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  1. Nepalis protest Netherlands Govt.'s decision Nepalis and Dutch friends of Nepal in the Netherlands carried out a doko (bamboo basket) demonstration in The Hague Thursday against the decision of the Dutch government to scrap Nepal from the list of countries which they support in development. According to a statement received here on Friday, the demonstrators marched from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) to the building of the Parliament carrying dokos, Nepali flags and banner of Nepal Samaj Nederland and also wearing Nepali clothes. Rabin Shrestha, chairman of the Nepal Samaj Netherland, handed over a petition together with a doko to the chairman of the commission of Foreign Affairs, De Haan. During the handing over of the petition, Shrestha expressed his hope for the continuation of Dutch development cooperation to Nepal. He also requested De Haan to play the necessary role in the parliament to stop the Dutch government¹s decision. In his response, De Haan said that the Dutch Parliament still has attention for Nepal and promised to do all possible from his capacity. He also promised that he would try to draw attention of other parliamentarians on this issue. At the time of handing over of the petition, Ram Ghimire, a Nepali student studying at the ISS said to De Haan that the Dutch government's decision to scrap Nepal from the list of countries it supports in development cooperation is unjustifiable because it did not provide any opportunity to Nepali side to put forth her says. Together with the members of Nepal Samaj Netherlands, Nepali students studying at the ISS in The Heague and ITC in Enschede, the Honorary Nepali consul Drs. Cas de Stoppelaar and many Dutch friends of Nepal also participated in the demonstration, the statement concluded. nepalnews.com mr Nov 14 From www.nepalnews.com
  2. Have you watched the latest interview with PM S. B. Thapa in Disha Nirdesh Program? I was expecting lots of aggressive question from Bijaya kumar, but he miserably failed to raise critical questions. Bijaya Kumar sounds too polite while asking questions with PM. I do not know much about journalism, but I think that, when you take interview with lower profile people, you should be more polite and make atmosphere pleasant to bring out the view of other side, but when you take interview with big shot, one should be more aggressive and push hard to bring out the clear opinion of other side as they try to hide. And Bijaya Kumar has failed against the expectation of viewer. I did not hear any new thing in this interview from PM. It is same old story that we hear in daily media. It was supposed to be very serious interview in this critical time, but amateur style of Bijaya kumar makes it low profile interview. Which is important for national leader? Personal ego or National interest? Keeping National interest in top priority, letting other parties to form national government with their premier ship could have given some optimism in this dark days of Nepal. I just wonder why did not Bijaya Kumar hits hard in failure of his Prime Minister ship to bring country in normal situation. To watch interview, visit this site:http://www.nepalnews.com.np/dishanirdesh/
  3. Fully agreed with you guys. Keeping Nepal on the list will only help those who are in power and the money will never go to ground level development unless there is significant change in social, political structure of Nepal. This year Free Mind MTV Europe award went to Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, who is struggling for decade to free Burma from one of the most brutal and corrupt regimes in the world. And there is "The Burma Campaign UK" whose main task among other is to stop foreign investment/AID , which ultimately goes to corrupt regimes. For more visit. http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/aboutburma.html
