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  1. Maxgoethals


    Hey Guys, I happened to come across this link, http://www.askibtnusa.com/index.html, while surfing Sajha.com Click on Nepali Menu or Bengali Menu. It sure shows an interesting perspective of our culture...lol have fun
  2. http://www.scienceforums.net/ this one's great too... feels like bonding guys...keep the momentum swinging. Cheers
  3. Thanks Rajunpl. I understand that. I thought it would just put some more information on the wnso site, which I think its doing. I already have had this wonderful chance to have a look at this website, which is just incredible, and its about Organic Chemistry. Its http://chemed.chem.purdue.edu/organic/topi.../nameframe.html if any one is taking orgo , like I am. I am in Vermont. Back to College and its going great. Yes, I am still looking for people around the Boston area. Two thumps up! Guys...you all have done a great start. Keep the spirits flying. Chao Max
  4. Hey Guys, A warm hello. I just thought wouldn't it be wonderful to have a science forum where students could discuss their problems, or even share their 'cool' information. So, here I go... What would be the best site to go look over the "molecular orbital theory?" chao... is anyone from Boston? Max
  5. Hi, I know what you are saying and it does sound a more like a 'model' thumb rule. I don't really know about mainstream America, but in the college that I go to, I quite had been affected by the being cool thing. It sure is irksome. More so, working in many American places, I do find out that there is a disposition to being 'cool'. It is because work in America is so fast-paced, that this 'cool' person, could lessen the tediousness to it. I would really appreciated to hear more comments and critics over this issue. Take care. Have a good start. Max
  6. I am back... the concert is going an intermission..... Well, acting 'cool' has been the phase that most people love to get into. It just something, which every one cares about at this time. Almost every body... For me, its been almost a tragedy to try to become a cool guy... cause it puts your identity to a gamble... where you end up either losing or winning, but getting a new look, which is very different from the originality. I am quite annoyed at his fact, that I try emulating people to become cool...accepted it...and I know well, that there are people who try to mimick my behaviors...all for becoming cool...isn't that just stupefying... But, the point that I would like do emphasize is that, these acts are just out of stupidity in order to get accepted by the so called society that we set it up...weird... More later... I needa go... See you all...bye
  7. Hello folks, I am representing my viewpoint regarding the change in people's priorities in life and what it could really end up being. Coming to America has certainly had some share of changes in me. I have always been so competitive at trying to be COOL...and be the one who is liked by everyone...and talked by everyone. Now, at a stage, which is now, I reflect back when I was in Nepal, studying in High School, and how being cool did not really bother me. I was popular but that was it... MOre later...gotta go see the PLAY at my college.. have a great weekend... Max
  8. Hey, The information provided seems so perplexing to be true...but they surely seems essential. Keep the Human Anatomical Information posted....incredulous Max
  9. hehe...I really liked that one. That's seriously becoming 'hypothetical'...cheers....Max
  10. hey folks, I am in NYC. I reached JFK safe and sound. Well, life's really speeding with all the work still left to finish before September, when I will have to go back to college. Any one , staying in New Jersey, New York City or Connecticut. PLz do let me know. I have to ask for a MIGHTY favor. I need an apartment, badly. Well, wish me luck...lol Cheers and I really appreciate the short humors posted, though my topic was not in that phase...hehe Take care Max
  11. Hello wnso members, I am back...this time its me...coming back from NEPAL... as some of you all might have known, I had gone to Nepal for a 2 month break...and it turned out to be quite a positive experience. well, i am in london now, and i shall be staying here for another 24 hours, before i leave for jfk, new york. now, i shall once again keep this site posted with my thoughts and opinions...plz tolerate with this fact...lol well, any one wanna meet me in london or america do email me at maxgoethals@hotmail.com Chao...and Best regards... Max
  12. yeah... I got to stay in LOndon and also loved the tour my sister gave me> Its a beautiful and a historical city. Well, I would love to meet some of the Wnso members during my 7 week stay in Nepal> I am rite now in Kathmandu...my number is 4426875 Have a great day... Max http://asia.f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/mist...r=/9c27&.src=ph
  13. Good News... When I was in JFK Airport, I asked a British Travel Agent, if a transit Visa was needed if London Airport was used to get to other places. The answer was 'not if you had a valid USA Visa'...so, here I am ... So, guys...you only need a visa if you intend to Visit or if you don't have a Valid US visa...and there are other rules too...check them out in britainusa.com or call. Good Luck...thought it was nice letting people know about the rules Max...I will be reaching Nepal t'row....ya...yo....
  14. thanks for the info...i think i shall follow it... Max
  15. Dear Yogesh ji, I arrived in London yesterday...give me a call at 02072671304 (home phone number)... and leave me your call back number also, in case I am not home....\\ hope to see you soon....Max Saurav Shrestha Bennington College Bennington, VT 05201 Thoughts of turning 21 - I am so wise and thoughtful that my brains keep falling out of my open mind. maxgoethals@hotmail.com
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