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  1. Hey Hari! you can directly join diploma in electrical engineer in any tafe school in australia.you can easily get visa....don't stress out.....i did both my tafe and undergrad in australia.....Tafe is more like goin to school....you will have lots of guidance from teachers...its pretty cheaper and easy... in contrast uniz lot harder, expensive and lecturers n tutor don't give a damn abt u....and just for ur info,there is no any intership program for international students studyin in Australia which is very bad good luck
  2. Hi ! I m interested in studying masters by research in computer networks or artificial intelligt in us. The thing is i have done three years bachelor degree in computing (network design and security) from australia n my GPA is not good. but i wanna get into fellowship thing with scholarship .is there any possibilites? which uni is good to apply ? thankx
  3. Hey! i know everything you have mentioned there like freebsd unix, tcp/ip, social engering, ccna , c,portsacn,tcpdump.. i did my bachelor in network design and security.However i don;t know how to hack...its not just so easy read a book and then booom...hack.. LOL
  4. Hey! if you still looking for Uni then come to Swinburne University (Melbourne) and so masters in Network system cheers
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