  4. MESSAGE FROM NEPAL The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is a country striving for economic development to free its population of appalling poverty. It depends heavily on foreign aid to progress in its efforts for development. The support provided by the Dutch government in these efforts carries history of significant achievements and the current commitments provide us expectation of hopeful future. We have been very appreciative of the support. It is learned that currently, the Dutch government intends to take off Nepal from the list of countries in its support program and has proposed to the parliament to make decisions. Sign in if you agree to keep Nepal on the list. visit: http://www.keepnepalonthelist.com/index.php
  5. QUOTE (Sirupate @ Nov 7 2003, 12:16 PM) It's good way to appreciate and encourage. I like the idea but why not just start one thread and congratulate everyone there one after another whose score will be century ? We can all participate for celebration. May be we can continue in this thread to congratulate one after another. Dear Sirupate, Agreed with you. But, there is no harm, if some one starts new thread to congratulate. Sometime it is good to see some thread dedicated to some particular member, if other side does not feel bad. Congratulatation to you as well to Distant_Memory. regards,
  6. Dear all distinguish member of WNSO, May I request all of you to put our difference aside and discuss in healthy manner. There is no harm in confessing; rather it will make us more credible and sensible. Mistakes happen, but if we try to hide, it will lead to commit more mistakes. My sincere request; especially to Santos ji, as he is senior member of WNSO, to make this thread informative forgetting minor difference. Shall We. Regards,
  7. End of legend of nepali music. May his soul rest in peace. Condolence to grieved family. ___________________________________ Senior singer Nati Kaji passes away Senior musician and singer Nati Kaji Shrestha died at 7:00 in the morning Sunday in Medicare Nursing Home, reports said. He was suffering from Parkinson's disease. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. He was 78. He had recorded more than 1,000 songs. He is being cremated later Sunday, his body has been placed at Royal Nepal Academy for final view. nepalnews.com rh/br Nov 2
  8. Dear Sirupate, If i get time, then i will write more. What you have said is true for large extent. please read this article on janaastha weekly about one guy "Maan Kazi Nepali" who is damai by caste, and how nepalese people treated him being damai in germany. http://www.nepalnews.com.np/contents/nepal...ct22/view.htm#5 regards,
  9. Just saw this thread and logged here to congratulate. Dear Bipana ji, CONGRATULATION for hitting century!!! Gone are the days, where people used to increase their postings by just copy and paste or just by writing 1 line "yes", "no", "thanks", "very good" in every threads, specially jokes. Nice to see new intellectual friends. I would rather say new comers bipana, thirdpole, distant_memory, manchilds friend, sirupate, sandesh, cool and few more deserves special thanks from all old membes of WNSO. It is nice to see coming back of rajunpl, MANANDHAR and rs_1915 and few more. Salute to Okinawa, allare, jhilke, newapasa and others for their constant support to WNSO by cool postings and making environment happy with jokes and other things. These are just my personal thoughts. Best Regards,
