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  1. Nice to Know Bohara ji in my Profile should say thanks a lot or xie xie welcome Bohara ji
  2. Dear , All peoples in China , We have to be strongly united , for the sake of ourself , why do you take it as simple gathering , do you know even with the help of WNSO forum , we could go far behind the imaginations, so just call all the Nepalese to the forum in here . we all students can make this topic touch the peak , and I want this for the sake of all of us , I don't have any obligations or even any selfishness lets be together , we all Nepalese , after we are all nepalis and in Nepalis all right ? share the hands now ................
  3. I Don't Think it is Inspiring , but IT TALKS ABOUT THE USUAL THING , THAT HAPPENS FOR EACH AND EVERY PEOPLE WHO DWELL WITH NOT AN ABNORMAL PRINCIPLE. It's all about prejudice , and the preassumption since the womb , and since the childhood about everything , and that makes the things look beautiful or ugly , coz it dissapoints the prejudice of the opinion that has already programmed for anything , and that's what creates somehting called SURPRISES , mind it ~~~ !!!! also something guides people about everything which they have ever imagined.....and that doesn't dissapoint, coz it permits more surprises. I don't think he is absolutely right about everything , coz somethings are out of our own guidance and that happens in the permission of none and yet we welcome ....................................
  4. hey Bro , you are a kind of wonderful be on , and keep in music , I too love but I cant keep up with the rhythm , someday you shall teach me hhaha wonderful profile keep in touch
  5. you are really wonderful man , a witty man with lots of degree , WNSO needs you , keep on , in WNSO welcome
  6. Happy Birthday to you JOY Wish you all the best with this year
  7. Dear WNSO users , Namaskar and welcome !!! I am very much glad to see this outstanding topic about studying in China. first of all thanks to E-major whose contribution helps many unawared Nepalese students to prevent ruining their future , just by blindly jumping in China for study may be allured by the cost and the feasibility to enter China. The most important thing which E-Major already focussed is to be taken really seriously "Before really deciding to study in China, specially when it is not those city like, Beijing, Shanghai, GuangZhou ... if possible please try to find those who already graduated from China (specially those who studied in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou), try to find all the details of the city as well as universities." although now China has economically leading the world , but the quality of education which you people will get in most of the parts other than above stated cities is really poor so , before you take serious step in China to make your future , please dont just get into the Agencies persuation and convincing efforts , they are for business purposes and your life really will be jeopardized in between cost effectiveness and business. So please take a serious reckoning and be sure of the advantages and disadvantages of studying in China else you will be no lesser than all those peoples whose llives have been ruined by those brokers and agencies in a relentless nightmare.
  8. Dear Sawmer ji , namskar thanks for the warm concern I am not approaching to unite the Npalese students in China in a deliberation to make revolt against someone or some groups and any alliance. The main objective here is to confront the common problems we may face in future moreover being united may not only mean to go for any campaign or for any political purpose , if one thinks in that notion I will call that absolute ignorance about the meaning of unity............... so this unity dont means to make any gangs or to go against somebody who have practically inflicted anyone of us , but to those who would try to make any indignation towards our effort.........
  9. Nightmare

    Best of the best!

