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  1. Hello there, Thanks for the thumbs up. Hey do you know how to delete a post. Today I posted 2 replies and realise that the discussions were almost 2 years old. I feel so stupid and I would be so embarrased if the people who started the discussion would end up seeing them! Please help Thanks Kritika
  2. Hello Hari, I am sorry it has been so long, but I have been busy lately. Well, what can I say, every foriegn land is different and difficult to adapt. So, instead of getting worried about something that is already there, we should try to adapt in the new environment. That is the best you can do. All the nepalese students who come here finds it harder to find a job at first. But it is not impossible. It took me a while but once I got in I have never looked back. So, yes it is hard, there are risks but there are risk everywhere even where we grew up, Nepal. When I first came to Melbourne, I would have really appreciated any help I could get and at times I think, I learned the hard way. That is why today I have started a business in Melbourne called Student Assist. We help Nepalese student familiarize them to this new environment as soon as possible. So that they would have more time to do things that they come here to do, Study, earn lots of money and achieve their things. I think simple things like showing the new students how the public transport system works in Melbourne, or finding them a place to live or even giving them all the information we can to help them find a job etc will save them a lot of time. And hopefully they will experience better Melbourne that is here for them to explore. So all the best wishes for you Hari in whatever you are planning. Keep me posted
  3. Hello, I am Kriitka. Australia Catholic University is one of the good universities. Personally I do not have any experience with the University. But what I suggest you is to do your research on the university fees comparing with the other universities. Even though ACU is not considered as one the reputable universities, what comes down at the end is your choice. Do you think it is very important for you to go to the best universities in Melbourne? Because they are more expensive than ACU. For example RMIT, Melbourne University and Monash Universities charge almost $4000 more per year than universities like ACU and CQU (Central Queensland University). Other universities you might find useful are Victoria University, Swinburne and Deakin University. To give you an example on what I experience. I had a choice of going to Monash, Deakin and RMIT. I wanted to study Business Information System. Monash was too expensive so out of question. RMIT and Deakin had almost same fees but Deakin was in zone 2 (away from city where I lived) so I had to pay a little more on public transport but wasn't much of an issue. However, RMIT had internship in the 3rd year of its 4 year course but at Deakin the course itself was 3 year course. I thought if I get an internship it will help me find a job later when I finish my studies but finishing my degree a year earlier might not necessarily help me find a job or give experience. So, I chose RMIT. Maybe you can find something that you missed out completely while you were researching. At the end, I would like to add that most of the university will give you letter of offer and acceptance. They are pretty flexible, so don't think that it is hard to get acceptance letter from other universities. I hope you will able to relate all this and I hope I helped you a little and did not confuse you more. Keep us posted and Good Luck
  4. Hello Renen, My name is Kritika. I have a business called Student Assist where I help Nepalese students kick start their Melbourne lifestyle in overall. I came to Melbourne four years ago as a student too. So, I want to help them, something I would have appreciated when I first came here. Contact me on sukirti29@hotmail.com Keep me posted.
  5. Oh that would be really interesting. What do I have to do to start on this?
  6. Hello, I was wondering if there is a WNSO Australia. There are lots of Nepalese Students in Australia, so it would be good have a WNSO Australia. I am an IT student here in Melbourne, Australia. I am starting my internship next year so it would help to come in contact with some Nepalese Students here in Melbourne. Cheers.
  7. Hello Ganesh, I think the very important question here to ask is, what your friend wants. Given the choices, ask her what she is interested in. And most of the time even though we think we 'are' interested in something, it is not enough to drive us in working hard and pass the exams. So, why don't you and your friend sit down and do some research and let us find out if your friend is willing to commit in a vocational studies. Personally I think that vocational courses is a gateway in finding out a future career. Since all the courses that you have mentioned, they all have that potential, but at the end of the day it is up to your friend. So, best of luck to you and your friend and hope I made some sense. Regards Kritika
  8. Hie, It's Kritika. I am a new member too, just joined couple of days before, yes I had the same feeling browsing through the forums. The blogs look busy but it would make heaps difference if the forums were busier too. So, yeah keep up the work!
  9. Hello Everyone, My name is Kritika Pradhananga. If there is anyone out there coming Melbourne, Australia as a student or planning to come here, I can assist you about the student life in Melbourne and any sort of information you are seeking regarding lifestyle in Melbourne, please feel free to contact me.
  10. Hello Harry77, I'm Kriitka, I've been living in Melbourne, Australia for last 3.5 years as a international student. So, I think I can help you here. In Australia the general practise is to charge the rent weekly. That means, if someone says the rent is $110, it means it's per week. When you move in to a place, you have to pay one month bond (generally). This bond is not given to the landlord or the person who collects rent but to RTBA, they are the governmental body in Australia who regulates residential bonds. This bond money is taken as a guarantee that you will rent the property as per agreed by you and the landlord. It is given back to you when your contract is finished and you move out. I might also add that when we say one month rent in Australia, it's a calender month. So, it is a week's rent multiplied by 52 (there are 52 weeks in a year) divided by 12 (months in a year). So, if your rent is $110 per week, you will pay 110 x 52 / 12 that is $476.66 every month to the landlord. Hope this helps you and won't confuse you more. Feel free to ask me more. Cheers!
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