  10. QUOTE (sandeshsharma @ Oct 22 2003, 11:12 AM) His Majesties graced a dinner party hosted at the Gosaikunda Suite of Soaltee Crowne Plaza by the billionaire ex-Nepali Dr. Rasendra Bhattarai. His Majesty the King conferred upon Dr. Bhattarai the prestigious Gorkha Dakshin Bahu 1st class on this occassion. Before the dinner, His Majesties and Dr. Bhattarai had a 5 hours closed door meeting to discuss alternate development strategies for Nepal. This story is also fake for me as story in kantipur. Be careful, when you copy the story without reading it carefully. In today's jan-astha weekly, there is another story of this guy. http://www.nepalnews.com.np/contents/nepal...mainnews.htm#14 regards,
  11. Dear Okinawa, allare and other friends, It is nice to see interesting discussion and certainly Chautari is moving forward with healthy arguments as somewhere mentioned by Santos ji, than earlier practice of simple copy and paste. Let me take the opportunity to say something regarding discussion. It is always nice to argue as far as all the sides arguing do not forget their decency and start pouring frustation by filthy words. This was my own experience in this chautari long before. Arguments are to share your knowledge (not belief) on some view and not necessarly to force other to oblige by your perspective. Some times it reaches saturation and frustation can be seen easily by use of filthy words. So be careful, while arguing. Do not waste your time, when you realise that debate crossed the limits of decency. You can take this as your moral victory (if you wish) and leave the debate gracefully. regards,
  12. Dear Bipana and Avee, Good observation and worthy suggestion. I would like to add opposite chapter of this story. Mentality of some nepalese people after landing abroad changes significantly taking U-turn. Usually, this happens if the people is pursuing higher degree. They hardly like to have some get-together in nepali social function. They have some how superiority complexity which does not allow them to mix with general nepali abroad. Whenever you talk with them about Nepal, they start blaming nepal from all angle what they could think of, starting from mis-behaviour of some staff in TIA. These type of people are very good while socialising with other people, but considering about own nepalese, they are far far isolated. Simply they do not have time for such things. For simple example, If you invite them in some nepali festival program organised by own nepali people, they will say NO by saying that, they are invited to kids' freinds' birthday party or something like that. You can find them in DISCO with other country's people, but it is really rare to see them together some time with own nepali friends. regards,
  13. Thanks Div and Rajunpl for remembering. Rajunpl, nice to see you also after long time. regards,
  14. Interesting. source kantipur daily. kf“r 8n/af6 va{klt eP g]kfnL ;~ho Gof}kfg] sf7df8f}+, @ sflQs pgsf] lghL xjfO{hxfh -PSh's]l6e af]Oª aLaL h]6_ 5 . /f]oN; /f]o;, aLPd8An", dl;{l8h, hu'jf/, km]/f/L cflb sf/ . cd]l/sf a]nfot, :k]gnufot d'n'sdf cfln;fg a+unfx¿======== . ;+;f/s} …;a}eGbf 7"nf] 6«:6Ú sf] ;~rfns klg . cd]l/sL /fi6«klt hh{ a'z, k"j{ /fi6«klt lSnG6g, ;+o'Qm /fi6«;+3sf dxf;lrj sf]kmL cGgfg, a]nfotsf k|wfgdGqL 6f]gL An]o/n] /fd|/L lrGg] tL wgf9\o g]kfnL x'g\ . ;DejtM pgsf] hlt ;DklQ c¿ g]kfnLsf] 5}g . kTofpg';\÷gkTofpg';\, pgL x'g\– 8f= /;]Gb| e§/fO{ -8f= cf/aL_ . b'O{ bzscl3 a}+sssf nflu hxfh l6s6 / ;fydf kf"r cd]l/sL 8n/ lnP/ uPsf pgL ut jif{ ck|Toflzt ¿kdf kl/jf/sf] ;Dks{df cfPsf x'g\ . c:ktfn :yfkgf ug]{ l;nl;nfdf ;f]N6L qmfpg Knfhfl:yt b]zs} ;aeGbf bf];|f] dx"uf] sf]7f uf];fO"s'08 :jL6\df pgL ^) lbgb]lv al;/x]sf 5g\ . o;sf] Ps /ftsf] d"No ( ;o cd]l/sL 8n/ -sl/a &) xhf/ ?k}of"_ k5{ . ljleGg d'n'ssf /fi6«fWoIfb]lv lxnf/L lSnG6gh:tf ljlzi6 kfx'gf al;;s]sf] pQm sf]7fdf xfn;Dd sf]xL klg olt nfdf] ;do a;]sf] lyPg . sl/a kf"r bzscl3 sf7df8f}+sf] u'Rrf6f]ndf hGd]sf pgsf] d"n 3/ afn'jf6f/ xf] . dx]Gb| ;+:s[t ljZj ljBfnosf pks'nklt :juL{o r"8fgfy e§/fosf Psdfq 5f]/f x'g\ . 