    Sujita ji I think thats what life is about .what we suffer is all intertwined in ourselves and same happens for the nature ....... and if the regular sufferer deserves not to be suffer anymore he would have to replenish the innocent beings and thats all about what we called ourselves an afflicted human beings and so is the nature and all interrelated ............
  10. Really meaningful and inciting to quest for the impending truth ... I hope u shall contribute such outstanding poems to WNSO onwards.......
  11. Dear Yatri ji I am clearly differentiating the problems which we are facing here ,It doesnot mean that each and every students from China will be useless , you see the topic carefully I have differentiated the students "not all the students" but most of them next thing is that we are in no regard with the Chinese language and Chinsese Students what we regard is the product and the quality ,we are having we are in no regard with the technology and advancement of China ,but in the product that it produces ,and remind u one thing its not certain that an attractive outline be the stronger from within and again a developed and economically reach country doesnot mean that it must produce a good product .. As far as Chinese studetns are concerned they are labourious and we disregard them ,we reagard management ,policy and the quality of education ..... remember although China has each and all advancement over China but they are unutilizable and useless in a sense of the result , We are in no reagard of anything. You just compare one thing the students of China and Nepal nothing else ,and I have said it in majority And Sawmer jee read sentence 3 no. and again it takes the regard of majority and monority and read 1 no it means the sorting ,and thru sorting no poorer students can have a chance to read in Nepal and South Asia how can a comaparability arise ? and after all the misery of Nepalese students would be known with these vast majority without filter in China like a mushroom in a dungeon and not all the mushrooms are edible ..........
  12. Dear Soulfly thanks for the reply you have made , you are absolutely right , they are for business purposes than quality purposes , Now there has been a fashion of many Nepalese going abroad (Cyprus) I dont know till how long these fashion would continue , this should be strongly scrutinized by Nepalese Guardians...
  13. Dear all the WNSO members, Namaskar and warm welcome to this topic... Recently the incoming students for MBBS in China are increasing dramatically. The MBBS course being quite economic in china compared to other countries, most of the students exhausted trying for scholarships in different country including Nepal are flowing like a blind wave to China disregarding the complete and closure look to the quality of education in China. Besides the critics regarding the educational system of China , students are very much vulnerable to the unwanted and undesired change , that may extremely hamper the study; its outcome directly reflected by the failure of students in Nepal including the failure rate in Nepal Medical Council(NMC) exams in past few years. The culprit of the attractions laid by China to the MBBS students are although variable can be enlisted as 1. Students neednot to sort through any kind of entrance exams excluding other scholar for Beijing , Shanghai , Quangzhou and other Scholarship colleges. 2. The colleges are cheaper than in other countries. 3. Colleges admission procedure are very much feasible regarding the previous certificates and irrelative to the quality of certificates , weather the certificate is duplicate or original . Even studetnts from different faculties other than Science are also admitted to Chinese colleges for MBBS. These are very few reasons why studetnts are closing up to China day by day . the exam system the educaion quality are even deteriorating for students who merely can ever fail .With these and other causes Students are increasing day to day . Guardians are blindly supporting the education system without entirely knowing how education quality is in China and how students are passing off days . Although these critics may not include for all those good studetnts who are quite laborous making best out by themselves but almost all of the students who are here in China for MBBS are no way in quality comparable to those students who are reading in Nepal , other south Asian and other western countries. So, only certificate is not everything for a future doctor who is supposed to give regular exams infront of the patients . What counts a doctor is quality of education , practice and the usefulness to the society . Recent dreadful production of doctors compromised in quality is really a challenging stigma that everyone should now concentrate . So every guardians and all the cognized persons should be well informed about this malformation and maldevelopment of the MBBS quality and should be concious before sending their sons and daughters to China . Instead of giving them a certificate of doctor try to give them the quality of doctor . With this I would like to recommend all the readers of this topic please do take personally informations about China and the recent outcome of Chinese doctors. I would like to see the replies by all the visitors of this topic.
  14. A dream within a Dream - by Edgar Allan Poe Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow-- You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand-- How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep--while I weep! O God! can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?
  15. U are absolutely right they belong to divertole oh I knew ..................... hello champ Amrita n dhurba , i remmeber my friends with same name who r from kotihawa.. r talkin abt the same guy n gal. 63327[/snapback] yeah u are righht who is that fren whose house is in purano sadak ? and waht is he doing let me recall him ........ knowing u is quite nice keep in touch bye 63489[/snapback] hey u mean amrita malla from kotihawa n dhurba malla from kotihawa..hey r serious or jokin..can't belive dhuraba is one of my best friend yaar!!!he is now in kathamndu. u might b familier with other also from same family like arun,arjun,bikram malla..sobhindra brother of amrita.. in purano sadak my cousins r Raju chand/Padam chand n Deepa chand..his father has a popular bycycle shop in Manglapur,u might know..n Dipedra from bhalwari.. 63667[/snapback] Hey,hey...pals!!Halt. I don't think you are pointing to a right person.I don't know if they had lived in kotihawa some years ago,but as far as I know Amrita,she has been living in Drivertole,Nayamill.And I don't know if she has any borther named Shobhindra.She has three sisters.Namrata has also studied with us . Well,she has a relative named Dhruba who had also studied with us in New Light. Ani,if you want to see the photo of Amrita, I have it here.Is she the one you are talking about? 63690[/snapback]
  16. Anuska !!!!! wonderful poems I like it please continue it u are very good at writing keep it on .........
  17. Nightmare

    Lonely night

    Surendra ji very very beautiful poem same with me.......... keep in enabling hands bye
  18. Dear Anuska very very beautiful poem laden with beautiful and strong feeling keep it on well and strong
  19. hello champ Amrita n dhurba , i remmeber my friends with same name who r from kotihawa.. r talkin abt the same guy n gal. 63327[/snapback] yeah u are righht who is that fren whose house is in purano sadak ? and waht is he doing let me recall him ........ knowing u is quite nice keep in touch bye
  20. Dear love united how are u ? I know u fullly and Xian is quite farfrom Xinxiang anyway do u mind giving prakriti's emailadd ? and u are in Cyprus right ? what u doing? and keep in touch
  21. Dear mirror how are u these days ? U are then Amrita Malla , u know me ? me Bipin and u and your sister used to be quite together with Dhurba too anyway how are u indulging your life these days ? keep in touch ................. and Amrita malla see u
  22. And dude , Thats how the home town erose your freezed heart , let me explain I am from Bhalwari exact , u know Oil Nigam , near it and u know the footbal ground u karaunjiya Shcool I also read there up to 3 class and I came to Gautam Buddha I read there up to 6class anyway remembring the days with the place and their scent let the god help u be in touch see u
  23. Dear Love United Ji , I feel very much intimate to express that I found a friend of my same batch , so than how couldnot I know u man ? This is Mr. Bipin I read there up to 8 class and then changed to next school Our national boarding high school I wrote a misttake I know Prakriti gyanwali , Know Alka sharma , I know Prajwal everyone just need some refreshment and rejuvination thanks for making me reminding of past days I know them all of them............................... love them all I know suman , he has at last changed the college to Praamount is it ?> and u where are u ? anyway keep in touch may I know u more deeply and within So at last let all peoples of our batch come as together............................. with love and rembrances
  24. Dude , I gave SLC from New light Boarding School , oh u still remember the wednesday bazar of Bhalwari that used to be quite glorious , persons from Pahuni, karaujiya , bhalwari dada used to assemble in that market together , that used to be the most super and duper hit bazar , I came nearly 1 month back from bhalwari , it was still with same venegance and vigorisity , occupying all the place in front of Arniko School , calling up more density and was really voluminous ................... I used to read in Gautam buddha madhyamik bidhyala , up to 6 class and after all I went to New light boarding school so this way I feel nostalgic ............................ keep in touch
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