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  1. To All the WNSO members, It is our great honour to announce that WNSO Nepal(Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organization) has finally finished all the legal procedure and now it's Nepal chapter office is located in Kathmandu-9, Chabhil. The executive committee is as follows: 1. Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi - President 2. Dinesh Thapa - Vice-President 3. Jagannath Kharel -Secretary 4. K.B.Roka - Treasurer 5. Nitesh Shrestha - Member 6. Shailesh Rawa " 7. Manish Jha " 8. Bharat Thapa " 9. Chakra Balayar " We have got the documents from WNSO Nepal which we're uploading here too. And, this section will thoroughly dedicated to WNSO Nepal and anyway, can share their views, post advices/suggestions for WNSO Nepal.
  2. WNSO-NEPAL has formed its new executive committee headed by Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi. The full committee is as follows: 1. Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi - President 2. Dinesh Thapa - Vice President 3. Jagannath Kharel - Secretary 4. K.B. Roka - Treasurer 5. Nitesh Shrestha - Member 6. Manish Jha - Member 7. Sher Bahadur Rawal - Member 8. Chakra Balayar - Member (Invited) 9. Bharat Thapa - Member (Invited) And, the process of registration has already taken momentum. The committee has almost finished the task of registration (got the permission from Kathmandu District Development Committee and now the CDO office of Kathmandu has asked Kathmandu District Police office to report the activity and alignment of all the members. Most probably, they will send the report within this week and then, THE WNSO-NEPAL will get legal status as non-profitable organization. We will soon publish the constituion and all the related works in detail. Thank you. NOTE : on the basis of mail got from WNSO-NEPAL secretary.
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