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  1. Thanks Kritika jee.. thanks for your reply to my question and putting some light on this topic. I suppose other may gain some benifit from it and if you write about working there while studying specially for nepalese student. The work which can we do and the most problems nepalese students are facing. plsease.. thanks hari
  2. Dear all! The information provided in wnso australia about studying there are quite helpful for the students who plan to study there. But when I read information about accomodation I found some information confusing. such as: if someone want to stay in hostels the cost is around:80-135 aus dollers. but its not stated there is its monthly, daily or weekly? and same thing is happens in other info like, shared and rental accomodation. so that can anyone try to make it clear? Actually I want to request to the board staffs of this site. Hari from Dubai
  3. Hi all ! I visited the site of colleges of aus.. and I found the living costs mentioned here is quite big amount. can anyone say how much will be the living costs if wanna stay there at minimum standard? or anyone would like to share his/her experience about living costs? it'll be more helpful for me and to other who is persuing to study there. And what about the tution fees if the consulate rejected visa? please help me... Hari..
  4. Hello miss_limbu..! Thank you very much for giving your time to my question. And I believe, the information you provided me will be helpful for me. Dear miss-limbu, I've one more question, I need to know abt my living expenses there?for one year? 'coz when I visited the site of colleges, I found it quite expensive. would you like to say, how much amount I'll be needed for my living expenses if I stay there in the minimum standard or can you share your some experience abt it? It'll be more better if you post some article abt it in the forum. thanks again and happy valentines day. hari
  5. Dear All! My name is Hari.. from dubai right now. I want to be an electrical engineer in future but I passed certificate level in Arts. So that I've plan to do diploma in electrial from ctevt and want to join any tafe college in australia. So anyone can say me, is it possible? or can I get student visa for this purpose? and is here anyone who is studying in tafe college of australia? I'll be glad very much if someone could provide me some information. Hari
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