7]Ssfk§f / Jofkf/ ubf{ ub}{ Ps ;ftf h]n k/]kl5 g]kfn Tofu]sf] pgL atfp"5g\ . a}+ssdf ;fyL;"u lnPsf] Ps nfv 8n/ C0faf6 ;'? ePsf] pgsf] Joj;fo clxn] caf}{{+ sf/f]af/ ug]{;Dd k'u]sf] 5 . …;'?df l;+ufk'/sf] On]S6«f]lgS; ;fdfg o'/f]k k7fP", vfBfGg, l;d]G6 sf/f]af/ yfn]+,Ú pgL eG5g\– …To;kl5 s]xL ;do qmf]Pl;of a;]+ . …g]b/NofG8 a:bf %) xhf/ 8n/ xf]6nd} lt/]",Ú pgL ;DemG5g\ . pgL cy{zf:qsf kLPr8L x'g\ . xfn pgL Prcf/Pr ;'Ntfg xd]Ës' a'af]gf] PS; 6«:6 skf]{/];G;sf cWoIf tyf k|d'v sfo{sf/L x'g\ . OG8f]g]l;ofsf ;'Ntfg sf]ifsf ;fem]bf/ x'g\ . !& d'n'sdf To;sf] sfof{no 5 . cd]l/sf / a]nfotsf ;]o/ ahf/df pgsf] nufgL 5 . t]n k|zf]wg s]Gb| 5 . …oL afx]s ljleGg d'n'sdf xf]6n, a}+s, c:ktfnx¿ 5g\,Ú 8f= cf/aL eG5g\ . s'n ;DklQ slt 5 t < …eGg ldNb}g,Ú pgL eG5g\ . ;dfh ;]jf a9fpg xfn} pgn] :k]gdf …pdf kmfpG8];gÚ :yfkgf u/]sf 5g\ . …o'/f]k, cd]l/sfdf ePsfdWo] of] ;aeGbf 7"nf] kmfpG8];g xf],Ú pgsf] bfaL 5 . clxn] OG8f]g]l;ofdf @) / :k]gdf Pp6f c:ktfn lgdf{0ffwLg 5g\ eg] s+uf]df $ j6f agfO;s]sf] pgL atfp"5g\ . sNkgfem}+ nfUg] 8f= cf/aLsf] hLjg b]v]/ g]kfnL g]tfx¿ klg 5Ss 5g\ . …ljb]zdf Pp6f g]kfnLsf] gfd / zfg b]v]/ d]/f] zL/ p"rf] eof],Ú :k]g e|d0fsf qmddf s]xLcl3 /;]Gb|sf] 3/d} a;]/ kms{]sL pk;efd'v lrqn]vf ofbjn] elgg\ . 8]9 jif{cl3 tTsfnLg :jf:YodGqL z/tl;+x e08f/Ln] klg pgnfO{ e]6]sf lyP . g]kfndf klg c:ktfn agfpg] pgsf] ?lr b]v]kl5 jL/ c:ktfn / u+ufnfn x[bo /f]u k|lti7fgnfO{ lj:tf/ ul/lbg cfkm"n] k|:tfj u/]sf] e08f/Ln] atfP . …d g]kfndf tLg j6f c:ktfn vf]Ng rfxG5',Ú 8f= cf/aL eG5g\– …SofG;/, d[uf}nf / d'6' /f]usf] c:ktfn vf]n]/ g]kfnLsf] ;]jf ug]{ dg 5 .Ú t/ To;df ;/sf/L rf;f] gb]lvPsf]df eg] pgnfO{ lrQ b'v]sf] 5 . pgsf] cb\e"t ;kmntf / cfsl:ds cfudgaf6 e§/fO{ kl/jf/ cf}lw v';L 5 . …g]kfn a;]/ x'Gg eg]/ pxf" a}+ss hfg'ePsf] xf],Ú b'O{ bzsb]lv a]va/ nf]Ug] kms]{sfdf k|;Gg >LdtL /]g' ;DemlG5g\ . ;'?sf b'O{ jif{;Dd kmf]g÷lr7L cfpYof] . a}+ssaf6 qmf]Pl;of uPsf] ;Dd yfxf lyof],Ú pgL elG5g\ . …kl/jf/ eg]sf] eP a'4, qmfO:6 7"nf] dfG5] aGb}gy],Ú cf/aL eG5g\– …d}n] klg cfjZos 7flgg", nfdf] ;do kl/jf/af6 cnu x'g' ;lhnf] eg] 5}g .Ú t/, pgnfO{ k5'tf] 5}g . bf];|f] lax] klg u/]sf 5}gg\ . >LdtL /]g' eg] cfkm\gf nf]Ug] dxTjfsf+IfL kf/fsf] ePsfn] wgf9\o eP/ kms]{sfdf crlDat 5}gg\ . pgn] Ps jif{cl3 5f]/L e]6\g nG8g hf"bf nf]Ug]nfO{ e]6]sL lyOg\ . pgsf lktf :juL{o e§/fon] ljleGg /fhb"tfjf;df ;Dks{ u/]/ 5f]/fnfO{ g]kfn kmsf{pg kxn u/]sf] dfOnL 5f]/L dgLiff af":sf]6f atfp"l5g\ . To;} cfwf/df /fhb"tfjf;x¿n] pgsf] /fxbfgL gjLs/0f klg u/]gg\ . …To;af6 dnfO{ w]/} ;d:of eof],Ú *( d'n's 3'd]sf] atfpg] 8f= cf/aL eG5g\– …dnfO{ g]kfnLk|lt lgs} l/; p7\of] . To;kl5 tTsfn pgn] a]nfotsf] gful/stf lnP . cl3Nnf] b;}+ dfGg pgn] 5f]/L–HjfO"nfO{ lgDtf lbPsf lyP . HjfO" z}n]zdfq uP . kl5dfq dgLiffnfO{ le;f ldNof] / pgL d]l8«8 k'lug\ . a'afn] kfn]sf] s's'/ …tflxtf]Ú n] ljZj:t/sf ljleGg k|ltof]lutfdf lht]sf kbs /flvPsf] ;f]s];sf] t:jL/ pgn] b]vfOg\ . …sk8f k|foM O6fnLaf6 Nofpg'x'G5 / kkm{\o'd lng k]l/; hfg'x'G5,Ú t:jL/sf] rfª vf]tNb} dgLiff elG5g\ . 8f= cf/aLsL h]7L 5f]/L ;dLiff Go'of]s{ / sfG5L hgLiff nG8gdf 5g\ . …d gdb}{ cfcf];\ eGg] sfdgf u/]sf] lyP", d'v x]g{ kfP"Ú cfdf g'tgl;+x elG5g\ . of] ;+jfbbftfn] cfdf / >LdtL;"u s'/f ul//x]sf a]nf afn'jf6f/l:yt cfkm\gf] 3/ cfOk'u]sf pgn] cfdfsf] v'§f 9f]u]/ DjfO" vfb} eg]– …d}n] h] xfl;n u/]sf] 5', d'dfsf] cfzLjf{bn] xf] .Ú b;}+cl3 g} kms{g] of]hgf /x] klg cfdfs} cg'/f]wdf s]xL lbgsf nflu pgL a;]sf x'g\ . …d'dfsf] ;]jf u/]/ l/6fo8{ hLjg oxL" latfp"5',Ú pgL eG5g\ . t/, cjsfz slxn] < …s]xL ;do nfUnf,Ú pgL eG5g\ . xfn} pgL a;]s} xf]6ndf tLg lbg rn]sf] u}/cfjf;Lo g]kfnLsf] ;Dd]ngdf pgL ;lqmo ePgg\ . …Ps}l5g uP/ kmls{xfn]",Ú pgL eG5g\ .
  15. Dear sandesh, Life is boring and needless to say that, it will be much more boring if you stay forever with old pal. Get new pals. BTW, I have never seen you before in WNSO Chautari. regards,
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