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  1. न त मलाई चाहना छ ताराहरुको न त कुनै उपहारहरुको नै, तपाईं जस्तो एउटा साथी पाए यही प्रसस्त छ, फेरी किन आवश्यक भयो र अरु हजारौं को ।
  2. prachi


  3. prachi


  4. यह सच है दोस्तों किसी से प्यार ना करना , कभी किसिका इस जमाने में एतवार ना करना, थाम के खन्जर अपने ही हाथों में , वेदर्दी से अपने दिल पर कभी वार ना कर ना ।
  5. prachi

    Our Friendship

    Friendship is a Golden Chain, The links are friends so dear, And like a rare and precious jewel It's treasured more each year. It's clasped together firmly With a love that's deep and true, And it's rich with happy memories and fond recollections, too. Time can't destroy its beauty For, as long as memory lives, Years can't erase the pleasure That the joy of friendship gives. For friendship is a priceless gift That can't be bought or sold, But to have an understanding friend Is worth far more than gold. And the Golden Chain of Friendship Is a strong and blessed tie Binding kindred hearts together As the years go passing by.
  6. Khuda Hi Khuda Idhar khuda hai, udar khuda hai, Jidar dekho udar khuda hai, Idhar-udhar bus khuda hi khuda hai Bottle mein khuda hai, Nashe mein khuda hai, Jjidhar nahi khuda hai….udhar kal khudega !
  7. "Holding onto anger is like grasping onto a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned." - Goutam Buddha
  8. prachi

    A thought...

    Peace comes to us in pleasant dreams, peace often lies dormant in the rivers of our lives, and in the potential of our streams. Inner peace is the surviors treasured gold at the end of the rainbow. Peace is the powerful absence of turmoil, the calm, the quiet, the stilling serenity that sweetly hovers heartfelt, from the God that we peacefully worship in wondered amazement. Peace promises practical pleasing pieces of life. Peace pushes our fears away, peace can be yours, if you seek it, today.
  9. prachi

    Thought of today..

    Ignorance makes you believe that life functions haphazardly. Wisdom teaches you that everything that happens in this theatre of life has profound significance. What you see today is not the fruit of chance but a fruit from seeds planted in the past. Plant seeds of peace now and you will create a life of peace in the future. - unknown
  10. सबै हुँदैनन... नेत्र न हुन्थे त "सुन्दरता" शब्द नै हुन्थेन, चन्द्रमा का वरिपरी तारा हुन्थेनन, त्यसैले गर्छु तिम्रो खयाल, राखेकी छु मैले तिमीलाई हृदयमा, त्यसैले गर्छु तिमीलाई माया, किनकी हृदय भित्र र हृदय नजिक सबै हुँदैनन । प्रनिता शाही अंधेरी (वेष्ट), मुम्बई भारत. 31-07-2009
  11. हृदयमा पनि तिमी भाग्यमा विश्वास कसलाई छ र ? यदी मिल्छ खुशी भने अस्विकार कसलाई छ र ? केही चुनौती छन मेरा पथमा पनि, नत्र तिम्रो बिछोडमा यो हृदय खुशी कहाँ छ र ? तिमी संग भेट्ने मिठो सपना छ, हृदयमा तिम्रै कल्पनाको संसार छ, कैले कैले सोच्छु कि यो हृदयलाई र ति अतितका पलहरुलाई सदैवको निम्ती जलाई दीउ, तर फेरी सोच्छु कि मेरो अतित तिमी र शायद मेरो भविष्य पनि तिमी, र हृदयमा पनि तिमी । प्रनिता शाही अंधेरी (वेष्ट), मुम्बई भारत. 31-07-2009
  12. That's a touching one. Welcome back "kavi jyu"...keep it up.
  13. That's a cool poem. Compliment to Lara ji from my side too.
  14. Thank you for joining here and wish to read more by you.
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