside. The menu selection was huge from Vegetarian Momo to Kachela to Gundruk ko tarkari. I thought the price was reasonable. Lassi was great. Yes I noticed bunch of Nepali at Camden market. Those small stalls really reminded me of Delhi and Bangkok. It is cool though. But I think you have to watch out for thugs and pick-pockets. Also, at two different occasions, we got into small brawl with punks standing there ( smoking joint ). HeHe!! Another thing I noticed, the fashion over there is just too different. You dont see guys wearing Pink tight jacket here in the US. and almost everybody wears 1970s PUMA over there!!
  6. I found it funny that they are almost no public restrooms ( toilets ). There are some but wow, you have to pay to use the restroom. That is one screwed up system. One time I had to go really bad, so I decided to go inside KFC to use their bathroom. This stupid indian guy told me that you had to buy something to use the restroom. I had a big brawl with this lunatic. And yes, Indians are everywhere. I really think that Indians are the majority in London.. What else!! ..oh yes, people are rude. One time We were in Picadilly circus area, standing in front of a street souvenior shop deciding what to buy. The owner of the shop actually told us to move on and that we were blocking other customers. Wow, that is amazing. I have never experienced anything like that here in US. And nobody has ever complained because I used their bathroom but did not buy anything from them. Top of that, one of my friends got into a nasty argument with cleaning lady at hotel because that cleaning lady kept knocking at our room door,and telling us that the check out time was 10 30, when the guy at the check-in counter himself told us check out time was noon. Anyways despite all that, the trip was interesting. Westminister Abbey was great. Bigben, parliament building was fabulous. Buckingham palace was outstanding ( got to see the queen by the way ). Sigmund Freud domicile was interesting. Got to see 221b baker street, museum was closed when we got there though. London city hall building was intersting. Camden town market reminded me of markets in Delhi. And yes We managed to visit Nepalese restaurant. Food was great. Finally, it is good to be back home ( home away from home). I am gonna miss Kings-Cross station where we stayed close to.
  7. Recently came back from Eurotrip I decided to comment on my trip, so that future visitors would know what to expect. My trip did not go smooth this time. Problems started out when US Airways lost my luggage. Baggage claim at Manchester, UK told me to come back next day to pick up the luggage. Hello!! I had to catch a bus to London ( 4 hr bus ride ) the same day. So they offered to send it ( the luggage ) at the hotel I was staying in London. Bus ride was ok. I expected nice country side views between Manchester to London. It was not that great. Just few cows, sheeps, and yes narrow roads. It felt like I was in New Road, Kathmandu when I got in London. Congestion, griffiti, construction every where, wow!!. Life is definitely too fast in London. People were rushing, running all over, to catch buses, trains, underground tubes ( subways). I should say transportation system is great in London. It took me atleast a day or two to understand their underground metro system. I liked the fact that you could reach to the other side of town in matter of few minutes. Hotel was not that great. Room was tiny, with minuscule bathroom. I found everything so expensive, including food. McDonald had a bigmac meal deal for 4.75 pounds, wow, that is almost like 10 US dollars I hated the fact that you had to buy even water. Give me a break, water should be free!!!. I felt like english people just starve themselves. No wonder they are skinny.
  8. hehe..that is funny. Guys dont moisturize their face like gals. We have better things to do than spending time on restroom for hours. Yes, we use after shave and deodorant and perfume ( sometimes). I usually prefer not to use perfume, thinking lots of people around you ( like in work environment ) are sensitive to any chemicals.
  9. One more question, so which one is the best train pass to travel northern europe? among London, paris, luxemburg, germany and Amsterdam? I noticed you have to take couple of different train systems. For example, Eurostar only covers from London to Paris to Brussels, but does not cover if I want to go Luxemburg or Dusseldof Germany. So is there such kind of train pass that covers multiple train systems or multiple countries. Last time when i was in Europe, I just bought individual train fares, not passes and the websites are little confusing.
  10. From what I see, Sweden is more high tech country than Belgium. The researchers and scientists from Sweden are more renowned. so I assume Sweden may have more opportunities than Belgium. Also it depends on what your field of study is. But Since sweden is way north, the weather may be too unfavorable.
  11. just tourism. btw, I am impressed how fast UK issued me a visa. I applied online and mailed my passport. They approved it and mailed me back within 3 days. Plus I applied for single entry, they granted multiple entries.
  12. I may take Eurostar since I love to look around while cruising. Does Eurostar usually get full from London to Paris? wow, I got the UK visa, faster than I expected. Sounds like i have ample time for Schengen. I wonder why UK is not part of Schengen., would have saved me money and from hassle.
  13. wow..thanks for the tips. Yes, i have never been to Jolly old England. Definitely looking forward to it. Also, if i can get a Schengen visa on time, i am planning to stop by latte shop near Eiffel tower. Lets see btw, What is the best way to travel from London to Paris?
  14. thanks all for the info. i may stay outside the london choas, somewhere in countryside, enjoy the peace. I have no desire to see london congestion. Actually My port of entry is Manchester. I may be taking a train/bus from there!!!
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