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  1. Dear WNSO friends You have already known about the emigrated people from Nepal.The Fact is 762181 people are out of the country now. Among these 77.08% in India, 0.07 in pakistan, 0.13 in srilanka, 5.7% in Honkong, 0.95 in U.K 0.21 in Germany and 0.44 in Singapure. Now in recent we (Bimala Tumkhewa she is the feature writer of kantipure daily) want to write a feature about emigrated population. so We heartly request you (interested people ) to write the major causes of absent from Nepal. we will include your voice in feature too. We are wating you with your causes to left Nepal and your future plan too. Kalyan and Bimala
  2. Dear friends I think you have all already known about the socio economic and political situation of our country.The latest population has reported the actual sise of our country is 23,151,423 and it's growth rate is 2.24 per annum. In the 58 urban centres of Nepal only 14.20 percent population lived. The latest information of nepal about quater to 8 lakhs people are out of the country. The majority of our emigrated people lived in India whoch covered the 77 percent ot our total emmigration. Dear friends you are all in different countries i the world. I want to conduct a research among the 100 people in different areas and country on the major causes and concequences on emigtation by the help of its forum. If you ready to help me i will prepare questionnaire on this current topic. Kalyan Roka
  3. Hellow Joy Jee I have read much more information about the study of singapore. Have you any idea and information about the Master/Ph.D course on regional development in singapore. If you have time and information please provide me. Kalyan Roka
  4. Hellow dear all I want to study in sigapure for my B.A. level. But I am in Nepal nowadays. I don't have any information about the universities and the provision of admission. If it is possible please help the infomation about the scholarship and admission in better university and its process too. Thanks for your kind cooperation. GiriRaj Niraula Nepal
  5. kalyan

    Massage from Nepal

    Hellow WNSo Team This links is quite popular in Nepal nowadays. Its credit goes you all who are involve to make this links. Mr Thapa Bharat when he was in Nepal he did so much efforts.Now many popular journal Newspaper and FM radios are take it positively and puplished and boardcasting this links. HImal and Nepal, Gatana ra bichar and radio sagarmatha published and boardcated it positively. Thanks for your efforts. Kalyan Roka
  6. Hello wnso team We are hanging in computer to search the particular scholarship correspoded by this team. Especially I want the scholarship links in Uk or Germany for the M.phill and Ph.D program on regional development and planning. Please help me to provide this links. Kalyan
  7. Hellow I want some information about scholarship in rejional develoment and planning for my master or ph.d level. Please provide some information about it. Kalyan
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