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    Adult Jokes

    A woman posted an advertise in the news paper which looked like this... Looking for man with these qualifications: won't beat me up, or run away from me and is great great in bed...... She got lots of phone calls replying to her ad but met someone perfect at her door one day. The man she met said: ''hi, i'm Bob. I have no arms so i won't beat you up and no legs so i won't run away''. So the lady asks, '' what makes you think you are great in bed?'' Bob replies, ''I rang the door bell, didn't I?
  2. thts true frens.... why nt go through at leat once in a day...
  3. hi thnx for the information sunil....i really appreciate that..i'll be lookin forward as ur info...n will do more research..cheers..
  4. sooorace


    nice joke...
  5. Hi alll,, I am here after quite loong.. Hopefully you are enjoying the Forum and doing your best... Actually, i am looking for a college inside the London with very good degree and education envrnmt., so that i really can learn and understand things. Well, currently i am doing Travel and tourism and is going to end by this Nov. I am not 100% sure about changing my course but I am thinking on it, may be i'll.. So,, is there anyone who can give me advice to choose college for Bachelors Degree. I mean any of you might have feel like thats the best college to be or kind of.. that one is the gud college i've seen,, somthn like that...I am not sure about the course but i think ACCA or BA, BBA would be fine for me...Hopefully,, I'll be out of this confusion...
  6. hey guys i am searching for a better college in UK to study BIT(Bachelor in Information Technology) or BEIT (bachelor in engineering in IT) is there any in your mind that you think best?? please help in finding best college or University is better than that..# hope you guys will Thanks,
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