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    <br>Philoshopy, History, and ofcourse Social services.
  1. QUOTE (Aayesha Rana @ Jun 17 2004, 10:50 AM) The good news is, finally the lovely, cute baby has arrived in this beautiful world. Yesterday night near about 11:00 PM (according to an Indian time), Mrs Shivani Shahi have gave birth the new cute baby (girl) at Ambarnath Hospital, Ambarnath. All friends from Mumbai are already here to congratulate to Mr Shahi and Mrs Shahi. This information is to those who are out of Mumbai or Out of India. Mr Father or Mr Shahi also is not in his home at this time to have enjoy on this great day. He is out of Mumbai for last seven months. Even that, we celebrate the great day with his all family members, relatives and friends. Daju ra Bhauju lai mero tarfa bata panee dherai dherai badhai chha.
  2. Rupa_Zali


    Let us take a moment of the time just to pay tribute / show appreciation to the person called MOM though some may not say it openly to their mother. There's no substitute for her. Cherished every single moment. Though at times she may not be the best of friends, may not agree to our thoughts, she is still your mother!!! She will be there for you - to listen to your woes, you’re bragging, your frustrations, etc. Ask yourself….! Have you put aside enough time for her, to listen to her "blues" of working in the kitchen, her tiredness? Be tactful, loving and still show her due respect. Better late than never. Say to MOM: I love you, we care for you. ******** Thank you.
  3. Rupa_Zali


    When you were 14, she paid for a month away at summer camp. You thanked her by forgetting to write a single letter. When you were 15, she came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked her by having your bedroom door locked. When you were 16, she taught you how to driver her car. You thanked her by taking it every chance you could. When you were 17, she was expecting an important call. You thanked her by being on the phone all night. When you were 18, she cried at your high school graduation. You thanked her by staying out partying until dawn. Growing old and gray When you were 19, she paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus, carried your bags. You thanked her by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn't be embarrassed in front of your friends. When you were 20, she asked whether you were seeing anyone. You thanked her by saying, "It's none of your business." When you were 21, she suggested certain careers for your future. You thanked her by saying, "I don't want to be like you." When you were 22, she hugged you at your college graduation. You thanked her by asking whether she could pay for a trip to Europe. When you were 23, she gave you furniture for your first apartment. You thanked her by telling your friends it was ugly. When you were 24, she met your fiancee and asked about your plans for the future. You thanked her by glaring and growling, "Muuhh-ther, please!" When you were 25, she helped to pay for your wedding, and she cried and told you how deeply she loved you. You thanked her by moving halfway across the country. When you were 30, she called with some advice on the baby. You thanked her by telling her, "Things are different now." When you were 40, she called to remind you of a relative's birthday. You thanked her by saying you were "really busy right now." When you were 50, she fell ill and needed you to take care of her. You thanked her by reading about the burden parents become to their children. And then, one day, she quietly died. And everything you never did came crashing down like thunder. "Rock me baby, rock me all night long." The hand who rocks the cradle...rules the world". 000000~~~~~~~~~000000
  4. Rupa_Zali


    Hi all concerned, I am going to post a poem by my well known person and he is a very good poet. When I have read the poem, I really amazed to see the meaning of the following poem which is really great n great or you can say it deep than the sea and high than the sky. The poet used the truth what is happening in this world generally. Childrens can't do pay the cost of their mother's love. Aama ko mamta hami lai janma-janmantar samma hrin nai rahane chha. Ok, let you all read the great poem. Poem is by Yousuf Badar from Haryana, India.. ***************** Mother The hand who rocks the cradle...rules the world When you came into the world, she held you in her arms. You thanked her by wailing like a banshee. When you were 1 year old, she fed you and bathed you. You thanked her by crying all night long. When you were 2 years old, she taught you to walk. You thanked her by running away when she called. When you were 3 years old, she made all your meals with love. You thanked her by tossing your plate on the floor. When you were 4 years old, she gave you some crayons. You thanked her by coloring the dining room table. When you were 5 years old, she dressed you for the holidays. You thanked her by plopping into the nearest pile of mud. When you were 6 years old, she walked you to school. You thanked her by screaming, "I'M NOT GOING!" When you were 7 years old, she bought you a baseball. You thanked her by throwing it through the next-door-neighbor's window. When you were 8 years old, she handed you an ice cream. You thanked her by dripping it all over your lap. When you were 9 years old, she paid for piano lessons. You thanked her by never even bothering to practice. When you were 10 years old, she drove you all day, from soccer to gymnastics to one birthday party after another. You thanked her by jumping out of the car and never looking back. When you were 11 years old, she took you and your friends to the movies. You thanked her by asking to sit in a different row. When you were 12 years old, she warned you not to watch certain TV shows. You thanked her by waiting until she left the house. Those teenage years when you were 13, she suggested a haircut that was becoming. You thanked her by telling her she had no taste. Continue......
  5. I don't know that how it was before but today, it's looking very cool to me.
  6. Dear Daju, This one is absolutely great. Yaslai ma type garchhu hai, Daju?
  7. QUOTE (MeghanaBalayar @ Jun 10 2003, 02:08 PM) 20 Tapaile ati nai garnu bhako hunale bhanne kar nai lagyo. Ab feri kasari 20, kina 20 na bhannu hola hai! Yati sajilo sanga bhani nai diyeko? Ali jholaunu parne ni!
  8. QUOTE (Ahuji_Goma @ Jun 10 2003, 01:04 PM) hatya tam kasa saita bas tamaro kalai ho? hedda hedda aakha galligya bhet hunya kaila ho? kathai bari..... Jaat heddu Gaguda gai, dashai Durga mandau, Taki raichhu baata basi ber bhaigai mannu !!
  9. Naya forum ma ATTARIYA lai purano forum bhanda pani ramro banayeka raichhan, ati nai lkhushi lagyo dekhera ra yaha sabailai padera. Maile ali aauna dhilo gareki chhu, kshyama garnu hola sabai janale. Me: Name: Rupa zali. Born Place: Doti. Nepal Address: Fudsil, Doti/Seti/Nepal. Last School: Bhajani High School, kailali/Nepal. Presently at: Fateh Chand College for Women, Haryana/India. http://fcc.8m.com/ Current Address: Haryana/India. Naya forum ma pheri ek patak afno parichaya didaichhu.. many thanks.
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