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  1. It can be hard to stop something if you have started but not impossible .Soulfly,keep in mind that if somebody wants to start or stop ,he/she can do it but need strong commitment and i have personally met Dave bro and im sure he will stop . so thumbs up man .
  2. I just got the chance to be here in chautari since long time back and feel nice to see this topic.What i ve been realised from my personal experience is that there is not any universal rule that people smoke or drinks cos of particular reason but like all the people in this world are different and have different nature and behaviours.So,they have the different reason for doing so.i smoke and and drink cos i feel relax and fresh but my room-mate smoke because he is jealous with me ,my girlfriend smokes because she wants me to stop smoking and many more other different examples exist within us . thank you
  3. Thankx to all and Dave Bhai also ,though i told you this morning personally. by the way i haven't seen any other member profile so far .I believe its best way to know each other.
  4. Communications restored in Nepal Phone lines Communications restored in Nepal have been restored in Nepal a week after being cut as King Gyanendra took control of the country. Internet connections are also working although mobile phone services are still down. King Gyanendra sacked his former government last week, saying it had failed to tackle a ******* uprising by Maoist rebels. The king's actions have been strongly opposed both within and outside Nepal, with rights groups planning protests. Many Nepalis rushed to contact friends and families living abroad who had been out of touch since the crisis unfolded. "It was a relief to talk to my son in America ... he was so worried hearing about the news from Nepal and not being able find out how we were doing," the Associated Press quoted Shanta Tuladhar, a housewife who made the call from a Katmandu Internet cafe, as saying. (Source-BBC News)
  5. GDadhikari

    Joke (potatoes)

    Dave bhai ! go on Either it is nice or not you have to post if you like it .No matter what people say .Neither they do post the interesting to everybody. Cheersss
  6. Deven bro, I m going to apply DV2006 in a minute .So lets see the luck.
  7. Its really nice hear the some facts that make us to feel that either you are in love or not ,especially when you it is your first time otherwise you dont need any words to tell you either you are in love or not but what is the reasult when you are break off? what do you feel when somebody you think of each and every breath you take leave you ? I have heard that heart is most sensetive parts in the world when it breaks up you cant find the parts to change it or re-join it . isnt it rubbish?
  8. Dave,Dont you think that Cyprus is best place to get Life degree experience? Each and every step you move you will learn something . well,Some guys who wanted to call themself Addict n Awara become very straight . Well,I think life experience degree is the practical knowledge you get when you strike with the real life situation .You can get life experience by somebody lecture and you may feel you know everything but you wont pass in your life unless you face the things by yourself.
  9. GDadhikari

    Lonely night

    thanx guys for your promise .I feel proud to have a friends like you .Well,it has been said that "friends in Need are friends indeed".
  10. GDadhikari

    you have got a MALE

    when you will have fe-Male
  11. GDadhikari

    Lonely night

    Cheers everyone with the peck of scotch on hand in lonely cooling night of Christmas.Surendra ji If you were here we would share the company as im feeling the same.
  12. Its all because of the time .If you werent born in kaliyug then nobody would tell character Dhela.
  13. GDadhikari

    somebody i hate

    If somebody feels himself/herself good enough doesnt come the word HATE in their mind.Lets love everybody if we want peace and wants to go greece.Can you imagine peace carrying so much hate in your mind?
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