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  1. Hi everyone, Upcoming 2010 is just around the corner about 102 minutes. Let the past be memories to us, and welcome to the future 2010. I am sure, there are so many ambitious people who have some goals and plans in the days to come. Be happy........may your dreams will come true. Happy New Year 2010 to all friends. best wishes, Neha.
  2. "Listening to your heart is the same as listening to the Holy Spirit. They both speak the same language of Love." 26th Of September, 2009
  3. "When the Holy Spirit leads the way, Heaven is the only possible destination." 25th Of September, 2009
  4. "Peace is possible when it is okay for others to believe as they do." 24th Of September, 2009
  5. "When you do not hear your brother’s pain as a cry for help, it is time to listen to your own." 23rd Of September, 2009
  6. Neha_Shahi

    Kind Heart

    Humm...great to know about your heart.
  7. "When you choose Faith rather than doubt, Peace over pain, Joy instead of suffering, you are living with the Holy Spirit." 22nd Of September, 2009
  8. "Your eyes deceive you, yet true Vision cannot. Learn to see through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and you will never be deceived again." 21st Of September, 2009
  9. "When you are a friend to everyone, regardless of what may occur, you are restoring yourself to Oneness." 20th Of September, 2009
  10. "There is only One True Voice in the world. It speaks the language of Truth and Love and Peace. If you hear anything else, you can know you are just imagining it." 19nth Of September, 2009
  11. "When you feel threatened by the ego, remember that is the ego reacting, not You." 18nth Of September, 2009
  12. "Hearing God’s Voice happens every time you listen with Love." 17nth Of September, 2009
  13. "To hear God’s Voice, all you need do is ask, “Do I want Peace or do I want suffering?” If your answer is Peace, you have already heard God’s Voice within you." 16nth Of September, 2009
  14. "When you come to know your Self as God knows you, you will lay down your sword, breathe a sigh of relief, and know that Truth has already prevailed." 15nth Of September, 2009
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